A Simple Guide to Using a Dental Chewie

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How to Use Chewie?

Have you decided to fix your orthodontic problems and fall in love with your smile again with makeO toothsi’s comfortable and convenient clear aligners? We are proud of you! You are already on the right track.

Now, you simply need to figure out how to wear makeO toothsi’s clear aligners like a pro. Want to know the secret tool you will need to ensure that you wear your clear aligners the right way?

It is called chewie. No, they are not candies, even though they come in three exciting flavours- Strawberries, Grapes and Mint. Wondering who can use them? Anyone who uses clear aligners can make use of chewie. They are safe and hygienic to use.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about makeO toothsi chewie.

What is a Chewie?

We all know that your teeth take time to adjust to the new aligners. New aligners are generally too tight and they may not fix tightly to your dental arch. That is why you need the makeO toothsi chewie.

A chewie is a reusable silicone material that is designed to help you fit your aligners better. They provide additional pressure to your teeth and help your aligners sit better and in turn speed up your teeth straightening process.

How to Use a Chewie?

Using dental chewies for aligners is easy. You must use them every day, every time you remove and re-wear your clear aligners.

Here are a few steps to wear your chewie the right way.

  • Make sure that you rinse your chewie with water before you put it in your mouth.
  • Once you have inserted your clear aligners, bite on your chewie and gently work your way from right to left to make sure that your clear aligners are fully seated.
  • Use the chewie for at least two minutes for the best result.
  • You will notice that now your aligners fit snugly to your teeth.
  • Once you are done using the chewie, clean and dry them and store them in a dry box.
  • Repeat this step, every time you use the chewie.

How to Clean the Chewie After Use?

Just like how it is important to clean your aligners every time you remove them and store them away, the same applies to your chewie. If you don’t clean your chewie before storing them away, then a layer of dried-up bacteria from your mouth will coat your chewie, making you susceptible to infection.

Here is how you can clean and store your chewie the right way.

  • Rinse your chewie under tap water and clean them dry.
  • Once they have dried completely, store them away in a clean and dry box.

makeO toothsi’s Chewie Aligners Cost

Think that this clear aligner accessory will be expensive? You couldn’t be more wrong! makeO toothsi’s chewie comes for just Rs 349.

So, go ahead and get a chewie aligner in the flavour of your choice delivered to you at your doorsteps.

Other Oral Care Products by makeO toothsi

Want to elevate your oral care routine? You must check out the impressive range of oral care products that are now available on our website.

Here are some ultra-cool and effective oral care products that you can add to your oral care kit today.

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Foamy is a peppermint flavour aligner cleaning foam that will help you keep your aligners stain-free, odour-free and squeaky clean.

makeO toothsi electro

This is a smart electric toothbrush with an ergonomic design that comes with 5 advanced brushing modes that help you step up your oral hygiene like never before.

makeO toothsi spark

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Do aligner chewies work?

Yes, aligner chewies help you make sure that your aligners are fully seated and they add additional pressure on your teeth and help them straighten quickly.

How many times can you use aligner chewies?

Aligner chewies are reusable. Hence, you can use them multiple times. Just ensure that you clean them and store them in a dry box after every use.

Do chewies move teeth faster?

Yes, chewies aid in teeth straightening and they speed up your teeth straightening process by exerting extra pressure on your teeth.

Should you use chewies every day?

Yes, you must use chewies every time you wear your clear aligners for the best result.

How long should chewies last?

You can use your chewies multiple times until they lose their elasticity.

What can I use instead of chewies?

You can use edible mints instead of chewies to make sure that your aligners are fully seated. Simply chew these mints and they will help your clear aligners fit snugly.

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