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Superior quality, affordable prices

toothsi aligners, proudly #MadeinIndia, are 3D-printed in our own state-of-the-art labs, enabling us to provide best quality US FDA 510(k) cleared aligners at prices similar to braces

Starting at
Affordable EMI options available starting at just ₹80 per day

Pricing varies based on complexity of case, as higher complexity demands more aligners + more time, effort of our doctors

Traditional braces

₹35,000 to




₹52,999 to


Other aligners

₹1,50,000 to


what's included:

Assessment from orthodontists with 10+ years of experience

Constant support and care by experts

An aligner kit (as per your plan)

mode of payment:

pay one-time or in installments via:

Debit Card | Credit Card | Subscription Payment on Credit/Debit Card | EMI


let's meet, shall we?



what is the cost of teeth aligners in India?

when it comes to the cost of makeO toothsi teeth aligners, our pricing start from just ₹69,999, which is significantly lesser than the cost of other aligner brands. Better yet? You also get the flexibility to pay in monthly installments, with EMIs starting at just ₹3,282 per month!

at makeO toothsi we’ve got two pricing packages for your smile makeover: -toothsi easy: for simple cases such as teeth gap, crowded teeth, etc.

  • toothsi prime: for complex cases that involve more than one misalignment

Here is a quick look that will tell you how much both these plans will cost you.

Plan Cost EMI Option
makeO toothsi easy ₹ 69,999 ₹3,282/month
makeO toothsi prime ₹ 79,999 ₹3,751/month

now depending on the complexity of your case and the number of additional procedures and sets of aligners you may need, you’ll be suggested either of the two packages along with your virtual smile plan. With that being said, let us tell you what’s included in the package:

  • assessment from highly experienced orthodontists and dentists
  • constant support and remote monitoring of your progress
  • an aligner kit as per your price package

if you opt for makeO toothsi prime, additional sets of aligners will be included in your package, depending on the severity of your case.

do makeO toothsi aligners cost more than other brands?

the cost of makeO toothsi clear aligners is significantly less when compared to the price of other teeth aligner brands in India. here's a quick look into that:

our teeth aligner cost vs other brands:

  • Other brands: Anywhere between ₹1,50,000 - ₹3,50,000

  • makeO toothsi: Starts at just ₹69,999

add to it the fact that you only pay for your aligner treatment once you’ve approved and are satisfied with our smile plan, it really is a no-brainer to choose makeO toothsi for your smile makeover.

why should you go for makeO toothsi clear aligners?

not only are the teeth aligners cost-efficient, but there are a lot more reasons for you to go for makeO toothsi clear aligners over other invisible aligner brands. Right from the comfort of an at-home smile makeover to digital monitoring and so much more, makeO toothsi is the right choice when it comes to getting your million dollar smile!

1. at-home smile makeover

other invisible aligner brands ❌

toothsi clear aligners ✅

2. remote monitoring

other invisible aligner brands ❌

toothsi clear aligners ✅

3. solutions for easy to complex cases

other invisible aligner brands ❌

toothsi clear aligners ✅

prompt in-clinic support

other invisible aligner brand❌

makeO toothsi clear aligners✅

do makeO toothsi aligners cost lesser than braces?

  • The cost of aligners and braces can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as teeth complexity, treatment duration, etc.

  • makeO toothsi aligners are more aesthetically pleasing and have several other advantages over teeth braces.

  • You can choose our makeO toothsi easy plan which costs ₹ 69,999 or ₹ 3,282/ month if you have a simple dental problem. For a more complicated dental issue, you can opt for our makeO toothsi prime plan which costs ₹ 79,999 or ₹ 3,751/ month.

  • The best part about makeO toothsi aligners is that we provide you EMI options so that the cost of getting a smile makeOver doesn’t cause a dent in your pockets.

  • Another benefit of choosing our aligners is that you are paying for a treatment that can be carried out entirely from the comfort of your abode.

is makeO toothsi safe?

makeO toothsi clear aligners are safe for your teeth because ISO 13485 Certified, toothsi PETG and Duo sheets are FDA and CE approved. makeO toothsi uses sheets that are elastomeric resilient, ultra-clear, flexible and triple-layered.

what is the refund policy?

we have refund based on which stage of the alignment treatment you are at. You can view this in detail here: refund policy

what if the aligner is lost or misplaced?

you can place an order for lost or misplaced makeO toothsi aligners on the makeO app.

do makeO toothsi aligners fix teeth permanently?

absolutely. Yes! makeO toothsi clear aligners can effectively realign your teeth in the ideal position they should be. Our expert orthodontists will study the severity of your crowding to customize a smile plan that'll guide your misaligned teeth to their ideal position effortlessly.

how much does a set of makeO toothsi aligners cost?

  • The cost of makeO toothsi aligners depends on which plan you choose.

  • If you have a simple dental problem, you can consider choosing our makeO toothsi easy plan.

  • However, if you have a more complicated dental problem, our expert orthodontist will recommend you makeO toothsi prime plan.

Here is a table that will help you understand the aligners cost better.

Plan Cost EMI Option
makeO toothsi easy ₹ 69,999 ₹ 3,394/month
makeO toothsi prime ₹ 79,999 ₹3,715/month

are teeth aligners worth the cost?

yes, teeth aligners are totally worth the price. They make it possible for you to straighten your teeth and fix dental woes like crossbite, teeth gaps, crooked teeth, etc from the comfort of your home. makeO toothsi’s invisible aligners allow you to have a smooth and hassle-free teeth straightening experience.

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