just like your smile, your aligners too need some TLC! jewels go into the locker they say and your aligners are no less. storing them appropriately helps in maintaining proper hygiene. order now and get this product delivered within 4-6 working days.

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use the aligner care box to keep your aligners safe and secure when not in use.
every time you take your aligners off, make sure you put them in the aligner care box, and nowhere else.
why? because by doing that, you’re ensuring that your aligners stay in their best possible condition throughout your smile makeover journey.

who is it for?

for those who are using aligners and want to keep them dry and safe.


completely safe & hygienic.

easy to carry.

can house the chewie as well.

how to use

step 1: remove, wash and dry your aligners.

step 2: keep them inside the Aligner care box until your next use.

step 3: take them out the next time you wear them.

step 4: repeat this process each time you remove your aligners.

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aligner care box

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what is an aligner care box?

where did i keep my aligners, has someone seen them? oops! I can’t find my aligners. these are some of the common expressions that people going through a smile makeover journey can relate to. keeping your aligners somewhere and then forgetting it, is an everyday issue, isn’t it? as suggested by orthodontists, for the best smile results you need to keep them on, for at least twenty-two hours a day. now, none of us will want to hinder our smile progress due to these pitiful things. hence, it becomes important for us to take proper care of our aligners and keep them safe. so that our smile progress is steady and smooth.

today, toothsi teeth aligners have become the first choice of people, whoever wants to get their smile corrected. the reason being they are super comfortable, comparatively fast treatment, easy to wear or remove, helps maintain oral hygiene, and the list goes on. toothsi is your best friend when it comes to fixing all your orthodontic issues, isn’t it? hence we know the best way to make your smile makeover journey hassle-free and smooth. aligner care is important and we make sure you don’t bother yourself much in doing it. toothsi aligner care box is an especially designed aligner case that keeps your aligner safe, when you aren’t using them. like pens and pencils go in a pencil box, books go in bags the same way aligners go in an aligner box when you aren’t wearing them.

toothsi aligner care box or better to be called as aligner box, is your vital smile makeover accessory. that is to be used to store your aligners whenever you remove them for eating, drinking, or cleaning your mouth. toothsi aligner box is a custom-made aligner case that is used to keep your aligners safe from getting scratched, misplaced, or damaged. toothsi aligner box is a lightweight aligner case that can easily fit in your trouser or jeans pockets. you can carry them wherever you go, whether it be an office, mall, cinema hall, etc. once you approve your smile plan, your aligners are manufactured and delivered to you at your doorstep along with the toothsi aligner kit, in that kit you can find your aligner box

how to use an aligner box?

aligner care is important to keep yourself on track in smile makeover treatment. missing out on small things can hamper your smile progress. as suggested by orthodontists, it is important to wear your aligners for at least twenty-two hours a day, failure in complying with the suggested time width can end up with not-so-perfect smile makeover results. we’re sure you don’t want that to happen to you, right? that’s why we keep in touch with you and keep a track of your progress.

getting ready for office, college, school, or date. you might find yourself in a situation where you were about to leave on time but because you couldn’t find your aligners you end up getting late. we all are so caught up with different things that adding aligner care to our task list also seems like a task. we at toothsi, understand that, and to put off some weight from your shoulders we came up with the best and the easiest way to keep your aligners safe from being damaged or misplaced. 

toothsi aligner care box is a super cool, custom-made aligner case that is used to store your aligners when not in use. toothsi aligner box is a sleek designed aligner case that is made from premium quality material to keep your aligners safe. open, keep and close, just three simple steps and you are all set. aligner care was never that easy, don’t you agree to that? Moreover, its sleek and quirky design makes it easy to carry wherever you go. the aligner box comes to your rescue when you have to keep your aligners. in case your aligner box gets misplaced you can buy aligner care box by simply ordering it from our website or through our toothsi app.

how to keep an aligner case clean?

keeping your aligners clean is important, as they come in direct contact with your teeth and gums.  if not taken proper care they can harm your oral hygiene. fixing teeth alignment issues using aligners is a growing trend, people having teeth problems or any other orthodontic issues are choosing aligners over braces as they are super comfortable, quick in treating teeth issues, easy to wear and remove, help in maintaining oral hygiene, etc. hence, aligners have become a popular choice for fixing orthodontic issues. 

aligner care is important, and any negligence can have a negative impact. that’s why it is suggested by orthodontists to keep your aligners safe and clean for the best smile makeover results. but do we follow what's recommended? most of us don’t, we casually treat them, and keep them in unhygienic places, dirty napkins, on beds or couches. moreover, our pets can chew them up, thinking it’s a toy. let’s shift our focus from problems to solutions. let’s skip to the good part, with toothsi you get a super cool, sleek, and custom made aligner box that keeps your aligners safe and prevents them from getting scratched, damaged or misplaced. toothsi aligner care box is made from premium quality medical grade plastic that is easy to clean, preventing odours from building inside the aligner case.

it is suggested for you to carry your aligner box wherever you go, now whenever you remove your aligners rinse them well, pat them dry and keep them safe in the aligner case. cleaning your aligner box regularly helps keep your aligner case odour free and your aligners fresh. you can use toothsi foamy to clean your aligners as well as your aligner box. it’s an aligner cleaning foam that helps kill 99% of germs in just thirty seconds, it keeps your aligners and aligners case stain-free and odour free, and the best thing is that it is easy to carry everywhere you go. keeping your aligner box clean helps maintain your oral hygiene too, so once you put on your aligners, please make sure you clean your toothsi aligner care box every day.

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