what is an overbite teeth issue?

This is a type of teeth misalignment when the upper teeth stick out far beyond the lower teeth. The not-so-unpleasant nicknames associated with it are ‘bugs bunny’, ‘buck teeth’, ‘bucky’. Everyone has a slight overbite, which is a-okay. However, severe cases need to be treated.


why should you treat an overbite?

A significant overbite can cause significant health complications which include:


irreparable teeth damage due to grinding.


severe jaw pain, headaches


difficulty in speaking


teeth and gum disease

can toothsi treat overbite?

Absolutely. Yes!


toothsi clear aligners can treat mild to moderate cases of overbite successfully. We have expert orthodontists on our team who will design your smile plan to correct your overbite with invisible aligners.

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Is an overbite bad?

A deep overbite can be problematic and cause aesthetic concerns. It may also trigger several dental problems such as gum diseases, speech issues, mouth ulcers, and more.

How do you know if you have an increased overbite?

If your upper front teeth are overlapping your lower front teeth by 3mm you may have a deep overbite. But for the best diagnosis you must consult an orthodontist.

Does deep overbite get worse over time?

If not treated, an overbite can deepen over time, cause speech issues, or even damage bones, teeth, or jaw structure permanently.

How long does overbite correction take?

A deep overbite correction can take up to 2 years or more (especially in adult cases). However, the correction phase can be shorter if you have minimal dental problems.

What are the symptoms of an overbite?

If you notice a slightly prominent gap (more than 2mm) when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth, it’s a deep overbite. Besides this, you may also have speech difficulties or feel discomfort while opening or closing your mouth or chewing food.

What are the problems caused by overbite?

A deep overbite can trigger dental or oral problems such as gum diseases, teeth attrition, poor bone health, and even speech issues if not treated at the right time.

How to fix overbite naturally?

It’s not medically recommended or possible to correct a deep overbite naturally. However, your orthodontist may advise aligners, which are hassle-free and painless compared to conventional methods.

What is the age limit to fix an overbite?

There is no age limit to correct an increased overbite. Adults and children above the age of 12 can get their overbite corrected with aligners suggested by an orthodontist.

What is the cost of overbite correction in India?

The cost of overbite correction in India can go up to INR 2 lakhs or more depending on your choice of treatment and the severity of your misalignment.

Is overbite correction painful?

Overbite correction may be slightly uncomfortable initially or in severe cases. However, the discomfort will subside if you follow the prescribed treatment by the orthodontist.

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toothsi aligners are transparent. So wear them for anytime anywhere.

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toothsi aligners are customized for you - exclusively for you.

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from your 3D scan to your aligner delivery, everything at your doorstep.

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we offer an EMI option that’s easy on the pocket.

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our clear aligners are 3D printed using german technology. And oh! They are BPA-free.

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your smile makeover is handled by expert orthodontists from start to end.

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Think you need a overbite correction?

Different types of overbite

Hate your front teeth basking in all the attention? Chances are you could be suffering from an overbite. An overbite is essentially when your upper front teeth overlap your lower teeth. Interestingly, most of us suffer from a slight overbite and it is totally okay. Problems occur when the overbite is more than 3mm. It could lead to irreparable teeth damage, severe headaches, difficulty in speaking, teeth and gum disease, and more. But don’t worry, our expert orthodontists can help you get rid of your overbite issues But before we get to our overbite teeth treatment process. Let’s look at the different types of overbites.

Skeletal overbite

Just like it sounds, skeletal overbite occurs because of skeletal issues. When your jawbone develops improperly, it pushes your teeth and jaw to grow incorrectly, causing skeletal overbite. You can easily identify a skeletal overbite based on your jaw size. In skeletal overbite, the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw.

Even though this seems complicated, it can easily be treated with toothsi invisible aligners. Don’t worry about not being able to bear overbite correction cost, toothsi is not only affordable, but gives you the option of paying through easy EMIs. Cool right? Dental overbite Are your teeth crowded or did you lose some of your molars? (Teeth at the back of your mouth) If yes, these could be the reasons why you are suffering from dental overbite. It can occur because of bad oral habits too. Dental overbite is when your teeth are misaligned, but your upper and lower jaw are aligned. A lot of factors lead to dental overbite. Some of them are:

  • Using a pacifier
  • Chewing pencils
  • Nail biting

Coming to whether dental overbite is fatal to health. Rest assured, it’s harmless, but can have some side effects:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Speech problems
  • Jaw pain

Severity of overbites

Once you diagnose your overbite, you need to find out whether you need overbite treatment. Because not all overbites need correction. Yeah, that’s right! If your overbite is above 3mm, then you will need to correct it with clear aligners or overbite braces

But if the size of your overbite is more than 9mm, then it’s a severe case. You may need surgery, but don’t worry, our expert orthodontists will create a customized teeth overbite plan that will give your pearly whites the love and attention it deserves.

In a mild overbite, you will probably not experience any side effects. But in severe overbites, one can face painful or disabling symptoms. These include overbite problems like chewing, touching the jaw, and clicking. For people who received treatment for their overbite, these problems have reduced in their severity.

Apart from this, a severe overbite can cause gum damage. Yeah, that’s right! The upper front teeth may constantly bite into the gums in front of your lower teeth or your lower teeth bite into the gums behind your front teeth. Severe overbites can stop your permanent teeth from erupting since they are pushed to the roof of the mouth. As per the research, an untreated overbite can affect bone modeling too.

Diagnosing an overbite

An overbite is easier to identify once your children have permanent teeth. In case you want to diagnose it for them or yourself, you just need a ruler to measure the degree of an overbite. You can also contact an orthodontist to assess your overbite diagnosis and overbite issues.

Genetics can influence bone structure, so if you or others in your family have an overbite, your children are likely to have it too. But otherwise, you can prevent an overbite as soon as a child’s first teeth appear. Stop them from using a pacifier or sucking their thumb because it encourages tongue thrusting, pushing their teeth forward. Instead, encourage your children to self-soothe with other methods.

What causes an overbite

Curious about how an overbite is caused? We’ve got you! There are a lot of factors that cause an overbite. It’s hereditary. Yeah, as mentioned earlier, genes that are passed from generation to generation can affect your oral health. Being born with overcrowded teeth, or a smaller jaw can cause misalignment of your pearly whites.

Some of the overbite causes are:

**Small lower jaw **

According to research by the American Association of orthodontists, it is said when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw, it causes misalignment. The lower teeth can grow upwards until it hits the back of the front teeth, causing overcrowding of teeth. This eventually leads to overbite teeth.

Tooth loss

Losing your baby teeth too early or losing your adult teeth can misalign your teeth. According to research by the American Association of orthodontists, a missing tooth can cause a condition that is similar to a small lower jaw.

Poor oral health habits

Bad oral hygiene in childhood can cause an overbite to develop. Some of the day-today practices that lead to overbite issues are as follows:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Using pacifiers
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Lip sucking
  • Nail biting

The effect of these behaviors varies based on their frequency, intensity, and duration. For instance, thumb sucking is a common problem among children. But it is a cause of worry when the problems continue beyond the age of five - That’s when adult teeth begin to come in.

Overly developed bite muscles

As per the research by the American Association of orthodontists, people who frequently clench or bite their teeth can overdevelop bite muscles, causing an overbite. No matter the causes, overbites can be treated. So don’t worry, contact or visit our expert orthodontists to align your teeth.

How to treat an overbite

Whether or not you need treatment for your overbite will depend on its severity. A mild overbite that is not visible when your mouth is closed and causes no problem will not need orthodontic treatment. Whereas an overbite which causes problems in speaking and chewing might need medical attention. You could get an overbite treatment for aesthetic reasons.

Clear aligners

toothsi clear aligners are a convenient option to treat your overbite. Our expert orthodontists will take impressions of your teeth, which will then be used to make a customized design plan to deal with your overbite issues and straighten your teeth. They are invisible, comfortable, and removable. And unlike the metal braces, they take a shorter time to align your teeth.


While clear aligners and metal braces can easily solve mild cases of overbite. Some of the cases are complicated and need surgical attention. Yeah, surgeries can solve severe problems with the positions of teeth and jaws that are difficult to correct with aligners.


Just like clear aligners, overbite braces or metal braces can be used to correct your teeth misalignment. All kinds of braces use brackets that adhere to your teeth with metal wires to push misaligned teeth to their right positions. And if you think overbite braces cost too much, we recommend that you check out toothsi, which is affordable.

Tooth extraction

Even though This is a painful procedure, tooth extraction is required to create beneficial changes to bone modeling. This treatment can involve removing perfectly healthy teeth like premolars. Loss of premolars can be adjusted by the remaining teeth (molars). Tooth extraction will reduce the crowding of your teeth which may cause problems in chewing.

Splint surgery

Splint therapy can easily solve underbite and overbite problems. Splint therapy works in reducing the pressure on your jaw and helps in repositioning your overbite at its correct angle. It can even improve the face structure, making it look better on the outside. These are some of the treatment options available to correct an overbite. Ranging from at-home aligners to splint surgery, each of them can help give you the desired results in no time.

Why it is important to correct an overbite

As mentioned in the start, mild cases of overbite are totally and need not require treatment. But if severe overbites are left untreated, it could cause the following problems.

Gum damage:

In a severe overbite, your lower front teeth can touch the gum line in the back of your upper front teeth while your upper front teeth may touch the gum line of your lower front teeth. This will cause damage to your gums and result in tooth loss.

Problems in chewing and speaking:

Overbites can cause difficulty in day-to-day interaction. It can lead to speech impediments or you can face issues in articulating certain words. In some cases, overbites can cause problems in chewing food.

Tooth damage:

Our teeth often rest and hit each other in odd places when the jaw is not aligned properly. This could cause enamel wear, tooth fracture, or even tooth loss. It’s recommended that you fix your overbite if it’s severe.

Sleep apnea:

People who suffer from overbites and have a small mouth face a greater chance of developing sleep apnea. Especially if the overbite is a result of the lower jaw.

Jaw pain:

Lastly, a misaligned jaw can cause severe pain in the jaw and headaches. This may contribute to the development of Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMD).

We advise you not to ignore your overbite especially when it’s quite visible. You should get it treated in a comforting and painless way! Choose toothsi aligners to work their magic on repairing your smile.

Can overbite be fixed naturally

Wondering if there is any easy at-home method that can fix your overbite? Unfortunately, no! It’s not possible for you to naturally treat your overbite at home. You need at least clear aligners or surgery to get your teeth aligned. Moreover, you need the help of an orthodontist to perform an overbite treatment. You need to apply a calculated pressure on your teeth to move them in the desired position. If done incorrectly, it can cause your teeth to fall out or get damaged permanently.

However, you can easily prevent an overbite as soon as a child’s teeth start to appear. Yeah, a pacifier or thumb sucking increases the chances of getting an overbite in the growing up years. Surprisingly, even drinking frequently from a sippy cup could cause an overbite because it involves a sucking movement.

Remember prevention of an overbite starts at the beginning of toddler age. So try and minimize the use of pacifiers and sippy cups. Don’t forget to discourage tongue thrusting too. And if you want to correct an overbite, clear aligners are your best option. We recommend that you choose toothsi aligners for your smile makeover. They are invisible, which makes it easy to keep your treatment a secret from the world. All you have to do is book a scan and our toothsi pro will be at your doorstep to take your scan. Cool right?

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