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Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Covers your BIKINI

Sessions delivered
1 hours per session

What should you expect in each session?
Get personalized machine settings from a dermat
makeO pro assesses your hair growth and consults with the dermats for readings

Pre-laser preparation
Pro shaves targeted area & applies cooling gel.

4-wavelength laser shots
After applying cooling gel, pro gives ice-cool technology laser shots on the targeted area.

Post laser treatment
Session ends with icing followed by applying a soothing moisturizer

Session wise hair reduction
Expected hair growth as per number of sessions taken
1st session
Week 1
Fresh growth will start after 10-15 days when the roots of hair targeted will emerge and fall out. This is expected.

2nd and 3rd session

2nd session
Week 7
You will notice reduction in one of the following parameters: thickness, colour, density, frequency of hair growth. Keep going!
3rd session
Week 11
You will notice hairless patches. Don’t stop now. Great work!
4th session
Week 15
You will notice further reduction in thickness/ colour/density/frequency of hair growth. Keep at it!

5th, 6th and 7th session

5th session
Week 19
You will notice more hairless patches compared to before. Keep going to reach your goal
6th session
Week 23
You will notice significant reduction in overall hair growth. Not far to go from here!
7th session
Week 27
You will notice very little and scattered hair growth. One more session and you will have achieved your hair-free goal!
8th session
Week 31
You will achieve upto 90% hair reduction. Maintenance sessions may be required going forward. Congratulations!!
Please note, depending upon hair growth and hormonal conditions the number of sessions and schedule may vary to achieve optimal results.
Ditch the wax, it’s time to laser
Say goodbye to the hassle of constant hair removal
Always ready
No more shaving/waxing to don your favourite outfit
Ice-cool technology for a pain free experience
Smooth skin
No more ingrown hair, bumps or stubble
makeO expertise
FDA approved machine
Backed by 5yrs+ exp. dermats
Personalized session planning
At your convenience

real people, real results

For at-home treatment, please ensure you have
Bed & 3-pin active power-plug point nearby to bed
Air-conditioner in the room
Side table or chair
Before session
Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least four weeks before your laser hair reduction treatment.
Avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for at least four weeks before your laser hair reduction treatment.
Avoid using any skincare products containing retinoids or exfoliants for at least 48 hours before your laser hair reduction treatment. 
After Session
Apply a moisturizing lotion to the treated area regularly to keep your skin hydrated and help prevent irritation.
Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to the treated area before sun exposure.
Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks.
Avoid hot baths, saunas, and pools for at least two days.
Avoid using any scrubs, exfoliants, or abrasive products on the treated area for at least two days.
Avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis on the treated area for at least four weeks.
Laser Hair Reduction does not work on grey hair
    This treatment cannot be used on:
    • tattoos or birth marks
    • cuts & wounds
    • any kind of boils or active infections
    There will be a minimum gap of 4 weeks in between the sessions


      Is an at-home laser hair reduction treatment for bikini safe?

      Yes, doing laser hair reduction for bikini from your home is as safe as doing it from a clinic. At makeO skinnsi, we use a painless ice-cool technology that doesn’t let your skin be heated during the laser hair reduction process. Also, the laser treatment will be carried out by our trained professionals under the supervision of an expert dermatologist during each session. You will experience all the safety and reliability of laser hair reduction from the comfort of your home.

      Who can get bikini laser hair removal done?

      Bikini laser hair removal can be safely performed on both men and women above the age of 14 years. It is recommended that both men and women should perform this treatment after they have been through puberty as hormonal changes can affect hair growth. This laser hair treatment is suitable for all skin types and colours.

      Is laser hair removal good for the bikini area?

      Laser hair removal is a safe method to remove hair from most parts of the body, including the bikini area. You can experience a safe hair removal experience through laser by following all the pre and post-care instructions of the treatment properly. You will avoid problems such as ingrown hair in your bikini area through laser hair treatment compared to methods such as waxing and shaving. At makeO skinnsi, we use cutting-edge ice-cool technology which doesn’t let your skin be heated making it a safe procedure.

      Is a bikini laser painful?

      Doing laser hair removal on your bikini area is much less painful compared to waxing. Since the bikini area is a sensitive region, you may experience slight discomfort in the form of a pinch when the laser pulses touch your skin. However, the ice-cool technology used by makeO skinnsi for hair removal treatment will prevent the skin from getting heated making it an almost painless procedure.

      How long does laser hair removal last on your bikini line?

      Doing the required number of laser hair removal sessions will ensure that the results stay for a long time with almost a permanent effect. You can expect 90% of hair reduction from the bikini line in an average of 6 sessions.

      What to expect with bikini laser hair removal?

      You can expect a 90% hair reduction from your bikini area through laser hair removal in an almost painless way. Once you complete the required number of sessions, you can expect to have smooth and well-groomed skin without the fear of ingrown hairs. The results from laser hair removal will also last for a long time while giving you permanent hair removal. At makeO skinnsi, we will carry out the bikini hair removal process from the comfort of your home under expert dermatologist supervision.

      What are the possible side effects of bikini laser hair removal?

      If the bikini hair removal procedure is done correctly through laser, there will be few to no side effects compared to other methods such as waxing or shaving. Some of the possible side effects of bikini laser hair removal include temporary irritation, slight redness in the treated area, and temporary pigment changes in the skin. However, at makeO skinnsi, we use the latest quadruple wavelength technology with expert dermatologist supervision to carry out a safe and smooth laser hair removal procedure.

      How much does Bikini laser Hair removal cost?

      The total cost for a bikini laser hair removal treatment will depend upon the number of sessions that will be required for permanent hair reduction. With makeO skinnsi, you can cost-effectively complete your bikini laser hair removal treatment while saving money on other temporary and repetitive methods such as waxing, shaving, threading, etc. Here is the breakdown of the bikini laser hair removal at makeO skinnsi.

      Cost for 3 sessions:

      Total discounted cost: ₹ 15,999

      Cost per session: ₹ 5,333

      Total savings: 12%

      Cost for 6 sessions:

      Total discounted cost: ₹ 28,333

      Cost per session: ₹ 4,722

      Total savings: 8%

      How many sessions does it take for bikini hair removal?

      To achieve complete hair reduction, it will take about an average of 6 sessions of bikini hair removal through laser. The number of sessions may vary depending on the skin type, density of hair, hormonal changes, etc. However, you can expect 90% hair reduction with 6 sessions while maintaining a gap of 4 weeks between each session.

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