Oil Control facial

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what is oil control facial and how it helps?

Greasy skin is never a good sign and can lead to acne. Oil control facial is all that your skin needs to bring back your natural radiance.

  • Purifies pores
  • clears breakouts
  • reduces pesky greasiness


Premium, pampering, and painless— we don’t compromise on quality for your skin.

Our facial for oily skin uses US FDA-approved hydratouch machine for:
Our facial for oily skin uses US FDA-approved hydratouch machine for:
  • deep cleansing.
  • superficial exfoliation.
  • nourishment with oxygen, moisture and essential ingredients required for your skin.
how does it work exactly? 8-Step process for oil free skin
  • 01


    Removes dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells.

  • 02


    Pulls out debris, gunk, and excess sebum from your pores.

  • 03

    h2 therapy

    Replaces damaging or damaged skin cells with healthy skin cells.

  • 04


    Reduces oiliness while purifying, lightening, and refreshing the skin.

  • 05


    Aids Niacinamide solution in penetrating deep into your skin.

  • 06

    chemical peel

    Lactic 30% peel dries out acne, eliminates dead skin cells and reduces scars.

  • 07


    Cleans pores and clears blackheads if any.

  • 08


    Charcoal mask purifies, hydrates, and soothes skin to boost natural glow.

Pre & Post-care instructions

  • Avoid salon activities 1 week before the treatment
  • Stop using retinol-based products 3 days prior to the treatment
  • Avoid scrubbing or steaming
  • Cleanse your face thrice a day
  • Apply moisturiser at bedtime and sunscreen every three hours during daytime
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who should avoid

  • pregnant women
  • people with any infection
  • people with pacemaker device or epilepsy
  • those who have acne


is oil control facial safe?

absolutely! Oil control facial is a safe, scientific, and hygienic procedure to restore your natural skin health and glow. More like a skin spa in the comforts of your home, there’s zero downtime after the treatments and our packages are customized for every skin type to prevent discomfort.

how to get rid of oily skin?

It’s easy to beat those annoying acne for the long term with a skinnsi facial for oily skin. It uses the latest contactless Hydra touch technology that not only rejuvenates your skin, but also effectively removes acne within just 6-8 facial sessions. The hydradermabrasion method uses lactic and glycolic acid that helps break the bond between dead cells and hence clears acne effectively. Peeling, extraction, and electroporation help remove black-white heads and reduce breakouts and pigmentation suppressing sebum secretion from oil glands. Which prevents acne growth. For best results, it is suggested to have 6-8 sessions of oil control facial.

is oil control treatment safe on the face?

Yes, oil control facials are absolutely safe on the face because they go through rigorous checks and R&D. They are designed by expert dermatologists keeping in mind different skin types, so you get the best acne treatment according to your skin requirements.

makeO skinnsi oil control facial is based on Hydra touch technology that is USFDA cleared which ensures you get the best results with no side effects. As per experts’ recommendation for the best facial results one should take 6-8 sessions of facial service at an interval of 4 weeks.

how much does the facial for oily skin cost?

Facials for oily skin start from anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 depending on the type of products you choose. makeO skinnsi’s facial for oily skin is one of the most affordable and effective ways to get rid of those annoying acne from the comfort of your home.

Based on the latest Hydra touch technology you start seeing effective results from the very first sessions, but for the best results, it’s recommended by dermatologists to get 6-8 sessions of oil control facials.

makeO skinnsi facial services start at ₹2,999 for 6 sessions! You can also get a trial session for just ₹499

is there any pre & post care to consider for face oil control?

With makeO skinnsi facial for oily skin, you get the best results with minimal precautions to be taken before and after the facial session.

Some of the pre and post-care instructions to be followed are:


  • Salon sessions should be avoided 1 week before the treatment

  • The use of retinol-based products should be avoided 3 days before the facial session.

  • Pregnant women, people with any kind of infection, and people who have epilepsy or a pacemaker are advised not to take this session.


  • Scrubbing and steaming should be avoided

  • It suggested that you clean your face thrice a day. Use sunscreen indoors and outdoors

  • It's suggested to follow the format recommended skincare routine

  • Avoid salon facials for a week

What is oil control facial, and how does it help?

Oil control facial is the best solution for oily skin as it helps treat acne effectively, removes excess dirt and sebum, clens your pores and give you soft, clear skin.

At makeO skinnsi this is a contactless facial service that is based on the latest hydra touch technology which is USFDA approved and backed by expert dermatologists.

Hydra touch technology not only rejuvenates your skin but also effectively removes acne within just 6-8 facial sessions.

which facial is best for oily acne-prone skin?

our skin has oil glands that produce sebum that makes our skin oily. This sebum when produced in excess combines with dead skin and bacteria to form acne. An oil-control facial for acne-prone skin is the best facial to get rid of those annoying acne.

it uses 8-step technology and is specially formulated by expert dermatologists that not only gives you the best results but helps improve existing breakouts, diminishes large blemishes, and helps your skin heal and prevent further breakouts.

why Choose skinnsi for your oily face skin treatment?

here are the benefits that you get with oil control facial from makeO skinnsi

  • makeO skinnsi offers you dermatologists-backed customized facial services

  • it is less painful and super comfortable

  • effective & affordable at-home facial service

  • no downtime so you can be back to your daily routine immediately after the session

  • it is a long-term solution with no adverse reactions

can a facial help with oily skin?

an oil facial cleansing, toning, extraction, chemical peel and more. This means that your skin will be rid of dirt, excess oil, dead skin, sebum, gunk or damaged skin cells to leave behind hydrated and soothing skin. So, yes, an oily skin person can greatly benefit from a facial regularly!

is it OK to get a facial for acne?

people with extremely severe cases of acne should avoid getting a facial to protect the skin barrier and avoid inflammation. However, for those with minor to moderate acne, an oil control facial will be the best way of taking care of your skin as this process will fight oil, dirt, sebum and dead skin cells to leave behind softer, cleaner and smoother skin.

how often should someone with acne-prone skin get a facial?

acne-prone skin can have excess oil, dirt and dead skin. An oil control facial done twice a month can be extremely helpful in fighting acne till the breakouts vanish!

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