This Diwali, Smile Bright With makeO Teeth Whitening Kit


Diwali is just around the corner and we all know what that means. Yes, we are talking about the diverse and mouth-watering delicacies like jalebi, gulab jamun, kaju katli etc that we get to gorge on during this festival!

While we understand it is impossible to resist devouring the Diwali sweets and snacks, you can up your oral care game to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy despite you indulging in all your favourite Indian desserts.

One such way to do so is to consider whitening your teeth this Diwali. Intrigued to know how that will help you ensure that your teeth remain healthy after bingeing on the Diwali treats? Read along as we tell you why makeO toothsi’s at-home dental whitening kit is the best friend you need to bring home this Diwali season.

Why You Should Opt For Teeth Whitening During Diwali?

Wondering why you should prioritise whitening your teeth this Diwali? Here are a few reasons why you must consider whitening your pearly whites this Diwali.

- Gives you a gorgeous smile

One of the primary reasons why Diwali is the perfect time to consider whitening your teeth is that this is when you will be meeting your friends and family after a long time.

If you want the people in your social circles to swoon over your pearly whites, then there is no time like the present to bring home makeO toothsi’s at-home teeth brightening kit and get a dazzling smile in no time!

- Boosts your self-esteem

Want your crush to notice you at your Diwali party? It is no secret that pale and yellow teeth can dim your personality and make you feel insecure and self-conscious.

So, now get rid of your dull-coloured teeth and brighten your teeth with makeO toothsi’s dental whitening kit. You shiny pearly whites undoubtedly will help you become the life of every party you attend this Diwali.

- Improves your mental health

Did you know that if a person continues to stress over the appearance of his teeth for an extended period, he or she can develop mental health issues in the future?

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for teeth whitening this Diwali and drop the stress that pale and yellow teeth bring along with them, once and for all.

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Retain Your Teeth Whitening Results

Decided to whiten your teeth this festive season? You have already won half the battle. Now, you simply have to make sure that your teeth whitening results last for a long period.

How do you do that? Fret not, we have brought to you some easy yet effective tips that will prevent your pearly whites from staining.

1. Avoid smoking

Smoking doesn’t just harm your lungs but it also stains your teeth and ruins your pearly whites. So, make sure that you steer clear of smoking at all costs after you whiten your teeth.

2. Avoid eating sweets before bedtime

We recommend you avoid indulging in sweets before retiring to bed as no matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth before bed, there is a possibility that the bacteria will stick to your teeth overnight and cause your teeth to decay.

3. Brush and floss religiously

Brushing and flossing your teeth becomes even more important during the festive times when you are over-indulging in sweets and snacks.

We recommend that you invest in makeO toothsi electro,which is an innovative smart toothbrush. This comes with 5 unique brushing modes which ensures that no food particles are stuck in between your enamel.

For the ultimate oral care upgrade, bring home makeO toothsi’s tooth brightening gel and Floss X smart water flosser.

4. Rinse your mouth after indulging in sweets

Invest in a good quality mouth rinse and rinse your mouth every time you eat or drink something sugary. This will minimise the damage caused by the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

5. Visit your local doctor

Remember ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Don’t wait for your dental problem to become worse before you seek professional help. If you notice any tooth decay or cavity then book an appointment with your dentist immediately to ensure that it doesn’t become worse.

Enjoy Dazzling White Teeth This Diwali With makeO toothsi

Don’t want to spend a bomb on a professional teeth whitening procedure at your local dentist’s clinic? We understand you might be tight on your budget during the holiday season and have brought to you the perfect solution to your predicament.

Bring home makeO toothsi’ affordable yet potent dental whitening kit which will give you bright and shiny teeth from the comfort of your living room couch. makeO toothsi spark includes a new-age PAP technology-based whitening gel and portable whitening accelerator mouthpiece which boasts of blue LED technology. Not just that, you also get teeth whitening pens, a shade card and a user manual with this product. Feeling extra? You can invest in makeO toothsi smile care combo which costs just ₹ 4,599. This dental care package consists of the ultimate oral care essentials one would ever need- makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit, smart toothbrush and tooth brightening gel.

The Final Verdict

The conclusion is that you need to level up your oral care routine during the festive season if you wish your teeth to remain healthy and white in spite of the tons of sweets you will be hogging during this time.

The good news is that makeO toothsi has made oral care routine stress-free, fun and easy with their wide range of advanced oral care products which are easy to use and are the epitome of convenience.

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