what are clear aligners? and how do they work?

clear teeth aligners are transparent plastic trays that fit over your teeth to gradually move them into proper alignment, often used as an alternative to traditional braces.

  • clear teeth aligners apply gentle pressure to teeth to gradually shift them into a desired position overtime

  • the aligners are worn for 22 hours a day and are changed every 14 days for a new set that continues the teeth-shifting process

  • our aligners are of the highest quality as they are both us FDA-cleared and ISO-certified. you can have a look at our certificates below:

    ISO Certified   US-FDA Cleared

teeth alignment

issues we can fix

why go for toothsi clear aligners?

the perks


easily removable while eating, drinking or even brushing

invisible to the eyes or regular days

no restrictions on any type of food

easy to maintain good oral hygiene

minimal clinic visits are needed

comfortable & soft material is used

faster results in upto 6 - 8 months

why choose us?

Superior quality, affordable prices

toothsi aligners, proudly #MadeinIndia, are 3D-printed in our own state-of-the-art labs, enabling us to provide best quality US FDA 510(k) cleared aligners at prices similar to braces

Starting at
Affordable EMI options available starting at just ₹70 per day

Pricing varies based on complexity of case, as higher complexity demands more aligners + more time, effort of our doctors

Traditional braces

₹35,000 to




₹45,999 to


Other aligners

₹1,50,000 to


real people, real smiles

your makeOver journey with clear aligners

  • 01

    book a consultation with our doctors over a video call

  • 02

    get a scan done at our partner clinic or at home

  • 03

    your aligners are delivered, start your treatment

  • 04

    virtual monitoring by our doctors over regular intervals

what’s in the makeO toothsi aligner box?

makeO experience centres

Walk in for a free consultation with our orthodontists and doctors

We offer top-notch facilities for clear aligners and skin procedures.

Experience the best teeth whitening and teeth straightening procedures with us.

We maintain gold standard hygiene for skin, aligner, oral care, and teeth whitening.


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frequently asked questions

what are invisible aligners?

  • Invisible teeth aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that is for teeth straightening today.

  • These are transparent trays that are worn on teeth to straighten your teeth.

  • If you are looking for a convenient and no-fuss way to get a smile makeOver, then choose makeO toothsi clear aligners today and fall in love with your smile again.

are teeth aligners better than braces?

Many people today prefer invisible aligners over braces as they are invisible, comfortable, and don’t require you to visit a clinic multiple times in person. People who are on the hunt for a comfortable teeth straightening method must check out makeO toothsi’s clear aligners today.

are teeth aligners painful?

Invisible teeth aligners are undoubtedly less painful than metal braces. You might feel slight discomfort, tenderness, or pressure while wearing the invisible aligners or while removing them to eat or clean but you will get used to it after some time.

what are makeO toothsi aligners used for?

makeO toothsi aligners help fix orthodontic issues such as gaps between teeth, overlapping or crowded teeth etc. Our aligners are safe and with gradual movements, bring the teeth back to its desired position.

how much does makeO toothsi aligner cost?

Our aligners are very affordable, compared to other brands in India. We have two packages, based on the complexity of your problem.

makeO toothsi easy plan costs Rs. 64,999 and starts at an EMI of just Rs. 3,017/month. Whereas, makeO toothsi prime costs Rs. 79,999 and starts at an EMI of just Rs. 3,715/month. Prime package is priced higher due to complex dental issues

what are these invisible aligners made up of?

Invisible aligners are made up of 3 layers of high quality aligner sheets. These sheets have boast of the following features:

• Higher resilience and elasticity

• Greater comfort

• Very clear & stain-resistance

• Lesser force during initial wear-time, resulting in lesser pain

• Good force resistant

is makeO toothsi safe to use?

Our clear aligners are FDA approved & very safe

are there any side effects of the treatment?

  • makeO toothsi’s clear aligners are of supreme quality and most people will witness no major side effects after using them.

  • Some people might feel tenderness, pressure, or slight discomfort while using or removing the invisible aligners but it is not something to worry about.

  • makeO toothsi’s clear aligner treatment is virtually monitored by orthodontists who are always willing to help you have a stress-free teeth straightening experience.

can aligners damage teeth?

clear teeth aligners are safe and help in straightening the teeth. It is very important, however, to maintain and clean these aligners regularly in order to prevent any damage to gums or teeth.

It is recommended to regularly clean teeth aligners with makeO toothsi foamy, that removes bacteria; and maintain an overall good oral hygiene as well.

what happens if i stop wearing my aligners?

If you stop wearing aligners before the treatment is complete, it could go back to the original position. This will depend on the duration of time you wore the aligners for, and the dental issues. You may also need additional orthodontic treatments in the future if you stop wearing aligners before the treatment is complete.

how long will aligners take to straighten my teeth?

It will take invisible aligners anywhere between 12-24 months to straighten your teeth, depending on your teeth concern. Note that it is crucial that you wear the invisible aligners for at least 22 hours a day for the best results.

can I eat with aligners on?

We would not recommend you eat with your invisible aligners on as they are not intended to bear the pressure of biting and chewing. Whether you are having a quick snack or a proper meal, we suggest that you carefully remove your invisible aligners while eating and put them back on once again after you are done eating.

do you sleep with aligners on?

You can sleep with your invisible aligners on. We recommend people wear their invisible aligners for at least 22 hours a day for best results. You can remove your invisible aligners when you are snacking, eating your meals, or brushing your teeth.

do I have to wear my aligners forever?

no, you don’t have to wear the invisible aligners forever. Once you have completed your treatment, our orthodontists will suggest you wear retainers a few times a week so that your smile doesn’t change. You can purchase quality retainers from our website for the best results.