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Ultra Hydrating facial

unisex 1 hours 30 minutes per session

What is hydra-facial and how it helps?

Whether it be traveling, partying, or just a regular working day, one thing that gives you unmatchable happiness is the ’Second Look’. How do you get that? No worries we got your back. skinnsi glow facial is the answer.

  • smoothens and cleanses your skin
  • purifies pores
  • removes dead skin
  • reduces dark spots and tanning.


Premium, pampering, and painless— we don’t compromise on quality for your skin.

Skinnsi Dermafacial uses US FDA approved latest hydra technology machines for a water based treatment which is free from human touch
Skinnsi Dermafacial uses US FDA approved latest hydra technology machines for a water based treatment which is free from human touch
  • deep cleansing
  • superficial exfoliation
  • nourishment with oxygen, moisture and essential ingredients required for your skin
how does it work exactly? 8-Step process for oil free skin
  • 01


    Gets rid of excess oils and dead skin cells in the pores.

  • 02


    Removes oil and debris from pores while also shrinking them.

  • 03

    h2 therapy

    h+ ions remove damaging active oxygen ions produced in the skin

  • 04


    Hydrating solutions - lactic acid and glycolic acid reduce pigmentation adding moisture making the skin soft and hydrated.

  • 05


    Infuses hyaluronic acid deep into the skin leaving skin hydrated and glowing.

  • 06


    Lactic 30% peel will hydrate your skin making it smooth and glowy

  • 07


    Removes black and white heads easily

  • 08


    a special device tightens and relaxes face muscles repeatedly

  • 09


    Collagen model mask helps in hydration and soothing of dry skin.

Pre & Post-care instructions

  • Avoid salon activities 1 week before the treatment
  • Stop using retinol-based products 3 days prior to the treatment
  • Avoid scrubbing or steaming
  • Cleanse your face thrice a day
  • Apply moisturiser at bedtime and sunscreen every three hours during daytime
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who should avoid

  • pregnant women
  • people with any infection
  • people with pacemaker device or epilepsy


What Is Ultra-Hydrating Facial And How does it Help Dry Skin?

Our body is constantly exposed to sun, dirt, and pollution on an everyday basis, which results in dull and dry skin. Skin can become worn, patchy or even flaky as a result of dehydration. Your body, just like plants, requires water to flourish and survive. Our Ultra Hydrating facial is the ideal facial for dry skin. Our experts specially designed this eight-step hydrating facial for dry skin to help in the healing and hydration of the skin while stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells at a deeper level. skinnsi uses the latest patented technology for cleansing, toning, H2 therapy, exfoliating, hydrating and tightening the pores with super serums while giving you a spa-like rejuvenation.

This facial for dry skin makes your skin soft, plump and hydrated restoring its natural fresh appearance after just one treatment.

People who should avoid:

  1. Pregnant women

  2. People with any infection

  3. People with pacemaker devices or epilepsy

Which Facial Is Best For Dry Skin?

Do you agree that dehydrated skin is the absolute worst? Our skin gets rough, itchy, and feels like having a permanent sunburn. So what do you do? You apply moisturizer, but it’s still not enough! So what now?

Have we got news for you! Here hydrating facial comes to your rescue. It can be an effective treatment to deal with dry skin on the face. Ultra-hydrating facial is specially designed by our expert dermatologists for dry skin. It is beneficial for all skin types, but the best facial for dry skin. As water is the main ingredient in this type of facial, this hydrating facial makes the skin smoother, plumpy and hydrated. Ultra Hydrating facials are ideal for anyone—men and women, with any skin type, no matter what their age.

If you want the exfoliating results of microdermabrasion without the redness or downtime, skinnsi’s Ultra Hydrating facial cleanses, exfoliates and infuses skin with serums, leaving you with the smoothest skin you’ve always wanted.

Is Hydrating Facial Treatment The Best Option For Dry Skin?

Nowadays, there are a lot of methods for facial rejuvenation. But not everything is suitable for all skin types. So how to choose the correct dry skin remedies? Home remedies or your regular skin care are not enough to replenish your skin. A facial for dry skin gives an added boost to your skincare routine. The hydration from this non-invasive treatment will leave skin looking plump and full, which can make fine lines less noticeable temporarily before further damage occurs from environmental factors or UV exposure over time if protective measures aren’t taken to repair the damage. skinnsi’s dry skin treatment is backed by expert dermats and driven by cutting-edge hydra technology. This unique step of oxygenation of the skin drives out damaging radical particles from the skin making it healthy. It is affordable, has no downtime and is here to make your skin feel oh so pampered!

Why Choose Skinnsi For Hydrating Facial Treatment?

Ever looked up dry skin remedies hoping for a quick, easy way out? Well, we have one for you!

It’s easy with skinnsi’s Ultra Hydrating facial service. How? Here’s how:

1. Supervised and customized solutions by dermatologists:

Our expert dermatologist will first assess your skin and then curate a personalized dry skin treatment plan according to your unique needs. It will be performed by a dermat-trained therapist under the online supervision of dermatologists. They would also be assisting in post-session care.

2. FDA approved:

Our process is FDA approved and is absolutely safe and painless. Completely relaxing, comfortable and pleasant.

3. For all skin types:

Dehydration and dullness spare no one, not even oily skin. Lucky you, our hydrating facial is for all skin types!

4. At home service: No more visiting clinics and parlors. We visit you at your home.

5. Concerns it treats: To say our facial for dry skin is just for dry skin would be incorrect. While hydrating the skin, it also takes care of skin concerns like:

  1. Hyperpigmentation

  2. Oily skin

  3. Fine lines and wrinkles

  4. Clogged or enlarged pores of the skin

How does Ultra Hydrating Facial Treatment Work?

A hydrating facial is not meant to replace your regular skincare routine but to rather supplement it with additional moisture and hydration in areas where your skin may need it most. This facial for dry skin is especially good for people with dry skin on the face who experience flakiness and uneven skin tone.

skinnsi’s facial for dry skin is an 8-step process consisting of

1. Cleansing- Removes the dirt, oil, and dead layers of the skin.

2. Toning- Extracts the oil and debris from the pores. Shrinks the pores

3. H2 therapy- Extracts damaging radicals from the skin making it rejuvenate

4. Hydradermabrasion- It gently exfoliates using solutions flowing through it under gentle suction.

5. Electroporation: This is done by Hyaluronic serum which is infused into the skin through tiny holes without damaging the skin.

6. Peel- Lactic peel will hydrate and make the skin smooth and shiny

7. Extraction- Helps remove the black and white heads

8. Mask - Collagen mask is applied which rejuvenates the skin with elasticity.

Pre & Post Care To Consider For Ultra Hydrating Facial Treatment


  1. Avoid parlour activities 1 week before the hydrating facial

  2. Stop using retinol-based products three days prior to the ultra-hydrating facial

  3. Avoid hydrating facial if you are pregnant, have an infection, have a pacemaker or epilepsy


  1. Apply sunscreen indoors and outdoors every 3 hours

  2. Apply lightweight, gel-based moisturiser twice a day

  3. Cleanse your face thrice a day

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