Ultra Hydrating facial

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What is hydra-facial and how it helps?

Whether it be traveling, partying, or just a regular working day, one thing that gives you unmatchable happiness is the ’Second Look’. How do you get that? No worries we got your back. skinnsi glow facial is the answer.

  • smoothens and cleanses your skin
  • purifies pores
  • removes dead skin
  • reduces dark spots and tanning.


Premium, pampering, and painless— we don’t compromise on quality for your skin.

Skinnsi Dermafacial uses US FDA approved latest hydra technology machines for a water based treatment which is free from human touch
Skinnsi Dermafacial uses US FDA approved latest hydra technology machines for a water based treatment which is free from human touch
  • deep cleansing
  • superficial exfoliation
  • nourishment with oxygen, moisture and essential ingredients required for your skin
how does it work exactly? 9-Step process for oil free skin
  • 01


    Gets rid of excess oils and dead skin cells in the pores.

  • 02


    Removes oil and debris from pores while also shrinking them.

  • 03

    h2 therapy

    h+ ions remove damaging active oxygen ions produced in the skin

  • 04


    Hydrating solutions - lactic acid and glycolic acid reduce pigmentation adding moisture making the skin soft and hydrated.

  • 05


    Infuses hyaluronic acid deep into the skin leaving skin hydrated and glowing.

  • 06


    Lactic 30% peel will hydrate your skin making it smooth and glowy

  • 07


    Removes black and white heads easily

  • 08


    a special device tightens and relaxes face muscles repeatedly

  • 09


    Aloe vera hydrating mask will be applied

Pre & Post-care instructions

  • Avoid salon activities 1 week before the treatment
  • Stop using retinol-based products 3 days prior to the treatment
  • Avoid scrubbing or steaming
  • Cleanse your face thrice a day
  • Apply moisturiser at bedtime and sunscreen every three hours during daytime
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who should avoid

  • pregnant women
  • people with any infection
  • people with pacemaker device or epilepsy
  • those who have acne


1. Which facial is best for dry skin?

An ultra-hydrating and nourishing facial that cleanses and exfoliates and deeply hydrates the skin is perfect for dry skin types. Since this type of skin is often bereft of moisture, it looks dull and tired regularly. With hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and lactic acid and brightening ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide and more you can expect your dry skin to be revived!

2. What is ultra-hydrating facial and how does it help dry skin?

An ultra-hydrating facial is a nourishing facial for dry and dull skin. Using an FDA-approved Hydratouch technology, we at makeO skinnsi breathe new life into your dry skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, h2 therapy, hydra dermabrasion, electroporation, a lactic acid peel, extractions and more.

3. How does ultra hydrating facial treatment work?

An ultra-hydrating facial treatment’s main objectives are to smoothen and cleanse your skin, clear pores, hydrate and nourish your skin, remove tanning, and dead skin cells and even out your skin tone. In this treatment, multiple methods such as cleansing, h2 therapy, electroporation, hydra dermabrasion, extraction, etc are devised to bring in plump, nourishing and clean skin.

4. What are the magic solutions employed in the process of hydra-facials?

Our facial for dry skin uses 5 distinct solutions:

  1. Lactic acid: moisturises the skin

  2. Salicylic acid: helps in oil and acne control

  3. Hyaluronic acid: hydrates it making dry skin radiant and plump

  4. Niacinamide: is used in electroporation

  5. Vitamin C: helps remove blemishes and brightens the skin.

5. What to expect with our dry skin facial?

With careful 9 steps in this facial for dry skin, you can expect:

  • clean pores

  • smoother skin

  • removal of dead skin

  • reduction in dark spots and tanning

  • plump and hydrated skin

6. Is hydrating facial treatment the best option for dry skin?

You can use moisturising creams and face oils to revive your skin on a regular basis, but if you are looking for the best way to rejuvenate your dry skin and get immediate results, then a hydration facial treatment is the way to go. It not only hydrates and moisturises your skin to give it a healthy and plump look, but it also cleanses and exfoliates to keep it pure and clean.

7. Why choose makeO skinnsi for hydrating facial treatment?

Our hydrating facial consists of an elaborate 9 steps which include cleansing, toning, exfoliating, h2 therapy, peel, extraction, a mask and more. Each of these steps is designed to bring out the best of your dry skin.

8. What is our added X factor?

We have added a hydrating and brightening solution in our facial for dry skin to further enrich your experience! Additionally our facial also includes a lactic acid peel or vitamin C serum, as per your skin type after the hydra-facial service. Vitamin C acts as an essential antioxidant in the skin and lactic acid serves in the moisturisation of the skin.

9. What are pre-care steps to consider for ultra-hydrating facial treatment(dry skin facial)?

Since this treatment is an all-round way of cleaning and nourishing your dry skin, make sure to avoid:

  • Salon activities like bleaching, tanning, face packs, peels etc for one week prior to your treatment

  • Avoid using retinol-based products 3 days before the treatment

10. What are post-care steps to consider after ultra-hydrating facial treatment(dry skin facial)?

  • Avoid scrubbing, steaming your skin

  • Cleanse your face 3 times a day with a gentle/mild cleanser

  • Make sure to religiously apply an ultra-hydrating moisturiser at bedtime

  • Apply sunscreen every day, even at home and make sure to reapply sunscreen every 3 hours.

11. What is the cost of hydrafacial for dry skin in India?

A hydrafacial treatment for dry skin costs Rs.1,500-6,000. At makeO skinnsi, we offer an ultra-hydrating facial treatment at Rs.3000 for 1 session. If you are interested in undergoing the treatment regularly, we also offer exciting discounts for multiple sessions!

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