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So you’ve started using aligners. That’s great! But as you take them out to gorge on your favourite food, there’s something you’ve gotta do before putting them back on. Foamy (as we fondly like to call it) is our very own aligner cleaning foam. The best part about it is that you can literally use it anytime, wherever you are. Order now and get this product delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

product details

Don’t worry about not being able to clean your aligners the next time you’re binge eating.

All it takes is a few minutes of foamy, and its peppermint flavour will make your aligners as refreshing as a breath of fresh air.

Who is it for?
It is for anyone who likes cleanliness.


BPA free.

Kills 99% germs in just 60 seconds

Keeps aligners stain-free & odour-free.

Easy to use & carry.

how to use

Step 1: Remove the aligners from your mouth.

Step 2: Apply the foam onto your aligners & wait for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Rinse the aligners thoroughly with water.
Repeat the same steps for your next use.

contents, ingredients

DM water, CAPB,Santreat MZ 3050

Peppermint, glycerine, liquid germall

easy to use
peppermint flavor
BPA free
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What is toothsi foamy used for?

toothsi foamy helps to keep your aligner odour and stain free and helps keep your oral hygiene healthy.

Should I soak my aligners in foamy?

To keep your aligner clean and fresh, it's suggested to soak your aligners in toothsi foamy.

Can foamy damage my aligners?

No, toothsi foamy doesn't damage your aligners. It is made from BPA-free ingredients that are FDA approved.

Will the taste of aligners change once cleaned with foamy?

Yes, toothsi foamy gives you fresh breath and a sweet taste all day long. It has a peppermint flavor that gives you the freshness of mint.

What is the shelf life of foamy?

The shelf life of toothsi foamy is 1 year!

What is an aligner cleaner


Did you know your aligners need cleaning too? Yeah, just like brushing and flossing your pearly whites, you need to clean your aligners with a good aligner cleaning foam. Why? cleaning your aligners regularly will reduce bacterial growth and not let them get discolored.

Do you often clean your aligners with plain water and let it rest on a napkin to dry out? In doing so, a lot of dust and bacteria may get accumulated on your aligners, which could affect their efficiency and quality. That’s why, it is important that you wash your aligners every day with the help of a good aligner cleaning foam. Cleaning your aligners is a must if you don’t remove them before eating. Food particles can get accumulated on your aligners, causing stains.

A good aligner cleaning foam will not only keep your aligners spotless, but also help avoid bad breath and tooth decay. Yeah, that’s right! We recommend that you use toothsi’s- foamy aligner cleaning foam.

Here’s why foamy is ideal to keep your aligners fresh and clean:

  •  It is BPA-free
  •  It is easy to use and carry
  • It takes just 6 minutes to clean your aligners
  •  It keeps your aligners stain-free and odour-free

A few things you must keep in mind to keep your aligners new as ever:

1. Clean them every day: Your aligners stay in your mouth for at least 20 hours, wearing one set for two weeks and more. So, try and clean your aligners twice a day with the help of an aligner cleaning foam.

2. Avoid using toothpaste: Toothpastes are made of ingredients that could be abrasive for your aligners. So don’t use them as your cleaning solution. Instead choose toothsi’s foamy for best results.

3. Avoid using hot water: Your aligners are made of soft, translucent sheets. Exposing them to hot temperatures could harm them. So, use cold water to clean them.

4. Brush your teeth before wearing aligners: Sometimes food particles get stuck between your teeth until you floss or brush your teeth. In case that happens, it will cause discoloration of aligners and teeth. So, make sure you brush your teeth after every meal and before you wear your aligners. 


Pros of aligner cleaning foam


Aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Naturally, they may get discolored because of constantly coming in contact with food particles, debris and bacteria. The best way to make sure they retain their quality and effectiveness is with the help of an aligner cleaning foam. An aligner cleaning foam is a cleaning solution that helps keep your aligners spotless.

Let’s look at the reasons why you need an aligner cleaning foam:

1. Food and drinks

If you are someone who forgets to remove your aligners before every meal, then you definitely need to clean your aligners with an aligner cleaner foam on a nightly basis. Some food particles and aerated drinks can cause stains on your aligners, making them less clear and effective.

2. Does not contain abrasive ingredients

A lot of cleaning solutions contain ingredients that may be abrasive for your aligners that are made of soft, translucent sheets. Aligner cleaner foams on the other hand are mild and will retain the quality of your aligners while keeping them clean.

3. Kills 99% germs

Unlike other cleaning solutions such as toothpaste, mouthwash or vinegar, most aligner cleaner foams destroy 99% germs. Yeah, that’s right! In case, you are confused whether which brand is best for your clear aligners, we suggest you check out toothsi’s foamy-aligner cleaning foam. It comes in peppermint flavor, which will make your aligners as refreshing as a fresh breath. Cool, right?

Aligner cleaning foams including toothsi’s foamy can help keep your aligners as clear and as undetectable as possible. Since your aligners are made of disposable materials, they can’t hold up to harsh methods of cleaning such as abrasive brushes and hot water. We highly recommend that you stick to the cleaning method suggested to you by your orthodontist for best results.


How to use aligner cleaning foam


Clear aligners are your little secret that help you align your pearly whites. But they need love, care and attention too. Yeah, especially since they work almost 20 hours a day to help you get the desired smile. One way to ensure they stay new as ever is by regularly washing them with the help of an aligner cleaning foam. Yeah, that’s right! You need to use a cleaning foam that is specially made for aligners, because it’s usually made of mild ingredients that are not abrasive to your soft, translucent aligner trays. We recommend that you use toothsi’s foamy- aligner cleaning foam.

Coming to the most important part, but also the easiest one! Here’s how to use toothsi foamy- aligner cleaning foam:

Step 1

Carefully remove the aligners from your mouth

Step 2

Apply foamy on your aligners and wait for 30 seconds

Step 3

Rinse the aligners thoroughly with cold water. Repeat the same steps for your next use.

Super easy, right? Besides cleaning your aligners with an aligner cleaning foam, here are some other ways to keep them clean and bacteria-free.

  • Make sure you always remove your aligners before your meal. Food particles can become built up in the aligners, damaging their effectiveness.
  •   Avoid drinking anything other than water while you are wearing your aligners. Otherwise, you could risk staining or damaging them.
  • Do not use piping hot water to clean your aligners.
  • Store your aligners in a dry box every time you are not using them. This way you can ensure you don’t lose them and also protect them from bacteria.


How often one should use cleaning foam to clean aligners


We all know cleaning aligners is essential. But how often? The key to keeping your aligners new as ever is cleaning them on a nightly basis. Yeah, that’s right. Just like how your pearly whites need brushing and flossing regularly, your aligners need to be washed with a good aligner cleaning foam. Yeah, make sure you choose the one that does not contain ingredients that are abrasive. Such ingredients can harm the quality of your aligners.

Let us look at how often you should clean your aligners with an aligner cleaning foam.

  • Try to clean your aligners with an aligner cleaning foam soon after you brush and floss your teeth. This practice will help remove any built-up food, debris and bacteria you may naturally accumulate while eating.
  • Use an aligner cleaning foam to clean your invisible trays when you notice them to be visibly dirty, because you accidentally drank something when you were wearing your aligners.

In addition to a strict cleaning regimen with the help of an aligner cleaning foam, rinse your aligners with cold water each time after you take them off.

Even though you change your aligners every 2 weeks, they need to be cleaned almost every day. Failing to do so can cause your aligners to get discolored. This will either make your teeth look yellow or cause bad breath. Also, you could be exposing your teeth to built-up bacteria. So, it’s highly recommended that you get your hands on an aligner cleaner foam as soon as possible. After all, your aligners help you get the smile you always desired.

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