A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cheek Retractor

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Dental professionals know how important it is to choose the right cheek retractor. A cheek retractor is used during jaw surgeries and other dental procedures to retract your cheeks and lips away from your teeth. When it comes to choosing the perfect cheek retractor, there are several factors like comfort, affordability, sufficient workspace, etc that you need to keep in mind.

Want to know more about cheek retractors and how to use a cheek retractor? Read along as we share with you the ultimate guide that will tell you everything you must know before you shop for a cheek retractor.

Cheek Retractors and Their Uses

Clueless about what a cheek retractor is? Fret not, we are here for you. Back in the olden times, dental assistants used to manually hold a patient's mouth to make sure that the dentist has enough workspace to perform dental procedures.

Today, a cheek retractor does this job. A cheek retractor pulls your cheek away from your teeth and gums and it holds it in the same position through the dental procedures. Wondering what are some of the common cheek retractors uses? Cheek retractors are used by dentists while performing procedures like filling, crown preparation, crown cementation, etc.

Other than during dental procedures, a cheek retractor will help you take clear pictures of your teeth to send to our orthodontists who will be able to then virtually measure and evaluate your teeth straightening progress better.

Cheek Retractors Types

Today, there are different types of cheek retractors available in the market for you to pick one. Here are two common types of cheek retractors that you must know about.

- Bite blocks

They are also commonly referred to as mouth props. Bite blocks are usually made of rubber or metal and they are used to keep your mouth open. Your orthodontist might suggest you use bite blocks if you wear orthodontic braces to ensure that your lower teeth and upper teeth don’t come together and damage your braces while you bite and chew.

- Dental mirrors

Though dental mirrors are not exactly retractors, they are used as a retractor by some dentists and orthodontists to keep your cheek, tongue and lips away from your teeth during dental procedures.

Tips to Choose the Right Cheek Retractor for You

Looking for some handy tips to choose a dental cheek retractor for your clear aligners or braces? We have got you covered. Here is what you must keep in mind before you shop for a cheek retractor.

  • Make sure that your cheek retractor has a smooth surface which will ensure that it won’t cause you much discomfort.
  • Choose a cheek retractor that is durable and reusable.
  • Shop for a cheek retractor that is flexible and provides maximum workspace.

About makeO toothsi grinny

Looking for a good quality dental retractor that is affordable? Look no further than makeO toothsi’s grinny. You can track your smile journey and take better pictures and videos of your teeth for your orthodontists to evaluate during your clear alignment treatment.

It is easy to use our makeO grinny. You simply need to contract the grinny before putting it in your mouth. Note that there is a bigger side and a smaller side of the grinny. The bigger side is supposed to go inside your mouth and the smaller side remains outside while you wear your grinny.

Grinny helps to open your teeth and lips wide so that your teeth alignment progress is clear and visible during your virtual monitoring by our experts.

The Final Verdict

Whether you want to buy an electric toothbrush for your kid or want to buy aligner cleaning foam to clean your clear aligners, makeO toothsi is your one-stop destination to shop for dental care items at the best price ever.

Browse through our impressive range of oral care which consists of everything from teeth whitening pens, teeth whitening kits, retractors, chewies to aligner cleaning foam.


What is the use of cheek retractors?

Cheek retractors are used by dentists and orthodontists to separate the tissue away from your teeth and to get a better view of your teeth.

Are cheek retractors reusable?

Yes, most orthodontic cheek retractors are reusable. Check out makeO’s grinny if you are looking for an affordable and good quality reusable cheek retractor for your at-home teeth straightening treatment.

How often should you change your cheek retractors?

This depends on your usage and the way you store and maintain your cheek retractor. We recommend that you change your cheek retractor if you feel it has worn out.

Are cheek retractors uncomfortable?

They might cause you a slight discomfort at the beginning but you will adjust to using them in no time.

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