As part of your smile makeover, we need to track your progress after every 15 days. For which we need you to send us your tracking pictures and videos. That's when our cheek retractor's got your back. Order now and get this product delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

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For anyone who's using our aligners.

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1 cheek retractor


Helps you take better pictures and videos which in turn helps our experts to track your progress.

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Use the cheek retractor to hold your cheeks and lips away from the teeth area, so that you can take better pictures and videos.

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1 cheek retractor

cheek retractor

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What are cheek retractors

Cheek retractors are an important tool during dental procedures. Dental cheek retractors are basically used to pull your cheeks away to expose an area that either needs examining or a dental procedure.

Interestingly in the past, dentists and orthodontists took help of their assistants to keep their patients’ cheeks and lips in a retracted position during surgeries and procedures.

But thanks to the advancement in technology, most professionals have now begun to rely on cheek retractors so that they have plenty of space to work unencumbered.

Besides, dental retractors are also helpful when it comes to taking photos and videos of the inside of your mouth as it pulls your cheeks slightly and keeps them at a still position. Which means, one can easily take a few snaps! So, if you are someone who is getting a smile makeover treatment in the comfort of your home, then a cheek retractor should definitely be at the top of your shopping list.

In case you are confused over the kind of cheek retractor you should get, then we recommend that you get toothsi’s cheek retractor. It’s perfect to help you hold your lips and cheeks away as you take pictures and videos of the inside of your mouth so that your orthodontists can keep a track of your progress.

Are cheek retractors reusable

Are you worried that you may have to invest a lot of money in a cheek retractor? Don’t worry,  Use toothsi cheek retractor, which is pocket friendly and reusable. Yes, that’s right! It can not only be reused, but also cleaned quite easily for both personal and professional use.

Cheek retractors can literally be your best investment! Apart from the two purposes we mentioned earlier, plastic retractors or any other cheek retractor can be used for adding pearly shine to your teeth with at-home teeth whitening kits, whitening pens and dental examinations. How? They can keep your cheeks and lips in a retracted position for a long time. And because they can be reused, you can use them any time you want. Cool right?

Now, let’s see how to use cheek retractor:

Step 1

Hold the handles and squeeze inward.

Step 2

Once done, ease the curve edges into the mouth and then gently release the handles.

To remove, you need to hold the handles again and squeeze it inward. That’s it! Your cheek retractor will be safely out. 

In case you need a visual demonstration of how to use a cheek retractor, you can check it out on our website.

Since cheek retractors are reusable, it is super important that you keep them clean so as to ensure it does not come in contact with any kind of germs or bacteria. Always, rinse them with soap and warm water before first use and each use thereafter. 

How does cheek retractor work

Like mentioned earlier, a dental cheek retractor is used to facilitate capturing photos of the insides of your mouth for virtual dental monitoring. It is specially designed to optimize the intra-oral photos and videos that you need to share with your orthodontist.

During surgeries, cheek retractors play a pivotal role by keeping your cheeks and lips at a retracted position, which increases work space for the orthodontists.

Some cheek retractors come equipped with a tongue blade which can be used to help position the tongue in place. The blade is removable and adjustable, which means the orthodontist can either adjust it as per his needs or remove it completely if it’s causing trouble to the patient.

Plastic cheek retractors are great because people can easily see through and around the retractor. For this reason, many dentists prefer to use plastic cheek retractors. In case, you have opted for at-home smile makeover treatment, we suggest you use toothsi’s plastic cheek retractor. It is affordable and super easy to use. It will easily hold your cheek and lips slightly away from your mouth as you take a few photographs.  Check out toothsi’s website to know more.

Here are some of the golden rules to remember while taking photos using a cheek retractor:

1. Visibility

Once you are done wearing your cheek retractor, make sure your teeth are fully visible. They should not be covered by your lips, tongue or a cheek retractor.

2. Distance

Your camera or a smartphone should be away by 10cm from your cheek retractor. The field of the photo should be from chin to mouth. You can either take a photo by yourself or ask someone to help you with the same.

Pros of cheek retractor

If you still think a cheek retractor is not what you need to make your smile journey smooth and hassle-free, then let’s go through some special benefits! We are sure by the end of it, you will change your mind.

Cheek retractors are easily removable and adjustable.

- They help fully retract lips and cheeks, giving a closer look at your teeth.

- Cheek retractors help take photos for virtual dental monitoring much easier.

- With the help of a cheek retractor, you can easily whiten your teeth in case you decide to opt for an at-home whitening pen or whitening kit.

- They can enable you to keep your mouth open for longer periods of time.

- Most cheek retractors are made of soft, flexible material to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

- Lastly, dental cheek retractors can get a full view of the treatment field, making it easier for them to easily access your mouth.

Cool right? If this has got your attention, then why not buy one today? Look for options online, you will find a lot of dentistry brands selling cheek retractors. As mentioned earlier, we recommend that you use toothsi’s cheek retractor. Designed by the best experts, it is super safe and easy to use. Check it out on our website now.

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