Here’s how you should use a cheek retractor

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What is a Cheek Retractor?

A cheek retractor is basically a device used to keep the soft tissues of the mouth away from the teeth for a better view of the dentition. It allows the orthodontist to achieve accuracy during tooth alignment or any other dental procedure. It stretches and widens the area of the mouth for specialists to perform the procedure.

Since the cheek retractor stays inside an individual's mouth during long sessions with orthodontists, it is supposed to be extremely comfortable. They are available in plastic and stainless steel, although patients share that a plastic retractor is the most comfortable for use.

How to Use a Cheek Retractor?

A cheek retractor is not an overly complicated tool. Follow the steps given below to achieve excellent visibility and accessibility of your teeth.

  1. In the first step, hold the dental cheek retractor in your hand, and squeeze it while holding the angled side facing up. This will make the angle sides come closer to each other and make it easier to insert the retractor into your mouth.
  2. Once the retractor is in your mouth, gently release the handles, and your mouth retractor will perfectly fit in your mouth.
  3. Your mouth is picture-ready in the third step. Click pictures from all angles for a better understanding of your orthodontist.
  4. To remove the mouth retractor, simply squeeze the retractor towards the inside of your mouth and pull it out gently.

Cheek Retractor Types

So if there is only one kind of cheek retractor? Well, no. There are a few different types of retractors for lips, tongue, cheek etc. Some of the most popular cheek retractor types are mouth props and dental mirrors.

Mouth props are devices made of rubber that are used on patients who find keeping their mouths open difficult. Dental mirrors are common devices often used by dentists around the world to help them see teeth better, and these devices can also be used as cheek retractors.

Things to Remember While Using a Cheek Retractor

Firstly, while taking a picture of your teeth, it is important to remember that your teeth are fully visible. Your lips, tongue, cheek, or even cheek retractor should not cover the view of your teeth in any way.

Your photo should cover the area from your chin to your mouth. In order to get such a result, you need to keep your camera at a distance of 10cm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card). If you are unable to take a picture, ask someone else to help you. You can also check the guide on How to upload photos on makeO toothsi app.

There are numerous factors that make a dental retractor ideal for use. User comfort, absorption, increased working area, etc., are just some of them.

Now that you know what exactly to look for in a dental mouth retractor, let us introduce you to the finest, most practical and most comfortable check retractors on the market.

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