Deep Bite: Causes and Correction

Deep Bite Teeth Causes & Correction

When we have crooked or misaligned teeth, most of us seek orthodontic treatment to correct this issue. Similarly, if we have yellow teeth or a cavity, going to the dentist is seen as important. However, deep bite or over bite treatment is not given the same importance.

This is because many of us think that it doesn’t cause dental issues and is only a cosmetic concern. However, many dental health professionals wouldn’t agree with this statement. Deep bite correction is as important as any other dental issue because if it is not corrected, it can cause many long-term health problems.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about deep bite teeth, their causes and their correction. So, let’s start by looking at what deep bite teeth are.

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What are deep bite teeth?

A deep bite is essentially a form of malocclusion in which the upper front teeth considerably overlap the lower front teeth when the mouth is closed. As a result, the lower teeth grow until they reach the back of the upper teeth or the mouth's roof.

Even while a deep bite may not always result in cosmetic problems, it typically indicates another issue that has to be corrected. It can cause overcrowding of teeth, along with alignment problems.

What causes deep bite teeth?

Mainly, there can be three causes that can result in a deep bite. The first one and the most common is genetic. Here, the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw. The second can be the absence of a lower tooth as it can cause deep bite teeth. The problem is similar to having a smaller lower jaw.

The third and the least common reason is strong biting muscles. People who have this might intensify the bite, and those who often grind their teeth are most likely to experience this. Whatever the cause of your dental problem may be, it can be easily resolved with deep bite treatment.

Correction of deep bite teeth

It is super important to treat deep bite teeth, as leaving a deep bite untreated can leave the lower front teeth damaged from a gradual wearing down over time. It can also cause ulcers and sores on the roof of the mouth. Apart from these issues. Not getting deep bite treatment can lead to serious issues like temporomandibular joint disorder causing your jaw to move out of place.

It is crucial to speak with an orthodontist to learn about your deep bites' likely treatment choices. The kind of deep bite may be identified via X-rays, which can also assist your orthodontist to recommend a course of therapy. Braces can be one way to correct deep bite teeth.

In this deep bite treatment, metal brackets and wires are affixed to your teeth and periodically adjusted to straighten your teeth. There are several forms of these metal brackets. For instance, ceramic braces employ tooth-coloured material to lessen the appearance of braces and make them look modest, while rubber bands can be coupled with them to add colour.

Correct your teeth with aligners!

Another great way for deep bite teeth treatment is using Invisible aligners. This is a comfortable and seamless way for curing teeth alignment. It is especially important to look for a trustworthy and reliable brand to get the best results.

toothsi is India's leading and most trusted brand for tooth alignment. It utilizes modern technology and expertise to provide convenient and affordable services to its clients. You can get clear aligners that are simple to wear and cost-effective. So head onto our website and give your smile the makeover it deserves.

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