Teeth crowding: Meaning, Causes & Treatment

teeth crowding treatment

It is usual to have misaligned teeth, so you need not feel unpleasant if you have them. Generally, misaligned teeth are either hereditary or crop up due to habits like sucking the thumbs as a child. How do people combat this? They get their teeth straightening treatment done! With perfectly aligned teeth, you tend to feel more confident and smile more often.

Let’s talk about one of the most common teeth alignment problems - teeth crowding. Also known as overlapping teeth, teeth crowding is one of the top reasons why people visit the dentist!

What is teeth crowding?

Teeth crowding happens when there is a discrepancy between your jaw size and tooth size, resulting in a misalignment of the tooth row. With this misalignment problem, permanent and new teeth might not have proper space to grow straight, resulting in crooked or overlapping teeth.

Crowded teeth problems can range from mild to severe. In mild teeth crowding, one tooth in the lower or upper jaw gets slightly crooked, whereas, in severe tooth crowding, most anterior teeth overlap. It is important to get teeth crowding fixed to create a perfect smile and maintain oral hygiene; otherwise, a few hidden spots in your mouth might stay uncleaned and this can give rise to bacterial growth.

Common reasons for teeth crowding

A few causes of teeth crowding can be:

  • abnormal tooth growth
  • extra adult teeth
  • unusually large teeth
  • dental trauma
  • family history of overcrowding
  • hypodontia (presence of extra teeth)

Though it might not be possible for you to prevent such teeth alignment problems, you can surely get them treated at the initial stage to prevent further complications of overcrowded teeth. Therefore, if you observe any symptoms of teeth crowding, it is advisable to consult an orthodontist at the earliest.

The best treatment for crowded teeth

1. For mild cases of crowded teeth

If you only have a slight problem or a mild case of teeth crowding, you can choose dental veneers. They come in natural colours that match the colour of your teeth and are not only the perfect solution, but they suit your teeth aesthetically too.

2. For moderate to advanced cases of crowded teeth

In severe cases of overcrowded teeth, it is best to go the orthodontist route. Visit your orthodontist and take their opinion. Generally, they suggest metal braces, ceramic braces, invisible aligners etc for correction. The perfect option depends upon the type of case and the user’s needs.

Why is teeth crowding treatment important?

Signs of overcrowded teeth can be alarming and uncomfortable. To help you with the common symptoms, we’ve mentioned most of them below:

• Excessive overjet or crossbite

• Severe or mild jaw pain

• Overlapping teeth

• Tooth discomfort on biting

• Difficulty in brushing and flossing your teeth

• Gum bleeding upon flossing your teeth

• Speech problem

• Frequent tongue bites

Delaying your teeth crowding treatment might lead to other issues such as wear and tear of your gums, digestion problem, or unsatisfactory oral hygiene. For expert advice, you just need to book a free scan with makeO toothsi and get started with teeth straightening treatment.

As we’ve discussed most things about teeth crowding like its causes and symptoms,it’s time to tell you how to effortlessly get your teeth overcrowding problem fixed with clear aligners and enhance your lovely smile.

Choose makeO toothsi aligners to fix crowded teeth

The most common question we’ve come across is, “Can clear aligners fix teeth crowding”? Yes, irrespective of the severity of the teeth crowding, it can be fixed with clear aligners. To be sure about the effectiveness, you can consult one of our orthodontists. The invisible and removable aligners have made teeth straightening simpler than ever and are effective teeth straightening options for adults as well as teenagers!

We at makeO toothsi provide at-home smile makeover services, all you need to do is just book a consultation with us, and one of our experts will get in touch with you and guide you through the process. The process might take a couple of months, depending on the severity of your misalignment problem. But, as they are removable, there are minimum chances that you will face any discomfort or complications throughout the process. And, as they are invisible, you can comfortably and confidently face people even during your teeth straightening treatment.

So, embark on your smile makeover journey today!


1. How do you fix crowding teeth?

You can fix your crowding teeth with the help of several options like dental veneers, metal braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners etc.

2. What is crowding in teeth?

When multiple teeth gather in an area and create a lack of space or disharmony, it is known as teeth crowding.

3. Is crowding teeth normal?

Yes. Teeth crowding can be hereditary, else it can also be caused much later in adulthood as teeth move.

4. Is teeth crowding painful?

Yes, teeth crowding can cause pain and discomfort in your teeth, gums and jaw. This pain can manifest itself around your neck and shoulders too.

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