Underbite: here’s all you need to know to get over it!


Smiling is a vital part of how you appear. It makes you seem approachable, boosts your confidence, and here's the kicker, smiling can improve your health! Several studies have found a connection between the act of smiling and the upliftment of one's mood. As Thich Nhat Hanh once said, “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”

While we believe that a smile is always beautiful, sometimes you need to take an extra step to enhance your smile. Most people face different teeth problems, ranging from something as small as a gap between their teeth to something as big as their jaw’s misalignment.

One such common condition is an underbite. Read on to know more.

First Things First... What Is an Underbite?

Simply put, an underbite is a jaw misalignment where the bottom jaw extends beyond the upper jaw. It results in your lower front teeth to overlap over your upper ones.

While a slight underbite might not be too noticeable, a severe case may be harder to conceal. Aside from affecting your pearly whites’ appearance, an underbite can result in a host of problems, which include:

● Facial pain ● Inability to eat ● Difficulty in speaking and pronunciation

Why Does It Even Occur?

There are several reasons why a person can develop an underbite. Here are some of the most common reasons:

1. Maybe you've Inherited It!

The most common cause of an underbite is genetics. If anyone in your family has a jaw misalignment, chances are you'll get it too.

In most cases, individuals with this issue will experience abnormally shaped teeth either packed together tightly or are jutting out in awkward angles. They may also have several dental problems like a cleft palate, which can worsen their teeth.

2. Tumour

While they are rare, a person can develop an underbite due to a tumour’s presence in their mouth. If the tumour is present on the lower jaw, it could cause the jaw to protrude and extend beyond the upper jaw limit.

3. Your Childhood Habits

Remember a saying we used to hear a lot as kids - 'Don't make funny expressions, or your face will get stuck like that'? Well, your parents were partly right.

Several studies have found that different childhood habits could change the upper jaw limit and extend one's lower jaw, resulting in a permanent misalignment. Some of these habits are:

● Pushing one's tongue against their lower jaw ● Using a bottle or pacifier after the age of 3 ● Persistent thumb sucking

4. Injury

Can you hurt yourself badly enough to get an underbite? Well, turns out you actually can, especially if you are involved with aggressive sports or have experienced any facial injuries.

How to treat an Underbite?

Like most teeth alignment problems, an underbite can be treated in a variety of ways.

1. Surgery

If your underbite is severe, you may require a jaw realignment dental surgery or cosmetic surgery. The oral surgeon will correct your underbite by either shortening your lower jaw or increasing the upper jaw length. In some instances, they may use plates, screws, or wires to maintain the jaw’s shape.

2. Braces

If your underbite is mild, you can opt for braces. This is a long-term treatment that works by slowly pushing your teeth back into place while simultaneously closing the gaps and straightening them. Within this method, the orthodontist may need to extract one or two of your teeth to prevent overcrowding.

3. Clear Aligners

Although braces are an effective solution for underbites, many of us are naturally worried about how we will look in metal wires or can't afford braces to straighten teeth. In such cases, clear aligners are a more suitable alternative.

Clear teeth aligners are transparent, removable trays that you can pop into your mouth. They are specifically created to suit your teeth alignment needs. They are comfortable to use, give faster results, and stay invisible. This will allow you to discreetly gain the smile you desire without anyone noticing. The best part? You won’t have to give up any of your favourite foods!


Correcting your underbite won’t just benefit your appearance but it's also good for your oral health. Get a head start on the treatment for your underbite as early as possible. After all, why wait for a smile transformation when it’s so easy to get one?

With toothsi aligners, you can now bring your teeth straightened with no break in your life. What’s so great about toothsi? They’re super affordable too! Now you can get that desired smile without making a hole in your pocket. Book your free scan today and get that smile makeover journey to begin.

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