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How to Use Make Toothsi App to Upload Teeth Alignment Monitoring Photos

makeO toothsi app

makeO toothsi app allows you to track your teeth straightening progress from the comfort and convenience of your home. Our experienced orthodontists will track your progress after every 15 days to ensure a safe and unstressed teeth straightening journey.

Wondering how your orthodontists will be able to see your progress clearly through the pictures and videos you send?

Read along as we tell you how to upload your photos and videos the right way so that the orthodontists can suggest you the best treatment plan accordingly.

Steps To Upload Monitoring Photos in the makeO toothsi App

Just got makeO toothsi’s clear aligners and clueless about how to send your teeth photos and videos to our expert orthodontists?

Here are a few steps you need to follow while uploading monitoring photos in the makeO toothsi app.

1. Buy a cheek retractor

Head over to the makeO website and buy our cheek retractor, also known as Grinny. Grinny will help you to keep your mouth wide open and move your cheek and lips away from your teeth while you click your progress photos and videos. Our cheek retractor is just priced at Rs 499.

2. Insert the cheek retractor

Contract your Grinny before you put it in your mouth. Note that there is a bigger side and a smaller side to our cheek retractor. While the bigger side goes inside your mouth, the smaller side remains outside.

3. Click away

Hold your phone 4 inches away and click a bite picture from the left, centre and right. We recommend that you click the photos and videos in a well lit room. You can also consider asking someone else to click your pictures to ensure that your photos and video come out well.

The Next Step After You Upload Your Photos

After you upload your photos and videos, click on ‘Proceed’. Our orthodontists will evaluate your progress and will accordingly tweak your treatment plan for the best results.

Oral Care at makeO toothsi

You can now upgrade your oral care routine by shopping for these dental care essentials on makeO toothsi website.

- Foamy aligner cleaning foam

Want to clean the stains and get rid of the peculiar smell from your clear aligners? This peppermint flavour aligner cleaning foam will help you do just that.

- makeO toothsi electro

Feel like your regular brush is not helping you reach the nooks and crannies of your mouth? Bring home this new-age electric toothbrush that comes with 5 advanced brushing modes that will make brushing fun and effortless.

- makeO toothsi spark

Have a dinner date or a job interview and want to get rid of your pale and yellow teeth? Get your hands on our teeth whitening kit that consists of a whitening pen, whitening device, tray, shade card and a user manual today.

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