What Causes Acne? Here are All the Answers You are Looking For

Acne in chin area

If there's one thing that everyone hates with the same intensity, it's acne! Every time there's an event, a family function, or a big office event, acne shows up without failure. However, this is not how it should be! If you are wondering about these sudden breakouts, you have come to the right place. There are various reasons why we still get acne even after hitting puberty. Get all your answers about what causes acne and other acne-related queries here!

What exactly is acne?

Regardless of the advice you get from random people about maintaining proper hygiene and drinking plenty of water, and this is not always the case. The key reason you are still getting acne breakouts is that the skin produces excess sebum, which traps all the dirt and dead skin in the pores. This clogs the pores, providing the perfect condition for bacteria to fester, giving birth to acne and pimples.

These acne breakouts are not limited to the face. People dealing with acne often get breakouts on different body parts, such as shoulders, back, chest, and thighs. The inflammatory disorder usually goes away once people reach their late twenties or thirties. Almost everyone deals with acne once in their life. However, there are exceptions, no doubt. Let's find out about the different types of acne.

Still wondering what causes acne? Let's first have a look at the types of acne.

Different types of acne

As someone dealing with acne, you might have noticed that not all acne breakouts are the same! There are two main types-

1. Blackheads- These are open on the skin's surface and are filled with gunk. The oxygen present in the air gives it a black appearance.

2. Whiteheads- These are the raised bumps and are flesh-coloured. These are also closed comedones.

Apart from these, there are pustules, cysts, nodules, and papules are the reasons what causes acne. These are inflammatory and often leave scars on the skin.

Reasons for acne breakouts

1. Hyper sebum production

Tiny sebaceous glands produce sebum oil to keep the oil balance on your skin. One of the main reasons you are facing acne issues is that your glands produce more oil than required. This leads to oil blocking the pores, which is called a comedo.

2. Hormonal Changes

Men and women dealing with hormonal imbalances often face severe acne breakouts. Hormonal changes are one of the biggest reasons what causes acne problems. While many people face acne breakouts on the face, hormonal imbalance causes acne breakouts on other body parts.

In women, once puberty hits, they face a lot of hormonal changes, which sometimes cause moderate to severe acne breakouts. This usually stops after you start taking care of your diet and help from your dermatologist or gynaecologist. In addition, many women are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which can cause cystic acne. They are painful acne bumps that may cause scarring, which impacts them physically and psychologically.

3. Skin type

Though it's mostly the oil and combination skin that suffers from acne, people with extremely dry skin also get the zits. Extreme dry skin has microscopic cracks from where bacteria enters and multiplies. This causes breakouts on the skin, which spread fast.

4. High processed foods

A high intake of sugar and carbohydrates increases the breakout, which is why most dermatologists ask to reduce the intake. White foods such as bread, white pasta, cake, cookies, and more are one of the main reasons you get this acne and pimples.

Many people with a lower tolerance for dairy products can also face this issue. So if every time you take any dairy product and get a zit, you know that you need to stop.

5. Excessive use of sunscreen

Sunscreen is indeed important to keep your skin safe from sun exposure. Also, if you have acne-prone skin, sunscreen is a must, but if you use the wrong type of sunscreen, you might be causing acne breakouts.

It would be best to use a non-comedogenic and water-based sunscreen that doesn't stick on the skin, making it oily. Any other sunscreen type will clog your pores, trapping the dirt inside and irritating your skin. So, next time you buy sunscreen, do thorough research about what kind of chemicals are used and the properties of the particular sunscreen.

6. Using wrong makeup products

Wasn't ready to hear this? Well, using faulty makeup products can irritate the skin and be the reason what causes acne. This is because all these makeup products consist of tons of chemicals. In addition, not all makeup products are made for the same skin type. So, while you are buying any product that you will apply to your skin, you need to check whether it's for your skin type or will clog your pores and cause a heavy acne breakout. Especially if you wear makeup for a longer duration.

Our skin needs to breathe and using the wrong products will help create a sustainable environment for the bacteria to fester on your skin and ruin it.

7. Hair sprays

Hair-care products are also the main cause of acne breakouts. Since the hair is mostly touching your face and these hair care products consists of a lot of chemicals, they are transferred to your face causing zits.

These were some of the main reasons for your acne breakouts. However, if you also want to take care of your skin better and consult with experts who can help you with this, you can connect with makeO skinnsi and avail the best services.

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