Tired of Acne Popping Up on Your Face? Read About These Types of Acne


Are you tired of acne popping up on your face right before a party? Do you also look for different hacks on the internet to hide them? Don’t worry! Before you try to pop your pimple, hear us out! There are different types of acne, and to get the best acne treatment, it is essential to know about them. So, we are going to discuss the 6 types of acne, how they happen and what you can do to permanently get rid of them.

What is Acne?

Acne is caused due to hormonal changes in the body during your teenage years. However, adults can also experience acne. These pimples are a result of clogged pores and and can occur due to the following reasons- excess production of oil (sebum) bacteria, hormones, dead skin cells or ingrown hairs

Types of Acne

Acne can be broadly classified into two categories- non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne.

1. Non-inflammatory

Non-inflammatory acne includes blackheads and whiteheads. Such types of acne do not cause swelling and can be easily treated with medicines.

a) Blackheads Blackheads occur when a pore is clogged due to the combined production of oil and dead skin cells on your face. The top of your pore remains open, due to which there is a black residual inside your pores. This leads to the formation of blackheads on your face.

b) Whiteheads Just like blackheads, whiteheads occur when your pores get clogged due to oil and dead skin cells. However, in the case of whiteheads, the top of your pore is closed. A whitehead looks like a small bump protruding from your skin.

2. Inflammatory acne Inflammatory acne are the pimples that appear red and swollen. Inflammatory acne is caused not only by a combination of sebum and dead skin cells, but bacteria also plays a big role in clogging your pores. In this type of acne, the bacteria can cause an infection below your skin’s surface which can lead to painful acne.

There are 4 types of inflammatory acne-

1. Papules

This type of inflammatory acne occurs when the wall around your pores breaks down from severe inflammation. This causes hard and clogged pores. Also, the skin around these pores is usually pink.

2. Pustules

Just like papules, pustules can form when the walls around your pores break down. These are filled with pus. These are red in colour.

3. Nodules

When clogged pores face further irritation, it can cause nodules. This type of acne grows deep under your skin.

4. Cystic acne

This type of inflammatory acne develops because of the combination of bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells. Cystic acne grows because the clog grows below the surface of your skin, deeper than nodules. This type of acne is painful. It is the most prominent form of acne, and can often leave scars on your face.

Choose our Hydrafacial Treatment

At makeO skinnsi, we offer services such as hydrafacial treatment, which can help you deal with acne. The makeO skinnsi hydrafacial treatment uses the latest technology to pamper your skin. This treatment is an alternative to facials done at salons. In this treatment, we use water-based technology to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. The radiofrequency also helps to tighten your skin, making you feel young.

Here are the advantages of getting the hydrafacial treatment for your skin

1. It is suitable for all skin types- Be it dry, oily, or combination skin, hydrafacial treatment is suitable for all skin types.

2. Performed by a trained therapist- We know how much you love your skin. Understanding the fragile nature of skin, our hydrafacial treatment is carried out by a dermatologist trained professional.

3. No downtime- The biggest advantage of selecting our hydrafacial treatment is that you don’t have to follow any downtime. You can attend your party without worrying about any downtime.

4. Customised as per your needs- Understanding how every skin type is different, we offer a customised plan to our clients. Before starting the hydrafacial treatment, our certified therapist carefully assesses your skin and performs the facial.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to remove your acne scars, check out our website. We have shared detailed information about all our services on our site.

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