Yellow teeth: know all about its causes and treatment


Jun 22nd

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When we look back at the good ol’ days, the only days we remember are when we laughed to the fullest with our friends, right? Do you remember laughing so hard that you forget what the joke was? We’ve all been in this situation, and while making these precious memories, none of us wants to worry about hiding our teeth. If you have yellow teeth, then laughing without worry is a dream, isn’t it?. Yellow teeth can make us feel small in social settings, and many may feel embarrassed for the same. We are here to tell you that you too can get a celeb-like smile you always wanted, and can smile as big as you want and let your pearly whites shine in just a few basic steps!

Yellow teeth: what does this mean?

To explain simply, you may start seeing yellow teeth as you age, which happens when the original white shade of enamel starts changing its shade. Some teeth may start changing colour before others, resulting in more visible discoloration.

Having yellow teeth is super difficult to hide from the eyes of the people; this is mostly because the yellowing of teeth usually starts from the front teeth which are always visible. Now that you know what yellow teeth mean, let's understand what causes them. The causes will also help you take precautions to avoid yellow teeth in the future.

Causes of yellow teeth

Many believe that the yellowing of teeth is unavoidable but that is not true, if you follow proper oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle then having clean, white teeth is a possibility. However, with our busy lifestyles today, perfect teeth have become merely a dream, and many reasons cause yellow teeth in our mouths without us even knowing about it. There are many causes of yellow teeth like the build-up of plaque, and thinning of the outermost layer of the teeth or enamel that erodes from the teeth over time. Sugary foods also contribute to the teeth becoming yellow.

Treat yellow teeth today

The treatment for yellow teeth is not difficult, but finding the best orthodontist can be. You can check out many home remedies and teeth whitening tips for your pearly white smile. You can opt for at-home or in-office teeth whitening procedures.

The simplest thing that you can do is brush your teeth everyday with flouride toothpaste as it is highly effective in keeping you safe from all the germs that linger on. You should also make lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol and smoking, as these can prove to be super helpful in the long run. Visiting your dentist regularly every 6 months can contribute to your optimal oral health, as this would allow you to have your pearly whites for a long time.

Time to whiten your teeth!

Having yellow teeth is more common than you think, and if you also have yellow teeth, it’s completely okay! toothsi teeth whitening kit is here to save the day!

toothsi makes all your teeth whitening dreams come true and to give you a celebrity-like smile. We have a team of expert orthodontists with years of experience to help you in your journey to improve your oral hygiene.

toothsi’s teeth whitening kit is one of the most affordable ways to get pearly whites with customized services. So what are you waiting for, get on the teeth whitening train with toothsi today!

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