Teeth Bleaching: Procedure, Benefits & How to do it?

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Every person wants a perfect set of white teeth that can be flaunted while smiling with a sense of confidence. However, your teeth may get discoloured with time due to various reasons which can affect your overall smile. The process of dental bleaching is often recommended in such cases to remove discolouration and stains from your teeth while making them brighter.

What is Dental Bleaching?

The method of dental bleaching is used for teeth whitening to remove stains and discolouration from your teeth. The teeth bleaching procedure can be carried out from either your home or from a clinic under the supervision of a qualified dentist. In this process, a teeth whitening gel is inserted in a plastic mould which is created as per the size and shape of your teeth.

You need to wear this mould on your teeth for 4-8 hours a day to let the whitening gel treat the stains and discoloration on your teeth. The main bleaching agents in dentistry used for whitening your teeth are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaching agents break down the stains on your teeth on the enamel level to provide a lighter shade on your teeth.

How is Dental Bleaching Done?

The process of teeth bleaching can be categorised into types: home teeth bleaching and clinic teeth bleaching. Let’s dive into more detail on how these two types of bleaching methods are carried out. The teeth bleaching cost for both these methods will vary depending upon the type of your teeth and the degree of discolouration.

Clinic Teeth Bleaching:

Also known as in-office teeth bleaching, this method is carried out by a trained dentist from a dental clinic. The dentist will use a much more powerful bleaching agent along with light or heat to treat the stains on your teeth. In this method, the dentist can use effective teeth whitening methods such as Zoom Bleaching or Power Bleaching to carry out the treatment.

Home Teeth Bleaching:

In this method, various over-the-counter products are available in the market to carry out your teeth whitening. You can use home teeth bleaching products from the comfort of your home to whiten your teeth.

1. Teeth Whitening Tray: You can bleach your teeth at home by getting a custom tray from your dentist or buying it as an over-the-counter product. You will get a peroxide-based bleaching agent to put on the tray and then fit into your teeth for the bleaching.

2. Teeth Whitening Strips: These bleaching strips consist of a whitening gel that you can directly apply to your teeth. The instructions to apply the whitening strips will be mentioned on the product.

3. Whitening Toothpaste: A whitening toothpaste is useful to counter stains on your teeth that are developed from products such as tea, coffee, or alcohol. Use the whitening toothpaste twice a day to see visible removal results on your teeth.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Bleaching

There are possible pros and cons of bleaching your teeth that will help to decide whether you should undergo this treatment for yourself.


  • You get brighter teeth with higher shades of white at the end of your treatment.

  • The dental bleaching method is practically painless, and it can be carried out without any resistance.

  • The teeth bleaching price is easily affordable whether you choose at-office treatment or over-the-counter products.


  • This process may put you at risk of teeth sensitivity if the procedure is not carried out properly.

  • This method is only ideal for people with well-maintained teeth and gum conditions.

  • You can experience gum irritation or burning if the gums are not properly isolated during the treatment.

Dental bleaching is an effective method to treat discoloration and stains on your teeth, whether you do it from home or a dental clinic. If you wish to carry out teeth bleaching from your home, you can check out the toothsi spark teeth whitening kit. You will get a proper teeth whitening kit with all the necessary dental appliances to carry out teeth bleaching from the comfort of your home.


1. Is bleaching good for teeth?

Bleaching is good to remove the discolouration and stains that are developed on your teeth due to various reasons. The process of bleaching will be harmless if your teeth and gum health is well-maintained, and the process of bleaching is carried out properly.

2. How long does dental bleaching last?

The results created from dental bleaching can last up to 6-18 months depending on how you maintain the achieved results. It also varies from person to person and the type of bleaching method used.

3. When should I start bleaching my teeth?

People above the age of 14-16 years can safely bleach their teeth to remove any discolouration or stains. However, you need to maintain good oral hygiene before you start the bleaching process.

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