Know all About Clear Retainers and Why You Need Them

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A clear retainer is a thin, transparent plate made of plastic that looks similar to a clear aligner. The main purpose of these retainers is to help your teeth keep their post-treatment positions. The clear retainer is hardly noticeable when you wear them and can be easily removed while eating or cleaning them.

Post your treatment, the first few months are critical, and therefore keeping your teeth in position and a week without a retainer can cause minor shifting. The clear retainer is less bulky, making it comfortable for the individual to wear.

While you eat or drink, you must take them out; therefore, the invisible retainers are easy to remove and put back; since your retainer is clear or transparent, food and beverage can stain them, for example, tea, coffee, red wine, etc. Sticky candies, chewing gums, hard candy, ice, etc. are also not safer options while you have put on the retainers. Simply you must never eat or drink with clear retainers.

Also, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor if your retainer doesn't fit properly, as they can move the teeth back to their pretreatment positions as well.

Proper care and hygiene of retainers are also a must. Never leave your retainers without any care, or never put them in hot water; rather, you can soak them in normal water overnight and clean them in the morning before putting them back.

Do you wish for a celebrity-like smile? But are you afraid of pain and other daunting treatments? Then, take a look at all that you need to know about clear retainers before investing in one.

Clear retainers are also popularly known as Essix retainers and sometimes also referred to as Invisalign retainers. They are made of smooth, clear, BPA- free plastic. This is a human-friendly product made to enhance an individual's smile and is also used as a post-treatment device to keep the position of teeth intact. It is custom-made, and most people won't even notice you wearing it. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the invisible retainers:

Why invisible retainers?

1. Prevent teeth from shifting

As discussed above, clear retainers help to keep your teeth in place after the braces treatment. They hold back your teeth so that the bone forms around them, post-treatment, and the ligaments tighten back up to secure teeth in position. Clear retainers are great and super effective at preventing the teeth from moving back.

2. Comfortable

When it comes to teeth treatment, comfort is something that every individual wishes for. Clear retainers are smooth and custom molded for a perfect fit; they glide over the teeth and are super comfortable. In addition, people find it easy to adapt to clear retainers because of its easy accessibility.

3. Relatively affordable

There might be a misconception that invisible retainers are expensive, whereas they are not. Clear retainers cost a little more than regular braces but they are definitely worth it. Also, they don't have components like wire or acrylic pieces that can break; therefore, and say goodbye to the stress of damage or breakage.

4. Keeping it clean and germ-free

Keeping your invisible retainer clean and germ-free is the key to healthy oral life. Proper cleaning is necessary to avoid unhealthy oral cavities and bacteria. You can either use cleaning crystals or brush them with a brush that consists of soft bristles. Deep cleanse your clear retainers once a week to get rid of stubborn plaque.

For a healthy and beautiful smile, this is all you need to know about clear retainers. You can go for them once after your braces treatment is done. They are super effective, less expensive, and safer options for that million-dollar smile.

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