Are Tooth Infections Common? Know Their Treatment Options

teeth infection

Tooth infection occurs when bacteria enter your teeth. It is common in people who have poor dental health. Tooth infection is caused by a lack of proper dental care and hygiene.

Types of teeth infections

  1. Gingival ( infection in gums)

  2. Periapical ( infection at the tip of the root)

  3. Periodontal ( infection in the bones and tissues )

Tooth infection symptoms can be pain scattering your jaw, ears, and head. In addition, if you are experiencing bad breath and soreness in your mouth, these are other tooth infection symptoms. Symptoms like sensitivity in the tooth to hot and cold temperatures, loosening of the tooth, swollen gums, gums redness, and swelling in neck glands can be felt while suffering from a tooth infection. If not treated, they can last for months and so on.

A tooth infection can make you ill with high fever, nausea, vomiting, etc. It even leads to a dental abscess. This dental issue is common in people who smoke. It is often caused by dryness inside the mouth; if saliva content is less, then bacteria would enter, which leads to infection. People having poor dental hygiene suffer from this as not brushing their teeth regularly, or excessive use of chemical-based toothpaste may result in tooth infection.

Treatment options for tooth infection

An infected tooth can be treated in the following ways :

  • Consulting a dentist

  • Consuming antibiotics

An infected tooth cannot be cured on its own; you may need the help of antibiotics or consult a doctor. The pain generally goes away because the nerve does not respond, but the infection stays there, and one may need to see a dentist.

Antibiotics may help in case of small infections, but if the pain is unbearable, there is no option left but to see a dentist. Some antibiotics for tooth infections are penicillin, amoxicillin, etc.

The tooth infection treatment used by the dentist to cure the infection includes a root canal, incision, draining, dental filling, and tooth attraction. In addition to the tooth infection treatment of the tooth tissues and surroundings, the dentist may:

  • Recommend you an X-ray to identify the source of the tooth infection.

  • Recommend a CT -Scan to identify or examine the extent of tooth infection.

  • Go for the traditional method, i.e., tap and press on the teeth, and teeth with infection are always sensitive to touch.

Some of the tooth infection treatment options include:

1. Incision and drainage: the dentist makes a small cut in the tooth to drain out the pus.

2. Root canal: sometimes this method is used as it helps in getting rid of the infection. The infected inner pulp is removed here, and the empty space is filled with the material to prevent the infection. After the procedure, your tooth gets back to normal

3. Tooth extraction: sometimes, the tooth cannot be saved from the infection, so the last option left is to pull or extract the tooth to allow pus to drain out.

4. Antibiotics: if the infection is not likely to spread, the dentist may give you prescribed antibiotics which may help you stop the infection from spreading.

Prevention of tooth infection

Below mentioned are some of the ways in which tooth infection can be prevented. Keep scrolling through to know the details:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene

  • Avoid sweets and other sugar items

  • Boost your immune system

To keep a check on the above-mentioned steps, you must maintain oral hygiene. Also, eating good food and a good diet is a must to check your immune system. makeO toothsi offers you a platform to consult various doctors and get to know more about oral health and how you can keep a check on it. You can consult the doctors and learn more about tooth infection symptoms and how you can cure them.

Also, you can book an appointment for a dental checkup. We at makeO toothsi offer you the best option and promise a better and healthier smile!

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