Shifting Teeth: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

teeth shifting causes symptoms treatments

Do you notice a shift in the positions of your teeth? Or do you find them not looking as straight as they used to look? Well, then you are most likely experiencing the phenomenon known as tooth shifting, and it’s actually quite a common issue. Meh, right! We know no one likes to put up with these shifts, but unfortunately, we have to as we age.

Panic is an obvious state of mind when you first notice your teeth moving, as these changes can be upsetting and alarming. What’s going on? And how do you exactly stop this? Fret not, teeth moving happens to be a pretty regular occurrence that can be addressed and treated. Continue reading to know how.

Why are your teeth moving?

Like we mentioned, teeth moving is quite a normal occurrence, especially if you've had braces or any major dental procedures. Our teeth live in something called “living tissue”. It basically means that ligaments and bones are never static, they are always moving back and forth and as we age, our teeth, especially on the bottom jaw, have a tendency to move closer to the front of the mouth causing overlapping and crowding.

1. Dental procedures

If you’ve undergone any dental procedures like dental implant or got a tooth removed, then the rest of your teeth will naturally shift to make up for the difference in the dental structure. Remaining teeth will organically try to close the gap when a tooth is removed, and teeth crowding may occur when an implant puts pressure on the adjacent teeth.

2. Grinding

Many grind their teeth in their sleep which usually results in bone loss, shortening of teeth and weakened enamel. This may be concerning and may cause some serious dental problems eventually.

3. Avoiding retainers after an Orthodontic Treatment

It’s absolutely normal for your teeth to want to revert to their natural state after braces or any other similar orthodontic treatment. This can be prevented with retainers.

4. Lower jaw changes

Your lower jaw may also be the cause of your shifting teeth. You may experience:

Lower jaw growth: Your lower jaw continues to grow forward throughout your lifetime, which can cause your lower front teeth to bump into your upper teeth. You may notice crowding in your lower teeth when this happens.

Jaw shrinkage: As we get older, our jaws start to shrink inward slightly, which can result in crowding in the lower front teeth.

While many of these changes are natural, you may need retainers to keep your teeth from overcrowding.

5. Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease or gum disease causes the gums to be extra soft and leave the roots of teeth vulnerable. You’re likely to experience your teeth moving due to weakening teeth.

6. Other Causes

Constant habits like making certain sounds, resting the chin on your hand, sleeping on your face or pushing your tongue against your teeth can apply gentle pressure on your teeth causing a shift over time.

Symptoms of moving teeth

Apart from the obvious visible change, here are a few other signs you can look out for and address them to avoid concerning dental issues in the long run:

  • Speech difficulties

  • Temporomandibular joint pain

  • Gum recession

  • Headaches

  • Floss and foods constantly getting stuck between your teeth

  • Trouble biting into or chewing certain foods

  • Sensitive or sore teeth

  • Worn enamel or flat, shortened teeth

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to do something to stop your teeth moving any further.

How do you stop teeth shift?

We know shift happens! But you got us and we’re gonna help you overcome this shift. Back in the day, the only solution used to be braces. Yep, those metal ones which couldn't be removed and came with a lot of restrictions.

But now you got toothsi aligners. They are:

  • Invisible

  • Comfortable

  • Removable

  • Backed by orthodontists

  • Comes with no food restrictions

  • Requires minimal clinic visits

  • Affordable

Yeah, you heard it right, toothsi by makeO provides at-home services which means you could get the smile you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your home. Not just that, toothsi also offers EMI options which means shift just got real! All this is just a click away. All you gotta do is book a scan and the experts will take it from there. What’s the hold up then? Book your scan today and get that celeb-like smile you’ve always dreamt of.

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