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transparent teeth braces

Dental issues like teeth gaps, bad bites and crooked teeth have troubled many of us but the thought of going through the hassles of metal braces and other painful orthodontic treatments often hold us back. If you were also under the impression that fixing your smile comes at the cost of pain and inconvenience, then let us break that myth for you! Thanks to clear aligners, wearing your braces is as simple as wearing your glasses. You can put them on and remove them at your convenience.

Transparent braces are far more convenient and comfortable to wear while being completely discreet at the same time! Let us see what transparent braces are and where to find affordably priced teeth braces in India.

What are Transparent Braces?

Orthodontic treatments no longer have to be painful or visually unpleasant, thanks to transparent teeth braces. Clear braces are transparent mouth trays that are custom-made for you and sit on top of your teeth. They work by gradually shiting your crowded or misaligned teeth into their correct positions without the need for metal wires or brackets. Each pair of clear aligner trays is specifically designed to be used at a certain point as your treatment proceeds with time. Let us take a deeper dive into the mechanism of transparent braces and understand how exactly they help in achieving a flawless smile.

How do transparent braces work?

The first step of the process is an at-home 3D scan of your teeth, which provides a precise digital model of your mouth. This digital blueprint is then used to design a custom mouth tray for you.

These aligners are designed to gently and gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. As your treatment progresses, you will be given a new pair of aligners every few weeks to ensure that your treatment plan is always on track. This process continues until you achieve the beautiful, straight smile you desire, all without the need for traditional braces. Clear aligners work by gradually progressing your teeth, ensuring minimal discomfort yet achieving spectacular results.

Orthodontic issues that can be treated with Transparent Braces

The use of transparent braces can help you to treat and address several orthodontic issues for a complete smile makeOver. Below are some of the orthodontic issues that can be treated with transparent braces.

- Teeth Gap: This is a type of teeth alignment issue where there are spaces or gaps between your teeth.

- Crossbite: The top and bottom teeth are not placed cohesively with each other when you close your jaw.

- Open Bite: The upper and lower teeth do not come in proper contact with each other when you close your jaw.

- Crooked Teeth: Teeth become misaligned and turn away from their usual position due to limited space in your mouth or due to a small jaw.

- Deep Bite: The top front teeth vertically overlap the bottom front teeth more than usual when you close your jaw.

How to wear transparent braces

Wearing your customised set of clear aligners is as easy as it gets. However, it is important to follow certain key steps to ensure maximum effectiveness. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

  • Wash your hands properly before touching your aligners
  • Simply pop them over your teeth and ensure that they fit snugly
  • Make sure that you wear them 22 hours every day. You can remove them while brushing your teeth or eating
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages when you have your clear aligners on
  • To take them off, you can simply lift them off your teeth and rinse your mouth.

Benefits of Using Transparent Braces

Transparent teeth braces offer various advantages over traditional metal and other types of braces. Let us see some of the benefits provided by transparent braces.

1. Transparent braces are highly effective

Transparent braces work in a much more conclusive way than traditional metal braces. While traditional metal braces work on each tooth individually, transparent braces work comprehensively, resulting in the work being done more effectively and at a much faster pace.

2. Hardly visible to the naked eye

Transparent braces are almost invisible to the naked eye. As a result, it is the best choice for teens and adults who prefer keeping their orthodontic treatment low-key and discreet. With transparent braces, you can go through your orthodontic treatment while keeping your confidence intact.

3. Comfort at its best

Transparent braces provide maximum comfort to the user as compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces, which come with metal archwire and brackets. Traditional braces can lead to cuts in the inner part of the cheeks and jaw. On the other hand, transparent braces are plastic trays with a smooth and comfortable texture, thus, providing no discomfort and no pain.

4. No food restrictions

Who said anything about giving up on your favourite food with transparent teeth braces? Traditional metal braces are fixed to your teeth, restricting you from eating food items that are hard to chew such as popcorn and nuts. On the other hand, transparent braces are completely removable. This means you can enjoy your favourite food whenever you want to.

Do transparent braces hurt

Transparent braces slowly shift your teeth which can cause mild soreness initially. This discomfort usually goes away after a few days or as your mouth adjusts. Transparent teeth braces are almost pain-free and allow maximum comfort, making them perfect for people of all age groups.

Transparent Braces Cost in India

The transparent braces price in India can vary depending upon several factors. However, the growing popularity and demand for transparent aligners have made them more affordable compared to the general misconception. The transparent braces cost in India can average between ₹80,000 - ₹1,20,000 depending upon your case of teeth misalignment. However, if you choose makeO toothsi for your orthodontic treatment, the transparent braces cost would be as low as ₹69,999. You can even opt for easy EMIs starting at just ₹3,394. Let us tell you a bit more about makeO toothsi.

About makeO toothsi clear aligners

makeO toothsi clear aligners can fix various teeth alignment issues such as teeth gaps, uneven bite, and crooked teeth. Toothsi aligners come at an affordable price which is equivalent to the use of traditional braces. The toothsi price structure involves two flexible pricing plans for your treatment, namely toothsi easy and toothsi prime. You can get huge discounts on the transparent braces price which will make it an affordable and easily accessible pricing plan.

Other oral care products by makeO toothsi

  • toothsi spark teeth whitening kit: The 2nd generation teeth whitening kit by makeO toothsi is based on a unique PAP technology to give you sparkling white teeth. You will get a whitening gel and a portable whitening accelerator mouthpiece with blue LED technology in this kit.

  • teeth whitening powder: This teeth whitening powder by makeO toothsi can effectively remove bad breath and polish away the stains on your teeth. Use it by simply dipping your toothbrush in this powder to carry out the cleaning.

  • toothsi spark teeth whitening pen: This easy-to-carry teeth whitening pen is peroxide-free and it comes with unique PAP technology. You can easily dispense the cleaning gel on your teeth with the use of this whitening pen.


How long should I wear transparent braces?

The duration of your treatment depends largely on the severity of your issues, the quality of braces and the tenderness of your mouth. Generally, the treatment period of transparent braces lasts from 6 to 24 months.

Are transparent braces good?

Transparent braces come in a set of trays that you can easily slide in and out of your teeth without any external help. Wearing transparent braces will be much more comfortable compared to conventional braces as they will provide a seamless physical experience in terms of wearing and sustaining them.

Do clear braces take longer?

Transparent braces work in a much more conclusive way than traditional metal or other types of braces. While traditional metal braces work on each tooth individually, transparent braces work comprehensively, resulting in the treatment being done at a much faster pace.

Are clear braces better than metal?

Transparent braces offer various advantages over traditional metal and other types of braces. Transparent braces will work faster while also being discreet from the public eye. You will also experience a comfortable teeth correction treatment with clear braces.

Are aligners cheaper than braces?

The growing popularity and demand for clear aligners in India have made them more affordable compared to general misconceptions. Transparent braces cost almost the same compared to the pricing of traditional braces as they are becoming widely available in India.

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