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Metal Braces vs Transparent Braces. Know Everything Here


Nothing we wear can compensate for our smile, isn’t it? But often, our misaligned or crooked teeth haunt us and refrain us from showing off our wonderful smiles. We start feeling anxious and often yearn for a flawless and celeb-like smile. Moreover, such issues impact our overall oral health and increase the risk of plaque, cavities, gum infection, faster wear and tear of teeth than usual, etc. If you are one of those with such orthodontic issues, we are certain that you are eagerly looking for a way out of this. All of us are well familiar with metal braces as they are quite common. But the thought of having to go down the painful road of metal braces is something no one wants.

So, what’s the alternative that is comfortable and does not come with sheer pain and discomfort, you ask? It is transparent braces for teeth, also known as clear aligners. They are trendy and aesthetic, and come with sheer comfort and convenience. If you are in to know everything about why transparent braces are better than metal braces, then read the article below!

What are metal braces?

Metal braces are what people have heard the most whenever we talk about orthodontic treatment, as they have been here the longest. They come with metal brackets and metal wires fixed on your teeth using rubber bands. The rubber bands come in numerous colours, so often individuals, especially teens, enjoy choosing their favourite colours.

What are transparent braces?

Transparent aligners are an advanced orthodontic solution to fix your orthodontic issues and straighten your teeth. They are a transparent set of plastic trays, customised and made to fit with the help of 3D scans and digital prints of the your jaw. They fix your orthodontic issues by applying gradual and gentle pressure on your teeth and moving them to the required position. They are made with a series of smooth sheets ideal for orthodontic issues, ranging from mild to severe. The sheets ensure a firm hold on your teeth and provide a barrier and protect your teeth from grinding.

Why choose transparent braces over metal braces?

1. Hardly noticeable

While metal braces are noticeable to a naked eye, even from far, transparent braces, on the other hand, are less evident. Moreover, as they are transparent, they completely merge with the teeth’s colour, making them almost transparent to the naked eye.

2. Improve your overall oral health

With metal braces, the risk of plaque formulation, cavities, etc., is high as they often pose a hassle while brushing and flossing. Moreover, the chances of food getting stuck in between your teeth are also high. On the other hand, transparent braces are completely removable, making it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth properly. This ensures that your overall oral health is not degraded in the long run.

3. The cost

The first question that pops in our head with metal braces is how much do metal braces cost? Well, no doubt that metal braces cost way more than transparent braces. So, you wouldn’t have to pay through your nose with transparent braces. There are various factors you should keep in mind while choosing between metal braces and transparent braces. Factors include cost, comfort, treatment time, etc. The benefits mentioned above of transparent braces must have helped you clarify why transparent braces are better than metal braces. So, if you have decided to move forward with it, then book an online session with us today!

blog / oral care / Metal Braces vs Transparent Braces. Know Everything Here

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