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what is a deep bite and how to treat it?

a deep bite is when your top front teeth vertically overlap your bottom teeth as you close your mouth. how excessive? overlapping by more than 2-4mm. It means your upper teeth bask in all the attention whenever you flash a smile. typically a normal gap between the upper jaw and lower jaw is considered to be about a millimetre.

every deep bite needs to be checked by an orthodontist individually and only they can devise the right treatment plan for you. some deep bites can be severe, some can be minor and some deep bite teeth can indicate other dental issues as well, hence each case requires individual importance. typically deep bites can be corrected through teeth removal, braces, clear aligners and jaw alignment surgeries.

deep bite symptoms

now that you have an idea of what a deep bite is, here are some ways to check whether you have a deep bite teeth issue.

wear and tear of the lower teeth

one of the first deep bite symptoms you will notice is the wear and tear of the lower teeth. lines or cracks appearing on the lower front teeth and bleeding gums are the initial deep bite symptoms to look for.

difficulty in chewing

you will also notice that chewing becomes difficult as your upper teeth hinder the proper functioning of your lower teeth. the formation of ulcers during this time might hinder drinking and eating even more.

tooth chipping

tooth chipping, worn down upper and lower teeth and overall teeth sensitivity can also be signs of deep bite issues. if left untreated, this condition could affect the way your gums look and feel.

gum disease

teeth and gum disease along with bad breath are also symptoms of deep bite issues. this occurs when your regular oral routine cannot kill all the bacteria and germs in your mouth due to the misalignment in teeth.

why do you need to correct a deep bite?

yes, a deep bite means the overlap between your upper jaw and your lower jaw. you might be wondering what the fuss is all about with deep bites and why they require treatment. well, here are some health implications to keep in mind if you do not undergo a deep bite correction:

  • compromise of the tooth structure and strength
  • issues with chewing
  • cramped teeth or crooked teeth
  • irreparable teeth damage due to grinding
  • severe jaw pain
  • headaches
  • ulcers and sores cropping up on the roof of the mouth
  • difficulty in speaking
  • teeth and gum disease

deep bite causes


poor jaw development due to hereditary issues can also cause a deep bite. these, when caught early, can be corrected through orthodontic treatment like braces.

avulsion in dentistry

missing teeth or bad dental work

bad dental work or missing teeth can cause gaps and bite issues in your teeth. while they are not a direct cause of a deep bite, they can definitely worsen your bite issues immensely.

how to treat a deep bite?

there are a few different ways of treating a deep bite depending upon the severity of the case, the age of the user and their preferences.

1. deep bite treatment for children

deep bites in children are best resolved by orthodontic treatment. as their teeth grow, orthodontic assistance with braces can help realign their jaw and keep their teeth in the right position. This reduces future damage like wear and tear of the tooth, teeth decay, gum disease etc.

2. deep bite correction in adults

for adults, deep bites will likely have already caused some amount of damage like worn teeth, broken teeth etc. For such cases, it is impertinent to go through orthodontic treatment and restorative treatments too. for orthodontic treatments, braces or clear aligners by makeO toothsi are perfect as they are invisible, highly effective and comfortable for a deep bite treatment. our aligners apply gentle pressure on the teeth and gradually push them into the right position, thereby fixing your smile and eliminating all your deep bite worries.

for people with significant wear and tear, restorative options like veneers, overlays, composite bonding, crowns and dental implants are also viable options once their teeth are in place.

how much does corrective treatment cost for a deep bite?

the deep bite treatment cost depends on the type of solution you choose. the average deep bite correction cost can be anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs.2 lakhs. the prices vary based on location, type of skin clinic and the severity of the condition too.

at makeO toothsi, you can fix your deep bite teeth easily from the comfort of your own home at affordable rates. how? by choosing makeO toothsi clear aligners! we offer unique at-home services which include an at-home 3D scan of your entire jaw, a virtual smile correction plan, home delivery of your aligners and regular virtual check-ins by experts to measure progress! and you can avail all of these at pocket-friendly rates by choosing from our exciting EMI offers which begin at Rs. 3394/month!

before - after

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what problems does deep bite cause?

a deep bite can be troublesome if not treated and may cause improper chewing habits, excessive stress, trauma, teeth clenching or grinding, temporomandibular joint disturbance, and more.

how long does it take to correct a deep bite?

depending on the severity, a deep bite treatment may take a minimum of 8 months to a year to be corrected. our orthodontist will examine your deep bite and suggest a customised plan to align your pearly whites.

what causes deep bites?

a deep bite may be caused by inherent or acquired factors: inherent factors like tooth morphology, skeletal pattern and malocclusion, and condylar growth pattern. acquired factors like muscular habit, changes in tooth position, loss of posterior supporting teeth, or lateral tongue thrust habit.

how can I treat deep bites without braces?

if you are looking for an alternative to braces, you can opt for a deep bite treatment with aligners. they are painless, cost-effective, invisible, have zero food restrictions, and require no minimal clinical visits.

how do you measure a deep bite?

ideally, it’s best to consult an orthodontist who will examine your deep bite from all aspects. If the gap between your upper and lower front teeth is more than 3mm, it is a deep bite.

what is the cost of deep bite teeth correction in India?

the cost of deep bite teeth correction in India varies depending on the severity of the case and may go up to INR 2 lakhs. however, our aligners are pocket-friendly and affordable.

can deep bite relapse?

yes, which is why an orthodontist would suggest retainers post-treatment to achieve stability.

will fixing a deep bite change face shape?

it depends on the goals and objectives of your deep bite treatment. If you have aesthetic concerns, a deep bite correction can improve your overall facial appearance.

what are the symptoms of a deep bite?

if you have a deep bite, some of the symptoms could be ulcers or injury on the palate (roof of the mouth), jaw pain, worn-down lower teeth, or crooked teeth due to excessive force.

is deep bite correction painful?

no, it is not. deep bite correction treatment may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but the entire process with aligners is painless and requires no minimal clinic visits.

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