International World Oral Health Day 2023: Take Care oF Your Oral Health With makeO toothsi

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International World Oral Health Day is a global event that is celebrated every year on March 20. This day is celebrated annually all over the world to spread the importance of maintaining oral health and make people aware of the various oral health issues. World Oral Health Day was first organised by FDI World Dental Federation in an attempt to bring together governments, dental associations, and the general masses to work towards achieving impeccable oral health.

For 2023, World Oral Health Day will be celebrated globally on March 20 which falls on a Monday. On this day, various campaigns related to oral health care are organised by national dental associations across the globe to shed light on the importance of taking care of your mouth. Various World Oral Health Day activities are also conducted in over 130 countries, so you can watch out for the nearest activity happening in your region on this day.

World Oral Health Day 2023 Theme

Every World Oral Health Day is based around a theme to help people focus on a specific topic related to oral health. The campaign theme for 2023 is “Be Proud of Your Mouth”, which sends out a simple yet powerful message to the people. The purpose of this theme for 2023 is to focus on the necessity of maintaining oral health no matter what stage of your life you are currently at. This World Oral Health Day theme is set from 2021-2023 to make people aware of taking care of their mouth at every stage of life. Let’s look at the World Oral Health Day theme every year since its beginning in 2013.

2013 Theme

Healthy Teeth for Healthy Life

2014 Theme

Brush for a Healthy Mouth!

2015 Theme

Smile for Life!

2016 Theme

It All Starts Here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body.

2017 Theme

Live Mouth Smart

2018 Theme

Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health

2019 Theme

Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health

2020 Theme

Say Ahh: Unite for Mouth Health

2021 - 2023 Theme

Be Proud of Your Mouth

World Oral Health Day History

Oral health has always been a priority since ancient times as our ancestors in different parts of the world experimented to develop the right ways to take care of oral health. However, oral health issues are still prevalent in almost half the population despite modern advancements in the dental field. These dental issues were addressed during the 1880s when dental nurses started treating dental infections.

By the year 1990, there was a need for streamlined research and development in the field of the dental industry due to which the Federation Dentaire International (F.D.I.) was formed. With constant striving from F.D.I. to spread awareness and prevent dental issues globally, the First Oral Health Day was inaugurated in 2013. Now, the world will be celebrating the upcoming World Oral Health Day 2023 where people can get themselves educated about maintaining their oral health and preventing various dental issues.

Make Oral Care your Priority with Toothsi Oral Care Products

This World Oral Health Day 2023, you can participate by making your oral health a priority. With the use of the right products and techniques, you can make sure that your oral health is maintained in a pristine condition. Here are some products from makeO toothsi that can help you on your oral health care journey.

  • clear aligners: Start your teeth alignment journey by opting for clear aligners from toothsi to get your teeth straightened with convenience and care.

  • toothsi electro: Get your toothsi electro smart toothbrush to take your brushing to the next level with the power of automatic brushing.

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  • toothsi smile combo: Add a combo of toothsi teeth whitening kit along with a toothsi electro toothbrush to create a powerful combination of teeth cleaning and whitening for a pearly white smile.

Now that you are aware of the upcoming World Oral Health Day and its theme, you can play your part by taking care of your oral health. No matter what stage of life you are at, your oral health is important, and it needs to be taken care of with equal dedication and commitment. Trust makeO toothsi and find solution to all your oral health problems here.

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