Get those dazzling smiles without worrying about the plaque, cavities, bad breath and teeth stains. All in one go. We call it the ‘toothsi smiles bundle’ since it’s the perfect package being smile ready. Order now and get the toothsi smiles bundle delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

enamel safe
travel friendly
easy to use

product details

toothsi electro - The electric toothbrush from toothsi is the perfect smart brushing assistant for your oral care regime. It’s 2 minute smart timer with 30 second nudge to change sides is the perfect feature for assisted brushing. You get 5 different cleaning modes as per the requirement of your teeth and the smart memory feature remembers the last mode used. It’s sonic vibration of 40000 strokes per minutes removes tough plaque with ease and provides the gentle cleaning your teeth always wanted!


toothsi spark | teeth whitening kit - It’s something you’ve been praying for for quite some time now. Pardon our sass but it is what it is! It’s a professional teeth whitening kit which can help you achieve whiter teeth from the comfort of your couch.


- advanced PAP formulation for safer and whiter teeth

- wireless technology for a hassle-free experience

- easy to use

- can be used from the comfort of your home

- safe for tooth enamel

- causes no sensitivity

- the gel is CE, CPSR, RoHS certified

contents, ingredients

1 toothsi electro, 1 toothsi spark teeth whitening kit

toothsi smile combo

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