What is an underbite and why is it important to treat it?

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Underbite teeth are a common orthodontic issue, ranging from mild to severe. There are various causes of an underbite, such as prolonged thumb-sucking, nail-biting, genetic reasons, etc. They often can make us conscious and shy when we smile. Moreover, it is important to go for an underbite correction as soon as possible. This will ensure that your overall oral health is not degraded, and you can get your smile transformation done without any hassle.

If you are planning to go for a seamless and comfortable way to transform your smile, then don't worry, as makeO toothsi is here to back you up. Clear aligners are the most preferred underbite correction and give you a celeb-like smile. Wondering how? Let us see.

How to fix an Underbite with makeO toothsi aligners

Clear aligners are an advanced and hassle-free solution to align your teeth. They apply gradual and gentle pressure on your teeth, which further fixes your underbite and straightens your teeth. People are advised to wear clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day for faster and optimal treatment. We, at makeO toothsi, know that the position of your teeth keeps changing with time. Therefore, we ensure that we regularly monitor the movement and plan the treatment accordingly.

Are you worried that you would have to compromise with a lot of discomfort and pain just to get a celeb-like smile? Well, you just got lucky. Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners do not bruise your jaw and cheeks and ensure that you have a worry-free smile transformation procedure. Clear aligners hold various advantages over traditional metal braces when it comes to fixing your underbite teeth.

Other options to Treat an Overbite

Besides, clear aligners by makeO toothsi, there are several ways to fix an underbite. Some of them are:

  • An upper jaw expander
  • The reverse-pull headgear
  • Tooth extraction
  • Surgery

If you do not wish to wear clear aligners to fix your underbite, you can try out any of these options.

Advantage of Clear Aligners over Braces for Underbite Treatment

If you have underbite caused because of crowded teeth or improper jaw position then clear aligners are your best choice. This process is minimally invasive as it involves wearing a set of the customised tray that gradually moves your teeth into the proper position.

1. Metal Braces

Metal braces can bruise the inside of your mouth by grazing the soft tissue inside your oral cavity. Moreover, the metal wires, if not trimmed accurately, can prick the inside of your mouth.

2. Clear aligners

Clear aligners on the other hand have no sharp wires and are custom-made for your teeth ensuring that they always work for your betterment.

Teeth aligners don't need to be tightened throughout appointments like braces do. Instead, the makeO professionals keep track of your development before giving you the subsequent set of aligners in your treatment series, leading to a favourable conclusion in favour of aligners.


You now know what underbite teeth are and how to fix an underbite with clear aligners. We, at makeO toothsi, know that different people have different requirements, and that's why we ensure that we provide a personalised and seamless smile transformation procedure. Our orthodontists come with an experience of 10+ years and are just a video call away from you. With us, you will find a solution to all your dental problems from our range of products and services like teeth whitening kits and clear aligners to dental accessories and electric toothbrushes.

Want to know more? We offer comfortable and smooth at-home smile transformation treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Book an online video consultation with us today and get started with your smile makeover procedure.

Clear Aligners: FAQs

1. Do aligners work for underbites?

Yes. Aligners are an excellent way to treat mild cases of underbite caused by crowded teeth or poor jaw position.

2. Can you fix the underbite without braces?

There are several underbite correction alternatives to braces like an upper jaw expander, the reverse-pull headgear, tooth extraction, surgery and of course clear aligners.

3. Do underbites get worse with age?

Certainly, it can get worse as people mature, especially if the problem isn't fixed before a child experiences a growth spurt in their teens. The jaw stops expanding after this period of rapid growth, and an underbite may become more obvious.

4. What age is best to fix an underbite?

The best time to start underbite correction may be between the ages of 7 and 10.

5. How soon can we treat underbite with makeO toothsi?

Minor cases might take three to four months, although moderately severe underbites can usually be fixed in a year.

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