All You Need To Know About Orthodontics


Aug 16th

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If you’ve ever come across the term ‘orthodontists’ or ‘orthodontics’, it may have sounded quite unfamiliar, unless you’re someone from the medical industry.

But don’t worry, because we’ll tell you everything you should know about orthodontics, and why it’s so important.

What is Orthodontics?

By definition, orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that is essentially the practice of straightening misaligned teeth or malocclusions. Also, the term “orthodontics” is formed by combining two Greek words, i.e. ‘orthos’ meaning straight, and ‘dontics’ meaning teeth.

Similarly, dentists that specialize in orthodontics are called orthodontists. So while all orthodontists can be called dentists, not all dentists can be called orthodontists, since orthodontics is a specialized branch, while dentistry is a very broad term.

So now that we know what orthodontics is and who orthodontists are, let us get to know orthodontic treatments a little better.

Understanding orthodontic treatments and their benefits

Simply put, orthodontic treatments are ways using which orthodontists straighten misaligned teeth and fix orthodontic issues. Orthodontic treatments are important for two main reasons:

  1. To make teeth look more aesthetically pleasing so that one can smile confidently
  2. To improve the long-term health of teeth, gums, and jaws

There are various types of orthodontic treatment options, including the likes of braces (which has multiple subtypes as well) and clear aligners.

While braces have been the go-to orthodontic treatment option over the years, clear aligners have been greatly transforming the way people get their teeth problems fixed lately.

That’s mainly because unlike braces, clear aligners are removable, comfortable, and almost invisible to the naked eye. Meanwhile they’re still as effective as traditional braces, and work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth to get them to their ideal position.

So now that we know what they are and the different types of orthodontic treatments, let’s get a better understanding of the issues they fix.

Various types of orthodontic issues

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Orthodontic issues may be caused due to a lot of reasons, but eventually are treatable with ease using orthodontic treatments like clear aligners. That said, let’s quickly go over the many types of orthodontic issues one may encounter:

1. Teeth Gap:

It’s a condition in which there are gaps or spaces present between teeth, and is most noticeable when present between the upper front two teeth. As for how it’s caused, bad habits like thumb sucking can lead to teeth gap. Also, underlying issues in which the size of one’s teeth is too small when compared to their jawbone may also lead to teeth gap.

If left untreated, teeth gaps may cause tooth decay, gum disease, and changes in the position of other teeth.

2. Forwardly Placed Teeth:

It’s an issue wherein the upper teeth stick out far beyond the lower teeth. It is caused due to thumb sucking, genetic defects, missing or crowded teeth, and may lead to irreparable teeth damage due to grinding, intense jaw pain & headaches, and difficulty in speaking.

3. Crossbite:

The condition in which the top and bottom teeth do not come together in the correct position when the jaw is closed is known as crossbite. Its causes include genetics, or delayed loss of baby teeth, and poor habits like too much pacifier, finger, or thumb sucking.

If you let it be and not get it treated, crossbite may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, intense jaw pain, disproportionate face growth, and severe headaches.

4. Crowded Teeth:

In this issue there’s very little space in one’s mouth, or their jaw is too small. Pretty much the opposite of teeth gaps, it is caused when the size of the teeth is bigger than the jaw, or if one has lost their primary teeth way too early leading to other teeth taking up the empty spaces.

5. Open Bite:

The issue in which the upper and lower teeth do not touch in the front or the back of the mouth even when the jaw is closed is known as open bite. Caused due to bad habits like tongue thrusting, biting of nails, thumb or pacifier-sucking, and chewing pencils, open bite may lead to issues such as mouth breathing, snoring, trouble in biting or chewing food, dry mouth leading to poor oral hygiene, and a lot more.

6. Underbite:

When the lower teeth protrude further than the upper teeth, we get what’s called an underbite. This condition is hereditary in most cases, but can also be caused due to bad habits such as too much thumb or pacifier sucking, and tongue thrusting.

It’ll be unwise to take this issue lightly because if left untreated, underbite may lead to teeth and gum disease, difficulty in breathing, chewing, & swallowing, and intense jaw pain.

7. Deep Bite:

The condition wherein the top front teeth vertically overlap the bottom teeth by more than 2 mm is known as deep bite. In terms of causes, deep bite has two broad kinds of them, which are:

  1. Acquired causes like changes in tooth position, loss of supporting teeth at the back, and constant tongue thrusting against the front teeth
  2. Existing causes such as skeletal pattern, malocclusion, or tooth morphology

With that being said, if you leave it untreated, deep bite may lead to teeth and gum disease, irreparable teeth damage due to grinding, severe jaw pain & headaches, and difficulty in speaking.

Right then. Now you’re aware of not just the various issues one may come across, but also the treatments they would usually need to opt for to fix the same. So now let us understand how toothsi clear aligners fix a multitude of teeth problems.

How toothsi clear aligners fix orthodontic issues

As mentioned earlier, clear aligners are designed to make small tooth movements at a time, and work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth. Also, compared to traditional braces, clear aligners fix your teeth problems in a much more convenient way. Speaking of which, one of the best parts about choosing clear aligners over traditional braces is that there are no food restrictions at all with aligners!

That’s right, unlike braces, you can still enjoy the likes of popcorn, pizza, and all your favorite foods while fixing your orthodontic issues with clear aligners.

But here’s how toothsi aligners go the extra mile in ensuring a highly comfortable and convenient experience for you:

  • toothsi aligners offer an at-home smile makeover solution! Meaning you don’t have to step out of your home to straighten your teeth and flaunt that smile you so deserve!

  • We’re backed by orthodontists with over 10 years of experience, who guide you at every step along the way

  • Our prompt customer support ensures that none of your queries go unanswered

  • And since your aligners will be delivered to your doorstep, you won’t even have to go to a dentist for follow up visits.

  • Instead, you’ll be able to track your progress via our app, and share it with our expert orthodontists as well.

Now isn’t that just awesome! So awesome that you may be thinking that toothsi clear aligners must be costing a fortune. Well…not quite!

Cost of orthodontic treatments at toothsi

They offer you the convenience of an at-home treatment, the comfort of taking them off every time you eat, drink, or brush, and give you the smile you’ve always wanted in an average of 6-8 months.

But our clear aligners would only cost you ₹2,786/month! You read that right, our EMI options start from as low as ₹2,786/month.

We bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? But wait, because it gets better. Because we’ve also got a range of oral care products that will help you maintain that sparkling smile once you’ve fixed your orthodontic issues with our clear aligners. Tap here to check them out now!

In conclusion

You clicked the link in hope of learning a little something about a ‘jargon-y’ term, but ended up learning quite a lot about why orthodontics, orthodontists, and orthodontic treatments are so important. Not just that, but you also got to understand why more and more people are opting for clear aligners over traditional braces.

But most importantly, you now know that toothsi aligners would cost you just ₹2,786/month for the smile you’ve always desired!

So if you do have an orthodontic issue and want to get it fixed conveniently from the comfort of your home, why don’t you book yourself a scan by clicking here?

And in case at-home scans are not available in your area, do not worry. You can go for our at-home Impression Kits, which will be shipped to your doorstep. Once you’ve received your kit, our team will get in touch with you to schedule a video consultation with our expert to guide on taking the impression of your teeth the right way.

When you’re done, we’ll arrange for a reverse pickup of your impression.

Here's where you can order your impression kit:

After our expert orthodontists receive your scans or impressions, they design your personalized smile makeover plan, and this is shared with you virtually. When you’re satisfied with your plan and approve it, your personalized aligners go into production. And just like that, you receive your personalized aligners for an at-home smile makeover treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Get the smile you’ve always wanted, with toothsi clear aligners!

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