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How To Fix The Most Common Teeth Problems, Conveniently!

Dental crown whitening

While a perfect set of teeth is something that truly stands out and grabs peoples’ attention instantly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having teeth problems.

As a matter of fact, teeth problems are fairly common, and in most cases, can be treated pretty easily with new-age solutions like clear aligners.

What’s wrong is not doing anything to fix your teeth problems, even when you’re totally aware that you have them. Because that may cause them to get worse, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

So without further ado, let’s get a better understanding of what the most common teeth problems people face, and the one solution for them all.

Most Common Teeth Problems People Face

1. Teeth Gap:

As its name suggests, teeth gap (also known as Diastema in dental terminology) is a condition in which there are gaps or spaces present between teeth. Teeth gap can be formed anywhere in the mouth, but get noticed most when the gap is between the upper front teeth.

Causes of teeth gap

In terms of causes, there are multiple reasons as to why one may have this tooth problem, but the most common ones are:

  • When the size of one’s teeth is too small compared to their jawbone

  • In case someone has missing teeth, or teeth of different sizes. Most commonly seen in the upper front teeth, where the lateral incisors (the two teeth either side of the front teeth) are either missing or smaller in size

  • Bad habits like thumb sucking can cause gaps to develop between front teeth (both upper and lower)

And while they may appear harmless on the surface, if left untreated, teeth gaps can cause some pretty serious problems.

Disadvantages of teeth Gap:

  • Tooth decay

  • Gum disease

  • Possible headache

  • Change in positions of other teeth

2. Crowded Teeth:

Crowded teeth is a teeth problem wherein there’s very limited space in your mouth, or your jaw is too small.

So essentially, the permanent teeth are constantly fighting it out amongst themselves for just that bit of extra space to grow, which makes them appear crowded.

Causes of crowded teeth

Much like teeth gaps, crowded teeth are a result of several underlying causes, such as:

  • Smaller jaw structure

  • If one’s teeth are bigger than their jaw

  • If one has lost primary teeth too early, due to which other teeth have taken up the empty space

Disadvantages of crowded teeth

Needless to say, if you let them be as is and not get them treated, crowded teeth may cause you problems like:

  • Cavities

  • Gum diseases

  • Food getting stuck in between teeth

  • Difficulty while brushing & flossing

3. Forwardly placed teeth:

Another type of teeth problem in which the upper teeth stick out far beyond the lower teeth.

Now, it is natural to have your front teeth placed slightly forward in comparison to your lower teeth. But when the space is a little too much, it’s best to get it treated.

In terms of causes, multiple factors such as thumb sucking, genetics, missing or crowded teeth, amongst others can cause forwardly placed teeth.

Disadvantages of forwardly placed teeth

And as for what would happen if you leave your forwardly placed teeth untreated, well it may lead to:

  • Irreparable teeth damage due to grinding

  • Intense jaw pain & headaches

  • Difficulty in speaking

  • Teeth and gum disease

4. Deep bite:

A deep bite happens when your top front teeth vertically overlap your bottom teeth by more than 2 mm (to be specific) as you close your mouth.

Causes of deep bite

It may be caused due to a variety of factors, but broadly speaking, the causes come down to:

Existing factors: such as tooth morphology, skeletal pattern and malocclusion

**Acquired factors: **such as muscular habit, changes in tooth position, loss of supporting teeth at the back, or the habit of thrusting the tongue against the front teeth

Disadvantages of deep bite

And if left untreated, deep bite can cause:

  • Irreparable teeth damage due to grinding

  • Intense jaw pain & headaches

  • Difficulty in speaking

  • Teeth and gum disease

5. Crossbite:

It is a type of teeth problem where the top and bottom teeth do not come together in the correct position when the jaw is closed.

Causes of crossbite

Crossbite can be caused due to:

  • Genetics

  • Delayed loss of baby teeth

  • Abnormal eruption of permanent teeth

  • Pacifier, finger, or thumb sucking

Disadvantages of crossbite

Much like the other teeth problems we’ve talked about, if left untreated, crossbite may lead to:

  • Tooth decay

  • Gum disease

  • Severe headache

  • Chronic jaw pain

  • Asymmetric face growth

6. Underbite:

An underbite happens when the lower teeth protrude further than the upper teeth and is mostly hereditary.

Causes of underbite

Underbite caused due to early childhood habits such as thumb or pacifier-sucking and tongue-thrusting.

Disadvantages of underbite

If left untreated, underbite may lead to:

  • Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, and breathing

  • Teeth and gum disease

  • Jaw pain

7. Open Bite:

This one’s pretty rare, and happens when the upper and lower teeth do not touch in the front or the back of the mouth even when the jaw is closed.

Types and causes of open bite

There are two types of open bite - anterior and posterior open bite.

An anterior open bite happens when your front teeth do not touch whereas a posterior open bite is when your back teeth do not touch while biting down.

It may be caused due to several early childhood or day-to-day habits such as thumb or pacifier-sucking, nail-biting, pencil chewing, tongue thrusting, among others.

Disadvantages of open bite

Last but not least, if left untreated, open bite may lead to:

  • Trouble in chewing or biting food

  • Difficulty in speaking

  • Mouth breathing

  • Dry mouth increasing difficulty to maintain oral hygiene

  • Tooth decay

  • Snoring

Plenty Of Teeth Problems. But What’s The Solution?

Well that was quite a lot of teeth problems for one article, but don’t you worry. Because there’s one solution for all of them. So are you ready for it?


Say hello to clear aligners, your one-stop solution for all the teeth problems mentioned in this article.

Clear aligners work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth to get them to their ideal position, and are designed to make small movements at a time.

Why clear aligners

The best part about clear aligners is that unlike conventional braces, they are:

  • Almost invisible to the naked eye

  • Oh so comfortable to wear

  • Removable

Better yet? Our at-home service makes sure that you don’t have to worry about stepping out of your house to get your teeth problems fixed.

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering that clear aligners sound too good to be true and may be costing way too much, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Because at toothsi, our smile makeover plans start at just ₹2,786 per month! Yes, we’ve got EMI options as well.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get started on your smile makeover journey with toothsi by makeO, and say goodbye to those teeth problems.

About makeO

makeO is the first of its kind at-home oral and skin care services in India, that is focussed on providing technology and science-backed solutions to its customers.

makeO will offer expert-backed oral and skin care solutions such as teeth alignment with clear aligners, laser hair removal, hydra facial, acne treatment services, anti-ageing treatments, and premium products, including electric toothbrush, teeth whitening kit, aligner cleaning foam, face wash, toner, etc. – all of which are available directly at customers’ doorstep as well as at makeO experience centres and partner clinics.

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