10 Easy Ways in Which You Can Help Your Teen Deal With Braces

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The teen years are all about numerous changes, milestones, and certainly, a fair share of challenges. It is during these years that many teens are exposed to the world of orthodontics, embarking on a journey to correct their smiles through the use of traditional braces. Getting braces is not just about cosmetic enhancement, but it plays a crucial role in fixing orthodontic issues that can lead to more serious health issues in the future.

There are several challenges that teenagers who wear braces experience, from dealing with the social stigma of wearing ‘ugly braces’, learning the ropes of maintaining a solid oral hygiene routine to making changes in their diet and coping with the pain and discomfort that braces are infamously known for.

As a parent, offering the right support can alleviate much of the distress associated with this journey. In this article, we talk about how you can be that pillar of strength for your teenager and guide them smoothly through their braces phase.

10 Easy Ways Parents Can Help Teens Deal with Braces

The good news is that with maximum care and certain physical adjustments, parents can ensure that their teenagers have a smooth braces experience. Here are 10 easy ways in which parents can help their teens to deal with their braces.

1. Encourage Regular Cleaning

Braces require a stringent oral hygiene regimen to prevent issues such as cavities and gum disease. Encourage your teenager to brush after every meal to ensure that no food particles remain lodged in the braces. Supply them with the necessary cleaning aids like interdental brushes and makeO water flossers to promote thorough cleaning.

2. Provide Soft Food

In the initial days after getting braces, your teen might experience soreness and difficulty in chewing. To help them adapt to the braces, provide a diet containing soft foods like mashed potatoes, soups, and smoothies. You can then slowly reintroduce a normal diet as they get accustomed to the braces. Avoid giving them hard and sticky foods which can damage their braces.

3. Help to Alleviate the Pain

Braces can sometimes cause discomfort and pain, especially after adjustments. Teach your teen to manage this pain like a pro by using over-the-counter pain relievers, under guidance from the orthodontist.

4. Be Patient

The journey with braces for kids is marked by periodic adjustments and numerous dentist appointments. Show patience and understanding, constantly reassuring your teen that these adjustments are a step closer to achieving a beautiful smile. Allow them the space to express their feelings without any judgement.

5. Indulge in Positive Reinforcement

You could create a reward system to appreciate their patience and resilience throughout the process, fostering a positive attitude towards their braces journey.

6. Invest in Good Oral Products

Provide your teen with high-quality makeO toothsi oral care products such as makeO electric toothbrushes, water flossers, retainers, etc. Our innovative and advanced dental care products not only help in maintaining great oral care hygiene but also protect the teeth from plaque build-up, tartar, cavities, decay and several other common oral health issues.

7. Make an Emergency Kit

Prepare a handy emergency kit with all the essential items to handle unexpected braces issues. This kit should include orthodontic wax to manage any poking wires, a small mirror for quick checks, and a travel-size toothbrush for hygiene maintenance while on the go.

8. Don’t Miss Any Appointments

Help your teen to adhere to the schedule of appointments meticulously to ensure the treatment progresses as planned.

9. Explore Alternatives

In case your teen is finding it hard to adjust to traditional braces for kids, introduce them to modern alternatives such as makeO toothsi clear aligners. These painless and invisible aligners might be the perfect solution to bypass the challenges associated with metal braces.

10. Keep it Cool

We are talking about applying a cold compress or consuming ice cream or drinking a glass of cold water to seek temporary relief from the pain and discomfort that braces bring along with them.

Say Goodbye to Braces Pain with makeO Toothsi

The bottom line is that as parents offering not just practical support but also nurturing their mental and emotional well-being can be a game-changer in your teen’s braces journey. Braces need not be synonymous with discomfort and 'ugly braces'. It’s time to make the braces journey not just bearable but pleasant, steering your teen towards a future with gorgeous pearly whites. Choose makeO toothsi clear aligners and ultra-cool oral products like electric toothbrushes, water flossers, retainers, chewies, aligner cleaning foams and teeth whitening kits to offer a comfortable, painless experience to your teen.


What can parents do to help teens maintain hygiene with braces?

Encourage regular dental clean-ups and invest in high-quality makeO toothsi oral care products to maintain solid hygiene with braces for kids.

How to deal with the ‘ugly braces’ stigma?

Focus on the positive outcomes and consider new-age alternatives like makeO toothsi clear aligners which are invisible and allow you to straighten your teeth without letting anyone around you know about it.

What should be included in the emergency kit for teens with braces?

Dental care essentials such as a small mirror, toothbrush, and wax can come in handy for those wearing braces and must be added in the emergency kit that you are building for your teen with braces.

What kind of foods should parents provide for teens wearing braces?

Initially, soft foods like mashed potatoes, soups, pasta, pancakes, etc are ideal to avoid discomfort and pain associated with new braces.

Are there any alternatives to traditional braces for kids?

Yes, makeO toothsi clear aligners are what you must check out immediately. They are invisible, almost painless and the best part is the makeO toothsi pros come to your abode to get your clear aligner treatment started.

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