Foods You Can Eat with Braces and What Should You Avoid?


Mar 8th

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Traditional braces are one of the most popular and efficient methods of correcting your smile and solving dental issues. Anyone vying for the perfect smile will have to consider using some form of braces to achieve it. This can be tough in two main ways: one is the pain and discomfort a user feels after the braces are on. And second, possibly the hardest part for foodies: staying away from many food items.

It is commonly known that traditional braces or metal braces consist of wires and brackets fixed to the front of the teeth. So to keep your braces intact and your mouth clean, there is a list of braces food to avoid that your orthodontist will surely suggest. Here’s all you need to know about what to eat with braces and which foods to avoid with braces.

What to Eat with Braces

While there are many food options that you might need to avoid during your orthodontic treatment, there are still many delicious foods to eat with braces that will make you happy. This list mainly contains soft food items that can be gentle on the metal braces and easy to eat while facing pain or discomfort too. These soft foods for braces are:

  • Pasta

  • Soft veggies and fruits

  • Soft bread

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Cooked meat with no bones

  • Soups

  • Soft Cheese

  • Oatmeal

  • Scrambled eggs

  • Soft seafood

  • Poha

  • Upma

  • Watery dal or lentil soup

  • Khichdi

  • Noodle soup

  • Dairy products like Curd, Milk

  • Idli

  • Pancakes

And, if you have ever wondered ‘can I eat pizza with braces?’, you should know that you can! You just simply need to avoid the crust of the pizza and you are good to go!

Food to Avoid with Braces

As you can probably guess, all the food for braces are inherently soft and chewy in nature. So, some major types of braces food to avoid are sticky and crunchy food. Some examples of prohibited food with braces are:

  • Popcorn

  • Chips

  • Crackers

  • Nuts

  • Ice

  • Chewing gum

  • Candies

  • Pizza crust

  • Hard bread items or rolls

  • Crunchy or hard vegetables and fruits

  • Peanut butter

  • Tacos, nachos and corn chips

Tips to Eat with Braces for the First Time

Right after you get your braces fixed for the first time, your mouth feels sensitive and you are not used to the pain and the discomfort the braces cause. It takes from days to a few weeks for a user to get used to the discomfort and the different way of chewing food. Here are some examples of soft and safe foods you can have right after getting your braces:

  • Yoghurt

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Scrambled eggs

  • Soft cheese

  • Soft fruits

  • Oatmeal

  • Pasta

Be sure to avoid these hard or chewy food items right after and during your entire braces course:

  • Ice cream

  • Spicy food

  • Citrus-based food

  • Thick and hard meat

  • Thick and hard bread and rolls

How to maintain Dental Health with Braces

Traditional braces require the user to be mindful of their food and also their oral hygiene. It is important to follow several basic oral hygiene steps to have clean teeth and braces.

  • Brushing three times a day and flossing is important to keep your dental health at its best.

  • Avoid sugary drinks as they can cause sugar to deposit on teeth and cause plaque. Brushing regularly helps keep plaque away. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and floss between your teeth to remove any food debris.

  • Don’t pick at your braces or consume hard, crunchy foods that may break a wire.

  • Make sure to book regular professional dental cleanings to keep your overall dental health intact too.

  • You can also try to learn and adopt different chewing techniques to avoid causing damage to your braces!

  • Lastly, always use a dentist-recommended fluoride mouthwash to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

If you are wondering about getting different types of braces, then this is all you need to know before you make an orthodontist appointment. If you, however, think that these are too many restrictions and want something more simple and more convenient, then be sure to check out makeO toothsi invisible aligners. They are removable and invisible plastic trays that apply gentle pressure and correct your smile. With these Invisible teeth aligners, you can simply take them off and eat what you like without worry!


Can I eat a burger with braces?

Yes, you can have a burger with braces but make sure to cut it up into smaller pieces. It will also help if the burger is softer and easier to chew.

What foods are you not allowed to eat with braces?

Food items like popcorn, ice, nuts, crackers, candies, liquorice, pizza crust and more which are either hard or sticky and chewy are not allowed when you have braces.

What can you eat during the first week of braces?

Comforting and soft foods like pasta, soups, cooked veggies, lentil soup, pudding, yoghurt, and soft bread are perfect for the first week of braces.

How long after getting braces can you eat normal foods?

You should take 2 weeks before you consume normal food after getting braces. By this time your mouth will have gotten used to the brackets and wires and the pain will have subsided. However, you must still make sure to avoid hard or chewy food like popcorn, candies, nuts, ice etc as they can cause damage to the braces.

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