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Time and technology wait for none! In this fast-paced era where tech is making groundbreaking discoveries, how can dental space be possibly left behind? AI is being currently used in the dental space to detect and cure many concerns, and one of them happens to be teeth straightening.

You might have already heard of 3D printing and how it is now used in the creation of dental aligners as well, as aligners are customized for each patient, helping them address their teeth misalignment issues by floating over their teeth surface.

But before all of this happens, before one goes about getting their aligners, the first step in the process is 3D laser scanning. 3D scanning has become a pretty common trend in the dental industry, but what exactly is 3D scanning? Keep reading to get an insight on this amazing technology that is making all the difference in the scanning experience for both doctors and patients.

What exactly is 3D laser scanning?

  • It is the first step in your teeth straightening journey.

  • Technological advancements have now made it possible to take digital impressions of your teeth using a handheld device.

  • The scan is done using a small optical wand to scan the inside of your mouth and teeth to get a 3D impression of your smile in minutes.

  • It’s quick and convenient.

  • You are free to breathe, swallow, or even pause to sneeze without impacting the scanning process.

How exactly does 3D laser scanning work?

  • A small camera-like handheld device is used to capture images of the insides of your mouth.

  • The device projects a light source onto the scan objects and sends the data to the scanning software which creates a 3D model out of the data.

  • The 3D model is displayed in real-time on a touch screen, making it easier for the doctors and patients to better understand the concern at hand.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning:

Although both methods–traditional and 3D scanning are currently being practised, 3D scanning offers its own set of benefits, including quickness, practicality, capturing digital data, and, probably most significant, patient acceptability. The precision of 3D scanning is what most people like because it eliminates the need for second impressions, which might be a blessing for many with busy schedules.

1. Comfort

With 3D scanning, one does not have to go through the inconveniences and discomfort of traditional impressions like the possibility of a gag reflex.

2. Time-saving

3D scanning significantly reduces the chair time required for taking impressions. Not just that, it also sends the impressions data almost instantly to the dental lab, which means the orthodontists can start creating your customized smile plan at the earliest.

3. Accuracy

3D scanning captures the exact shape and contours of the teeth giving the orthodontists clearer information for them to create an appropriate smile plan for you.

How does 3D scanning help in teeth straightening?

Orthodontists require the data for them to create a personalized smile plan for you. This data is captured via 3D scanners. Based on this data and with the help of advanced computer software, the orthodontists will create a predicted map of your teeth, and you’ll get a glimpse of the outcome of a smile makeover aka your smile plan. Now, isn't that pretty cool!

Upon your approval of the smile plan, this data is then sent to the manufacturer lab where your personalized aligners will be printed. Once ready, your aligners will be shipped out to you. These aligners will gradually move your teeth into the desired position. On average, patients need to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day. The average treatment time ranges from 6 to 18 months, the total time depending on the severity of the case.

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