8 Interesting Facts About Invisible Braces You Should Know


Whenever you think of getting your teeth aligned, does your mind go to those unpleasant, metal braces that seem painful to even look at? Of course, it does. But now it doesn’t have to. The process of teeth straightening is so much easier and bump-free with our revolutionary clear aligners. Have you tried them yet?

It is not right to delay any dental treatment, especially teeth straightening. Overcrowded or crooked teeth not only result in non-aligned teeth; it might give rise to infection or gingivitis in the mouth, thus hampering your overall oral health. Therefore, it is time for action! Straighten your teeth smoothly with makeO toothsi’s invisible aligners at home, which are easy to wear, and clean, and help maintain oral hygiene on a daily basis.

We have collated a few interesting facts about transparent braces that will help you count on these braces for straightening your teeth:

8 interesting facts about transparent braces

1. Braces are nearly 300 years old

The first set of braces was made in 1728 by French physician Pierre Fauchard, also known as the father of dentistry. They consisted of a flat piece of metal connected to the teeth by a thread to straighten teeth with braces.

2. Braces aren’t just for straightening your teeth

Braces are used for more than just teeth straightening. They can fix a person’s bite too. They can also eliminate other arrays of health problems like:

  • Speaking difficulty
  • Breathing problems
  • Chewing or swallowing problems

3. There are different types of braces

Increasing acceptance of braces by people and advancement in technology has led to the development of 5 different types of braces.

1. Metal Braces: These are traditional braces where each tooth is encircled with a metal band. They are the most effective in attaining movement.

2. Ceramic Braces: They are made out of a transparent material that is tinted in tooth-like colour. They look similar to metal braces in shape and size but are a lot less visible.

3. Self-Ligating: They are similar to metal braces but they have a metal door to keep the wires in place instead of elastic bands.

4. Lingual Braces: Lingual braces place the braces on the lingual or inner side of the teeth. They have an added advantage over any other type of braces as they offer complete invisibility.

5. Clear Aligners: These aligners are the latest technology branches and have gained a lot of popularity due to their convenience of use. They are clear, and transparent and can be easily removed or put back on without help.

4. makeO toothsi Aligners Straighten Teeth Faster

makeO toothsi clear aligners help you in getting the perfect smile faster than traditional metal braces. They apply a constant and comprehensive force on teeth to bring them to their appropriate place faster, whereas traditional braces force each tooth to move individually.

5. 3D Imaging Makes Straightening Faster We use 3D imaging technology in the process of teeth straightening, as it speeds up the process by detecting specific areas of problems. The 3D image of your teeth simulates the desired and specific movement of teeth at each alignment stage. This disruptive technology ensures the most accurate fit of braces and gives the best possible toothsi results.

6. Clear Aligners Are Custom-Made

Unlike traditional metal braces, braces with transparent rubber are 100% customised to provide the right fit and comfort. At each stage of your alignment process, they are made to move with the shape of your teeth and create the best smile ever.

7. Eat Whatever You Want To

This is one of the attractive benefits of teeth aligners. With metal braces, you might not have the freedom to eat as per your choice; therefore, it is important to gauge the benefits of transparent braces vs metal braces before you make your final choice. With transparent braces, you can binge on your favourite food during your teeth straightening process, irrespective of its chewability or temperature.

8. Improves Your Oral Health

It is important to know that teeth straightening is not just a vanity concern. While you might not be conscious of your crooked teeth, it might impact your oral hygiene due to your inability to brush and floss your teeth properly. Thus, it is important to get your teeth aligned such that your brush can clean every nook and corner of your mouth, helping you maintain your oral health.

Still, got questions? Book a free consultation with our experts today, clear your doubts, and make your way to a fabulous smile!

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