What is Exfoliation? 3 Reasons Your Skin Needs It

What is exfoliation

Did you know that your skin sheds dead cells to make space for new ones every 30 days? Yes, it does which makes exfoliating your skin top priority. Are you aware of what is exfoliation is and the benefits it can provide?

If not, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about exfoliation.

What is exfoliating skin?

Before getting into its benefits, techniques, and importance, let us look at what is exfoliation. To explain simply, it is the process of eliminating dead skin cells from the skin's surface. This is done using a grainy exfoliating tool. It is a lesser-known fact that your skin renews itself every 25 days; this process goes on till an individual touches the age of thirty, after which this process slows down.

However, sometimes, the shedding of dead skin cells does not happen completely. This can clog the pores which causes patchy and flaky skin. This is where exfoliation enters the chat!

3 Reasons why your skin needs exfoliation

1. Aids in achieving even skin-tone: With consistent exfoliation comes radiant skin. As mentioned above, they remove dead skin cells, but their benefits are not just limited to that. Exfoliating regularly reduces the chance of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles in an individual’s skin. It unclogs the pores and keeps the skin pimple-free. If you are an individual suffering from acne marks and scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots, exfoliation will help restore even skin tone. It is a time taking process but it will undoubtedly help your skin.

2. Improves skin elasticity: Exfoliating religiously is beneficial in the run, as it boosts collagen production. If you don't know what collagen is, let us clear that for you. It is a protein that promotes radiantly glowing skin and skin elasticity. Collagen keeps your skin plump and tight. Apart from all the other benefits, the best of them all is the fresh feeling one gets after a simple yet elaborate cleanse.

3. Makes way for skincare products to do their job: What is exfoliation? Another way to put this is that it makes way for other skincare products to do their work on your skin deeply, ensuring you get the most benefits. It enables healthy penetration by unplugging all the clogged pores. Dead skin cells become a barrier between skincare products and your skin, and exfoliation makes it easy for your skin to absorb good nutrients you’ve been trying to feed your skin externally.

Exfoliation techniques based on skin types

A suitable scrub is the basic method to exfoliate your skin. All you do is make small circular motions with a gentle hand for about 30-40 seconds, and rinse. Let us now categorize skin types and look at exfoliation techniques based on the same:

Dry skin

Exfoliation becomes important when your skin is dry and flaky. This is the same reason why using mechanical methods are advised to be avoided as it can cause microtears in the skin. Using glycolic acid helps remove dead skin cells resting and hampering the growth of new ones. Following it up with the appropriate SPF is important as the dry skin type is more prone to harm from harsh sunlight.

Oily skin

Everyone knows the oily skin type; it's greasy and can be annoying to some individuals. Here, manual scrubbing and brushing greatly improve oily skin. This is because oily skin types tend to produce a layer of build-up, which can be taken off manually by proper exfoliation.

Sensitive skin

Mechanical methods of exfoliation are discouraged in this skin type. It can develop redness and further cause irritation. Using a mild chemical exfoliator followed by a gentle drying process is the way to go here. It is generally advised to get this professionally done as it contains several risk factors.

Combination skin

This skin type may require a combination (pun intended) of mechanical and chemical methods. Remember to not use both on the same day as it can irritate your skin. A gentle moisturizer should follow this process.

Normal skin

If you have normal skin, you can be open to experimentation with either mechanical or chemical methods manually. Try them and determine what works for your skin best and is safe.

How often should one exfoliate?

It is all based on your skin type. The only thing to remember here is that overdoing exfoliation can cause irritation, regardless of skin type. Although, the oily skin types may need it more than the other types as there is a layer of build-up, and the skin is thicker.

Professional skin exfoliation

Topical exfoliants are applied to the skin as a part of professional skin exfoliation. Its main purpose is the same as normal exfoliation, but only if it’s done with proper research, material and technique. They soften the dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin to the core, leaving a luminous glow. The professional treatment stimulates cell turnover, making your skin soft, plump and tight.

There are four methods included in skin exfoliation; let us take a look:

1. Chemical peels: The acid concentration is the only key difference between domestic and professional chemical peels. They may be used along with other topical prescriptions for the best impact on your skin.

2. Dermaplaning: Here, the specialist will use a scalpel to remove baby hair and dead skin gently, leaving a fresh and even skin tone.

3. Body scrubs: This procedure is rather soothing to the individual who is getting it. Here, the professional applies an exfoliating formula, followed by scrubbing and removing of the dead skin layers.

4. Microdermabrasion: The specialist uses a special rough-tipped tool or fine crystals to exfoliate the skin, followed by a vacuum to remove dead skin cells.

Getting professional exfoliation done is a decision only you can make. Think about the results you desire and decide accordingly. It is always great to take things forward professionally, but if you feel that exfoliation at home is sufficient and works best for you, go with it!

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How makeO skinnsi can help?

If you ask anyone who indulges in a skincare regime, they will surely say that exfoliating their skin is the most comforting part of the process. It leaves your skin fresh and feeling brand new. We hope that we have answered the question- what is exfoliation, in this article.

We are here to explain our clients everything, including the procedures they can go with. It is the utmost form of self-care you can give your skin and body. Several benefits make exfoliating alluring.

With makeO skinnsi, you can experience the best professional exfoliation with a click of a button. We use sterilised tools, ensuring proper hygiene and give personal attention to each client’s skin type. Our procedures are carefully curated and performed by dermatologist-trained therapists, with proper research done to eliminate any reactions to the treatment. One can do it at home, but the professional finishing will always remain unmatched.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your skin a fresh glow, book an appointment with us today!

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