Chemical peel myths vs chemical peel facts!

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Our skin requires ample care to retain its freshness, radiance, youth and smoothness. Environmental factors, diet patterns and the natural cycle of age often get in the way of having picture-perfect skin and lead to dullness, dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, acne and more. Following a skincare routine, undergoing facials every 1-3 months and ensuring to get good sleep and maintain a good diet are some ways to help keep your skin at its best.

Chemical peels are another great solution to reviving your skin and enhancing its quality. But what exactly are chemical peels? It’s hard to figure out what this skin treatment is precisely when there are a plethora of chemical peel myths that can blur the truth from fiction. In this article, let us take you through chemical peels, their myths and their facts.

What are chemical peel treatments?

Chemical peel treatments are skin procedures in which chemical solutions are applied to the face to attack dead skin cells, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. Chemical peels promote the peeling of old skin and accelerate the growth of new skin cells. This leads to even-toned, smooth skin with lighter scars and fewer wrinkles. Other benefits of chemical peels include exfoliation, a boost in collagen production, a decrease in pigmentation, reduced pores, and overall rejuvenated skin.

Myths About Chemical Peel Procedures Busted

Myth 1: Chemical peels are only meant for serious skin conditions

It is a popular chemical peel myth that this kind of treatment is only suitable for those suffering from serious skin conditions. However, this is far from the truth. There are different types of chemical peels which serve different purposes and treat many kinds of skin issues. Lighter, milder peels are best for pigmentation, acne, and brightness. Medium to deep peels are perfect for deep-set wrinkles, severe acne scars and more.

Are you someone who is currently not facing any serious condition, but just looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin? Choose makeO skinnsi peel. Our peel gets rid of dead skin cells, removes excess oil from pores, and prevents new breakouts, thereby promoting radiant, smooth and even skin.

Myth 2: Chemical peels can cause extreme peeling

A chemical peel results in the peeling of the skin for a few days post-treatment. However, it does not cause any extreme peeling or discomfort if done safely. To ensure that your skin does not peel any further, you must use prescribed ointments or petroleum jelly.

Myth 3: Chemical peels are painful and not safe for the skin

While chemical peels do use chemicals in their solutions, every ingredient is skin safe. You will only face a slight stinging feeling for some time post-peel. Other than this sensation, chemical peels do not cause any pain. Only deep peels can cause some amount of pain and discomfort which is why they have a longer downtime.

Our makeO skinnsi peel is a great painless chemical peel treatment option. Not only is it done by trained professionals, but it is entirely safe for all skin types and requires minimal downtime too!

Myth 4: Chemical peel procedures cause permanent skin damage

When performed correctly by a qualified professional and with proper post-peel care, chemical peels are generally safe and do not cause permanent damage to the skin. Temporary side effects like redness, mild irritation, or dryness may occur, but they typically resolve on their own. It's crucial to follow post-peel instructions, including using sunscreen and avoiding excessive sun exposure, to protect the skin during the healing process.

Myth 5: Chemical peels don’t suit all skin types

Chemical peels are treatments that can be tailor-made to suit every skin type and concern. Before you choose a peel, you must make sure to visit a dermatologist and understand which treatment will suit you best. Once you know about your skin concerns and the kind of treatment you require, then you can proceed with a chemical peel procedure that will be safe and effective for your skin.

makeO skinnsi peel is not only painless and suitable for all skin types, but it can be entirely done from the comfort of your home. Our skinnsi pros will visit your doorstep with all the necessary tools and devices so if you are looking for a safe and excellent skin peel, you can get one done at home today!

As with any skin treatment that uses new and complex ingredients, it is easy to get lost in the myths. We hope this helped you understand chemical peels more and make it easy for you to choose them for your skin!


Are chemical peels harmful to the skin?

No, when chemical peels are done safely and by professionals, they are not harmful to the skin. Doing a good chemical peel can enhance your skin, and make it radiant, bright and soft too.

Do chemical peels make a difference?

Yes, light chemical peels show effects for 2-5 weeks. Medium peels show results for 1-3 months and deep peels have a lasting impression on the face! These results are very evidently noticeable after the first few days post-treatment.

Are there any cons to chemical peels?

You may face a stinging sensation, redness, irritation and swelling for some time after a chemical peel. However, these are temporary drawbacks which heal quickly. Only in rare cases, it can cause infections.

Who should avoid chemical peels?

Pregnant women or nursing mothers, people suffering from severe acne or sunburn etc should avoid chemical peels.

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