Your Handbook for Acne Vulgaris Treatments at Home

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As if being a teenager is not challenging enough; teenagers also have to deal with acne! When distortion happens in the hair follicles and plugs with dead skin cells, acne starts to occur, this is most common amongst teenagers.

Being young is fun, but at the same time, we need to ensure that we take skincare seriously, as the aftereffects of acne vulgaris can be for a lifetime if not treated on time.

Don’t fret! We have taken care of this, and in this article, you will find everything about acne vulgaris and how it can be treated.

What is Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a condition that mostly occurs during teenage and early adulthood. It is a type of chronic acne that causes inflammation; much like chicken pox, the scars are hard to remove if not treated with caution. Informally acne vulgaris is known as ‘acne.’ Vulgaris stands for ‘common’ or something which happens to many people.

Though acne vulgaris may erupt in the teenage phase, it stays for more than 80 percent of people for a lifetime. Mostly the cause for this is that people overlook the intensity and damage acne can cause and don’t get proper treatment at the right time.

Fun Fact:

There is no age bound in acne; though most cases are reported in teenagers, it can occur at any given age, even without a history of acne.

What causes acne vulgaris?

The core reason which causes acne vulgaris is a combination of three aspects- excess oil, bacteria, and imbalanced hormones. During puberty, the production of androgen increases and starts erupting through the hair follicles, causing clogs in the skin. Due to this, acne gets triggered and becoming more visible.

Eventually, as we walk into adulthood, the secretion of androgen reduces, and acne starts fading away. However, the scars remain due to the damage done by the acne. There are times when acne can occur in adulthood.

This happens majorly because of the following reasons-

  • Reaction to a skincare product

  • Drastic hormonal changes (pregnancy)

  • Reaction to specific medication

  • Weather change


Is acne vulgaris more common in females or males?

Let’s understand this better.

Female acne vulgaris (%)

  • 25-30 Age - 79.4%
  • 31-36 Age - 85.9%
  • 37-42 Age - 89%
  • 43-50 Age- 65.20%

Male acne vulgaris (%)

  • 25-30 Age - 20.5%

  • 31-36 Age - 29.90%

  • 37-42 Age - 12.50%

  • 43-50 Age - 30.30%

Clearly, we can see why women treat their skin like a baby! Acne vulgaris is much more common in women than in men.

Acne vulgaris treatment at-home remedies

These are some home remedies that can help manage acne to a large extent.

1. Omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 helps in reducing inflammation, here are some foods which contain the same.

  • Walnuts

  • Chia seeds

  • Salmon

  • Fish supplements

  • Flax seeds

Incorporating these in your diet will help keep acne at bay, slowly but surely.

2. Consistent exfoliation

Exfoliation helps eliminate the dead skin, which accumulates over time and starts clogging the pores. Therefore, exfoliating once every 3-4 days is recommended to keep skin squeaky clean.

Using mild exfoliators works best, as the harsh options can tear skin tissues and cause damage to the skin.

3. Stress– not today

We understand that in today’s time, getting stressed is very common. But when stress gets out of control and starts affecting your daily life and body, it might be time to make certain lifestyle changes that can help you manage it better.

Here are easy ways to beat off stress.

  • Meditation

  • Breath work exercises

  • Proper sleep cycle

  • Workout

These simple steps can help with reducing overthinking, and building confidence and self-esteem, which reduces stress. Ultimately reducing the chances of acne, and helping you break out of this vicious cycle.

Is acne vulgaris permanent?

In most cases, acne is not a permanent condition. However, if acne is not treated correctly, the acne will start leaving semi-permanent marks on the skin. To prevent acne scars, a professional should be consulted as and when acne vulgaris starts to show up.

Oil control facial and its benefits

Acne is more than a skin issue; it becomes a self-esteem issue with time and starts affecting how one perceives themselves. Due to this, the skincare industry has been working endlessly to find an acne vulgaris treatment. One of the finest innovations has been the oil control facial.

This eight-step routine purifies pores, reduces greasiness, and helps with breakouts.

Step 1- Cleanser:

A mild cleanser is used in the first step to remove the excess layer of dirt from the skin.

Step 2- Toner:

Sebum collected in pored is debunked.

Step3- H2 therapy:

Regeneration of cells occurs in this step. The damaged cells are removed and replaced with new healthy cells.

Step 4- Hydra dermabrasion:

During this step, the skin’s oiliness is reduced, resulting in a clean base, and the skin's complexion also improves.

Step 5- Electroporation:

A solution is penetrated into the skin containing the skin’s best friend- niacinamide.

Step 6- Chemical peel:

Chemical peels can be the best way to treat acne if appropriately used, the chemical peels dries out the acne and reduce the chance of acne scars.

Step 7- Extraction:

This is a satisfying step, where the blackheads/whiteheads are carefully removed from the skin. This step is crucial as the pores get clogged during acne, and extraction helps unclog them.

Did you know? You can ask your dermatologist to show you how much gunk came out of your pores. It’ll help you better understand how your skin works.

Step 8- Charcoal mask:

The last step consists of a soothing charcoal mask, the charcoal pulls the remaining dirt and hydrates the skin alongside.

acne vulgaris treatment.jpg

And the best part? It only takes 1.5 hours to complete the whole process. The result is worth every second you put into it. We at makeO skinnsi offer at-home facial services, which makes it even more comfortable for the customers as all you need to do is simply click on take free assessment.

We have been working consistently to provide customers with the best service possible, and that too, at your doorstep! The testimonials we receive can vouch for our credibility as well.

So, what are you still waiting for? Visit our website today and book your session with us!

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