5 Winter Skincare Routine Tips for Oily Skin


Feb 24th

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As the temperatures drop, your skin tends to feel dry and flaky. Even though there are a lot of tips about how to tackle dry skin, people with oily skin often don’t know the simple hacks that can help them get rid of clogged pores.

People with oily skin have sebaceous glands that produce more sebum, than necessary. This in turn leads to clogged pores. Heredity and hormonal changes in your body can cause you to have oily skin.

As a skincare brand, we have curated a list of winter skincare tips for people with oily skin. Take a look-

5 Skincare Tips for Winter If You Have an Oily Skin

1. Don't rub your face, pat it dry

It is one of the easiest ways in which you can keep your oily skin healthy and happy. The simple reason why you should not rub your face is that when you do so, you irritate your clogged pores, which further leads to more acne and blackheads. Therefore, when you wash your face, just gently pat it dry with a towel.

2. Avoid Taking Hot Showers

We know how comforting it sounds to take a hot shower in the winter season. But if you have oily skin, hot water can make it dry and stretchy. Therefore, use lukewarm water to take bath as it will help you get rid of excess sebum.

3. Avoid Changing Products

Girls, we all are guilty of changing skincare products according to the season. However, as someone with oily skin, you tend to experience acne break out when you change your face wash or lotion. Therefore, you should continue using the same face wash and moisturiser that you use during the summer season.

4. Use Sunscreen

One of the most common hacks that you must have come across while searching online for skincare tips will be that using sunscreen can benefit your skin. Be it the summer season or the winter season, the sun shines every day, and the sunlight radiates harmful rays. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out of your home. If you have an oily skin, you can opt for a sunscreen that does not feel heavy or leave a white cast on your face.

5. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

A skincare tip that you must have heard from the elder women in your family, to have healthy skin, you must lead a healthy lifestyle. Since women with oily skin produce excessive sebum, you should follow taking a balanced diet, take out time for regular exercise and follow a proper sleep schedule.

6. Follow a Skin Treatment

Keep your skin as healthy, as you can. A regular facial or any other face treatment will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

We at makeO skinnsi offer Hydrafacial sessions, that are performed by trained therapists and supervised by experienced dermatologists. The results are long-lasting, and performed at the comfort of your homes.

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