What is Dental Avulsion? Definition, Treatment and More

avulsion in dentistry

Jan 25th

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It is natural to take due care of the way you look. Your face is the first thing people notice about you and next comes your smile. Now imagine if an accident or an injury were to knock you down and mess with your pearly whites. Wouldn’t that be a scary and confusing time? That’s why it’s important to stay informed about dental conditions and emergencies. One such dental emergency is a dental avulsion, which can lead to distress if not addressed properly. It's important to understand this condition, its risks, and management to help protect your healthy smile.

What is Dental Avulsion?

Dental Avulsion is a dental emergency in which a tooth is completely knocked out of its socket. This generally occurs due to an accident or injury and can be painful and distressing. Picture a football hitting your jaw with full force or a disastrous fall. These are examples of some incidents that can cause an avulsed tooth to dislodge from its natural place and come out.

In the case of a dental avulsion, not only is the tooth in question affected, but so is the surrounding tissue, the nerves and the blood vessels. It causes immense discomfort and can hamper one’s ability to eat and speak and even lead to more serious consequences if not treated promptly.

Risk Factors

There’s no telling when an accident occurs or how an injury happens and how these can lead to an avulsed tooth. However, some common activities that are risky for your perfect smile are contact sports, biking and playing almost any sport without protective gear and mouthguards. Additionally, poor oral health can also play a role in dental avulsion as weaker teeth or gums can increase the possibility of a tooth getting uprooted during an incident. You must also take into consideration environmental factors like slippery floors or unsafe play areas as they too are potential hazards for your teeth!

Now that you know all the activities and things to be aware of for protecting your teeth, let’s discuss the risks that come with not treating a dental avulsion in time. Since an uprooted tooth out of its socket is a unique trauma if not treated or reattached immediately there are other health risks to consider such as

  • Tooth infections
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Fistulas
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Pulp canal obliteration (PCO)
  • Pulp necrosis (Which leads to tooth loss)

Are Kids More Susceptible to Avulsion of a Tooth?

Since children and teens are often engaging in physical activities like contact sports and more for fun, they are at a higher risk for dental avulsion. Their adventurous spirits and sometimes fearless pursuit of fun can lead to accidents. Moreover, their developing dental structures are not as firmly set as in adults, making their teeth more prone to avulsion.

Dental Tooth Avulsion Management

When avulsion in teeth occurs, the management of the situation can determine the long-term outcome for the tooth. Immediate avulsed tooth management steps include

  • locating the tooth
  • handling it by the crown, not the root, and rinsing it without scrubbing
  • reinserting the tooth gently back into its socket is ideal
  • If not, keeping the tooth moist in milk or saliva is crucial until professional dental help is sought.

Dental Tooth Avulsion Treatment Options

The avulsed teeth treatment varies depending on the severity and timing. Reimplantation is the preferred option if done quickly, followed by splinting the tooth to adjacent teeth for support. In cases where the tooth cannot be saved, dental implants or bridges become viable options for avulsion in dentistry as they restore functionality and aesthetics.

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