Managing Pain After Dental Implant Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dec 15th

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Dental implants have become a popular and highly effective way to deal with missing teeth. Patients love them because the end results that dental implants produce are very natural and seamless. The introduction of tooth implants has revolutionised the dental industry. If you are looking for answers to questions like how do they work, are dental implants safe and what are tips to deal with the pain you have come to the right place.

Let us take a deep dive into the subject and learn all there is to know about tooth implants.

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants can be considered a safe option if you wish to find a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. According to a study by the Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, the use of tooth implants showed a success rate of 97% over a period of 10 years and 75% in 20 years. That being said, just like any other surgery, it comes with certain complications. Opting for dental implants of the teeth is an invasive procedure and has certain risk factors and restrictions associated with it. Read on to know how age also plays a significant role in deciding whether or not you should opt for implants.

Tips to deal with Dental Implants Pain

The process of getting implants is invasive and requires anaesthesia. As the effects of anaesthesia wear away, you might experience some pain and discomfort. To deal with this pain, there are a few tips that you can follow. Here, we have listed a few of them.

  • Apply cold compression to numb the pain to some extent
  • Rest and sleep upright to avoid over-exerting yourself in any way
  • Avoid hard foods for some time after the procedure
  • Brush gently using makeO toothsi electro electric toothbrush around the operated area for a few weeks
  • Take medications and follow proper after-care as recommended by the doctor

Dental implants for older people

While dental implants are highly effective and a long-term solution to missing teeth, you may want to reconsider this option if you are 60 or older. People over the age of 60 have a slower healing time from invasive surgeries, other health conditions like diabetes that might get in the way or compromised bone density. Implants work better on grown adults with fully grown and strong jaws. If a patient has pre-existing issues like osteoporosis, they can face rejection of the implant in the teeth.

How does a dental implant procedure take place?

The process of getting implants in the teeth can take a couple of months. This is because it involves anaesthesia, surgery and a recovery time for the tissues as well as the bones in the mouth. This innovative oral surgery involves the surgical placement of a titanium post into the jawbone, which serves as an anchor for an artificial tooth or crown that can be customised to look exactly like natural teeth.

Who should get dental implants?

If you are someone who has lost a tooth because of reasons like injury, decay or gum diseases, you can opt for tooth implants for a long-term solution. This process is better recommended for people with strong jawbone density. To know whether you are a good candidate for dental implants consult your dentist. They will assess your situation and suggest the right course of treatment.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

If you wish to opt for a less invasive or less risky procedure than dental implants, you can try out alternative options, such as bridges and dentures. These alternatives can offer effective tooth replacement solutions depending on your unique circumstances and preferences.

Prevent teeth issues with makeO toothsi

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Dental implants are an innovative solution for many people and they can significantly improve the quality of life for those with missing teeth. If you experience pain or discomfort after the procedure, you can follow the above-mentioned tips to manage it effectively.


Are dental implants safe for everyone?

Dental implants are not recommended for everyone. Dental implants are generally safe for most individuals, but suitability depends on individual health and jawbone condition.

Are dental implants permanent?

Given the proper care and hygiene, a dental implant can last a few years and even a lifetime.

Is it painful to get dental implants?

Getting implants is an invasive procedure and can cause pain. This pain can be taken care of with the help of pain medications and preventive measures.

Can dental implants fail?

It is possible for dental implant surgery to fail. It can mostly happen because of bacterial infections.

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