Do you need a different toothbrush for braces?

orthodontic brush for braces

Braces are one of the most popular ways of correcting jaw misalignments and getting perfect teeth. From early teens to adults, all kinds of age groups undergo braces treatment to correct their dental issues such as crowding, crooked teeth, improper jaw alignments and more. These are corrected with the help of several braces components like brackets, wires and elastic bands.

While these parts are effective, being fixed on your teeth can make it harder for you to do basic things like chewing, flossing and brushing! Did you know that you need a special toothbrush for braces known as an orthodontic toothbrush?

What is an Ortho brush?

When you wear braces, brushing with a normal toothbrush can be painful and uncomfortable. Food particles, plaque and bad breath are some common oral problems that braces must deal with carefully. This can be done with the help of an orthodontic brush. This type of brush generally has a small-rounded head, soft bristles and a strong grip. Ortho brushes are available in two main types: normal and electric toothbrushes. Electric brushes are known to be better for removing plaque off the surface of your teeth!

What to Look For in an Orthodontic Brush?

Soft bristles: Soft bristles that are flexible make it easy for braces users to clean their teeth by going between wires and around brackets for maximum hygiene. Since these are soft, there are lower chances of them breaking wires or causing any injury too. Additionally, soft bristles can clean your teeth without causing gum irritation or tissue harm too!

A small-sized rounded head: A small round head on your braces brush can access elusive parts of your jaw to clear plaque. This kind of head makes it easy to clean the surface of your teeth and avoid gum irritation or inflammation too.

A comfortable grip: Braces warrant caution while brushing, so not only is it important to have flexible and soft bristles along with a small round head, but your ortho brush for braces must also have a firm and comfortable grip so that you can use it with natural ease and prevent any inconvenience.

Tips to Maintain Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Here are some extra tips to maintain oral hygiene that may help you in your braces journey.

  • Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day for two minutes. Make sure to ask your orthodontist about how to brush with braces and some helpful tips too.

  • Rinse and brush after each meal.

  • Use a fluoride wash to keep your teeth clean and germ-free.

  • Floss once a day to keep the gaps between your teeth clean and free from food debris or plaque.

  • Book a regular professional dental cleaning appointment to keep your dental health at an optimum level.

  • In case of any bumps, cuts or boils, visit your orthodontist at the earliest to understand

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Ortho brush FAQs

What is an ortho brush?

An expertly designed toothbrush for braces, an ortho brush is made with soft and flexible bristles, a small rounded head and a firm grip to make braces cleaning as easy as possible.

What is the difference between an Orthodontic brush for braces and a normal brush?

Normal toothbrushes come in many sizes and bristle types, with a lot of their heads being extremely long. For braces teeth, brushes with softer bristles and a smaller head are used as they are gentle on the brackets. Some orthodontic brushes even have a gap in the middle to help clean brackets easily.

What is the best type of brush for braces?

Orthodontists generally recommend a small rounded brush so it can easily reach difficult areas in your mouth and clean between brackets and wires.

Can I use a normal toothbrush for braces?

Using an electric toothbrush like makeO toothsi electro is perfect for braces. However, if you are looking for a new normal toothbrush to clean your braces, look out for a brush with a small rounded head and soft bristles.

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