Choose makeO Clear Aligners This Christmas to Get A Dazzling Smile


Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is here! We all know what the festive season means! It’s the much-awaited time of the year when we will be going all out and not counting the marshmallows that go into our steamy cup of hot chocolate. We will be spending our days baking and devouring gingerbread cookies, rum balls, candy cane cakes and peppermint treats.

While we know that it is impossible to say no to a second serving of homemade chocolate, we are here to help you get a dazzling smile for your holiday photographs without having to cut down on your sugar cravings.

Don’t want to get metal braces that are painful and not so discreet this festive season? What if we tell you that we’ve got a perfect solution to ensure that you do not have to feel underconfident in front of a camera anymore? You heard it right!

This Christmas, say cheers to a picture-ready smile by fixing your orthodontic issues with makeO toothsi clear aligners. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are quite painful and uncomfortable, a transparent aligner is more convenient and easier to wear. Wondering how? Here’s everything to know about fixing your orthodontic issues and getting an Insta-worthy smile with transparent tooth aligners.

What is an Invisible Aligner?

An invisible aligner is a clear set of plastic trays, ideal for fixing your orthodontic issues and giving you the smile you have been looking for. Unlike traditional metal braces, which force your teeth to move to the required position, clear teeth aligners gently push your teeth into the correct position and ensure that you do not face any discomfort or pain.

Why is getting a transparent aligner for Christmas a good idea?

Getting a transparent aligner from makeO toothsi for a smile makeover this Christmas has various advantages over getting conventional metal braces. Some of these advantages are:

1. Transparent

This Christmas don’t shy away from getting clicked and showing off your smile as toothsi aligners are hardly visible to the naked eye.

2. Improves your smile aesthetics

Feel like your crooked teeth are ruining your smile? You can now improve your smile aesthetics by choosing makeO clear aligners. makeO clear aligners will help you correct your orthodontic issue and make you fall in love with your grin once again.

3. Improved Oral Health

Apart from fixing your orthodontic issues as soon as possible, it is also imperative to maintain good oral hygiene. You do not have to worry about degraded oral health with clear aligners. They are completely removable, making it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth, thus improving your oral health. Furthermore, since toothsi aligners level up your oral game, you are less likely to fall prey to common dental issues like plaque, discolouration and yellowing of teeth, cavities, gum problems, etc.

4. No more saying no to your favourite food this Christmas

You heard it right! No one wants to restrict themselves from eating their favourite food on Christmas. While conventional braces restrict you from eating hard and chewy food items like chewing gum, popcorn, chips, etc., clear aligners do not restrict you from gobbling down your favourite Christmas treats.

5. Takes lesser time

What if we tell you that you can get your smile transformation done in less time? It’s true. Invisible aligners take less time to fix your orthodontic issues and transform your smile than traditional metal braces. You can now straighten your teeth in 6 to 18 months depending on the severity of your orthodontic problem.

6. Budget-friendly

One of the main reasons why many people are ditching traditional braces and considering clear aligners is the affordability factor. makeO clear aligners have two smile makeOver plans - toothsi easy and toothsi prime.

Toothsi easy costs ₹ 69,999 and you can avail of the EMI option that starts at just ₹ 3,282 per month. This plan is the best fit for people who have minor orthodontic issues and are looking for a seamless solution. People who have a more severe orthodontic problem must consider checking out the toothsi prime plan. This plan costs ₹ 79,999 and you can avail of the EMI option that starts at ₹ 3,751 per month.

Confused about which smile makeOver plan would be the right choice for you? Fret not, our experts are here to help you. Book a free jaw scan with us today and our experienced orthodontists and dentists will study your dental case carefully and curate a personalised smile correction treatment plan just for you.

Gift Yourself makeO toothsi Clear Aligners this Christmas

At makeO toothsi, we offer you premium-quality clear aligners that will give you a smile makeOver with minimum pain and discomfort. makeO is a leading and top-rated lifestyle and healthcare brand that aims to help you live your best life. Our highly experienced orthodontists are just a video call away from you! So, what are you waiting for? Book an online 3D scan with makeO toothsi today and say cheers to a gorgeous smile this Christmas.

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