This is What You Must Know About Teeth Whitening While Wearing Braces


Dental braces will no doubt fix your orthodontic issues and give you straight teeth. But we all know that they don’t whiten your teeth. Want to whiten your teeth while you are on your braces journey?

Is that possible? Which method is the best? How safe is it to whiten your teeth while wearing braces? Have all these questions been running in your mind? We have decided to make your life easy by answering all of these basic questions regarding teeth whitening after braces.

Can you whiten your teeth while you have braces?

Yes, you would be glad to know that you can whiten your teeth while you have your braces on. While it is always recommended to get your braces off and then whiten your teeth, you can still whiten your teeth if you don’t have the time or patience for your braces journey to come to an end to get pearly whites.

Depending on the type of braces you have, your orthodontist can recommend a teeth whitening method and tell you how to keep your teeth white with braces.

4 teeth whitening methods you can use while you have braces

We recommend that you consult your orthodontist and tell him or her to suggest how to whiten your teeth after braces.

Here are some of the popular teeth whitening methods that you can consider trying while you are wearing braces.

1. Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes have abrasives and chemicals which remove stains from your teeth and make your teeth look brighter.

2. Whitening gel

Whitening gels contain peroxide or bleaching agents which remove stains from your teeth and give you white teeth from the comfort of your home. Bring home makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit to get in-clinic-like teeth whitening results from the comfort of your abode.

3. Whitening strips

They are safe, budget-friendly and effective. However, note that they might only whiten your exposed teeth and leave you with uneven teeth colour.

4. Electric toothbrush

Want white teeth while you are wearing braces but don’t want to use any of the conventional whitening products? Invest in makeO electro, which is a smart toothbrush that has 5 unique brushing modes. This new-age toothbrush will give you significantly brighter and cleaner teeth in comparison to outdated manual toothbrushes.

Can I use DIY teeth whitening methods?

DIY teeth whitening methods like oil pulling and baking soda can harm the metal or ceramic brackets of your braces. Hence, you must avoid using them for teeth whitening after braces.

Can I choose an in-office dental whitening treatment?

If you have removable braces or clear aligners, you can consider opting for an in-office dental whitening treatment. Otherwise, it is best to wait for your braces to come off before scheduling your in-office dental whitening treatment.

This is because your dentist will use a stronger bleaching agent during the treatment which can damage your braces and hamper your teeth straightening journey.

Whiten your teeth with minimum effort at home with makeO

To conclude, you can whiten your teeth even while you are on your braces journey as long as you choose the right and safe teeth whitening after braces option.

Don’t want to go through the pain and discomfort that braces are known for? With makeO toothsi clear aligners, this can be made possible. makeO toothsi clear aligners allow you to have a seamless teeth straightening experience that doesn’t hamper your social life, diet or your overall lifestyle.

Looking for an affordable yet effective teeth whitening solution? Go straight to makeO website and get your hands on makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit which will give you visibly white and bright teeth from the comfort of your living room couch.


How long should I wait to whiten my teeth after braces?

Most orthodontists and dentists recommend patients wait for at least six months before they consider whitening their teeth after their braces treatment is over.

Do whitening strips work with braces?

Whitening strips might not be the best teeth whitening after braces option if you have braces as they will only whiten the exposed teeth surface and leave you with uneven teeth colour.

Why do teeth turn yellow after braces?

Poor oral hygiene is the root cause of stained or yellow teeth after getting braces. This happens because brushing and flossing becomes a little uncomfortable and tricky after you get your braces and oftentimes leads to people becoming laid back about their oral care routine.

Should I whiten my teeth or get braces first?

We recommend that you first get your braces and then whiten your teeth six months after your braces come off. This will ensure that your newly whitened teeth stay white for longer.

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