Is Overbite Teeth Making You Underconfident? We Can Fix It


Does your overbite teeth make you conscious and under-confident when you smile in front of your crush? Are you looking for a comfortable overbite correction? You’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you everything about fixing your overbite teeth and getting the dream smile you have been wanting!

Overbite teeth: definition and causes

Overbite teeth is an orthodontic issue where your upper jaw overlaps or protrudes your lower jaw. The most common causes of overbite teeth are thumb-sucking, nail-biting, etc. It is also a common orthodontic issue in today’s time. Going for an overbite correction will not only fix your smile but will also improve your overall oral health and reduce the risk of orthodontic issues, such as plaque formation, wear and tear of teeth, difficulty in chewing and speaking, etc.

Talking about overbite correction, aligners are by far the best and an advance orthodontic treatment that transforms your smile without any hassle. Want to know more? Read on!

How do clear aligners treat overbite teeth?

Clear aligners are one of the best and most preferred ways to fix your overbite teeth in today’s time. They are ideal teeth straightening treatment for both teens and adults. They are custom-made and are prepared with the help of a 3D scan of your jaw, thus ensuring that you get the perfect fit. Apart from being super comfortable and convenient, you can remove your clear aligners whenever you want, but you have to remember that they must be worn for at least 22 hours every day for an effective and faster treatment.

Are you still wondering why you should go for toothsi for your dream smile? Well, let us help you!

Why should you choose toothsi clear aligners to fix your overbite teeth?

1. Our experienced orthodontists

At toothsi, we have a team of expert orthodontists with at least 10+ years of experience.

2. We offer at-home smile makeover

Yep, we work from home. All you must do is opt for a smile makeover online and leave the rest upon us! We will send our orthodontists to your home. Moreover, our orthodontists are just a video call away, so you can call us anytime you want.

3. We offer customised clear aligners

We all love adding a personalised touch to our every day ensemble. So why not customise your clear aligners and get a unique fit for a smile? We offer customised clear aligners prepared using a 3D scan of your jaw.

4. We are available in different cities

Did you know that we are available in more than thirteen cities across India, including Mumbai and Delhi?

5. We offer one-on-one video consultation

We love answering all your questions, and that is why you can have a one-on-one video consultation with our orthodontists. Ask your questions anytime and anywhere!

6. Advance technology

Our clear aligners are backed by advanced and upgraded technology, ensuring that you do not face any hassle or inconvenience while getting your overbite teeth fixed.

Now that we have told you what is overbite teeth, how is it caused, and how can you fix it and get a celeb-like smile, how about booking an online video consultation with us today? Do you want to know what makes toothsi one of the best and leading smile makeover providers? Apart from offering the best clear aligners to fix your overbite teeth, we offer a free scan to you as well! So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your smile makeover treatment today!

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