From Manual to Electronic: Different Types of Toothbrushes

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May 25th

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Brushing your teeth is one of the most essential habits for good oral hygiene. However, have you ever wondered if your brush is giving you effective and desired results? If not, then it is about time you started looking for a new brush. But how do you choose one given there are so many types of toothbrushes in the market?

Choosing a toothbrush is a personal choice as only you would understand your specific needs, However, let us simplify this for you.

Types Of Toothbrushes

Before we move on to the types of toothbrushes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. They are as follows:

Toothbrush Bristles- There are three types of bristles such as soft, medium and hard. Depending on your usage, dental issues and more, you need to choose a toothbrush with the right type of bristles. Dentists recommend using soft bristles toothbrushes as they are easy on your gums, do not damage your enamel and help prevent gum recession. Bristles also come in different shapes and sizes such as rippled, flat or round. Round bristles are effective for removing plaque and debris from your teeth.

Size of the Head & Handle- What size is your toothbrush is also a deciding factor for its effectiveness. Larger heads are difficult to manoeuvre in your mouth as they can’t reach the nook and crannies. Whereas toothbrushes with smaller heads can easily reach your molars and do a better job of cleaning your teeth. Coming to the size of the toothbrush, it is recommended that children and teenagers use a small or midsize toothbrush.

Now let’s get on to understanding the different types of toothbrushes.

Different Types of Toothbrushes:

1. Manual Toothbrush: A manual brush is what we tend to use every day. However, we manually brush our teeth in a horizontal motion whereas there are different ways to brush your teeth such as diagonally or in round circles. Manual toothbrushes may give you the sense of cleaning but there are much better options available in the market as well.

2. Electric Toothbrush: An electric toothbrush is a battery-run brush with a moving head. These brushes are rechargeable and also have the option of replacing heads for better hygiene. Electric toothbrushes, if used properly, do a better job of cleaning your teeth. They are now available at affordable prices in India and come with advanced technology. These toothbrushes have special features such as timers indicating side changes, pressure indicators, plaque removal settings, and more. Many brushes come with heads that are ideal for people with sensitive teeth and also alert you if you are brushing too hard.

At makeO toothsi, the toothsi electro smart electric toothbrush comes with sonic technology which brushes your teeth at 40,000 vibrations per minute. It also comes with 5 brushing modes and a smart timer that lets you know when to switch sides. Check out the makeO toothsi’s electric brushes range here.

3. Kids Toothbrush: Childrens’ teeth go through many stages of development. In the same way, each stage would require you to keep changing the toothbrush based on size and bristle type. A kid’s toothbrush should ideally have soft bristles and a small head so that it can fit easily in the child’s mouth and clean the teeth effectively.

4. Interdental Toothbrush: There are chances a regular toothbrush might not be reaching between your teeth. This is where interdental brushes are helpful. These are small brushes specifically designed to clean between your teeth helping you maintain good gum hygiene. Most people who wear braces are recommended to use an interdental toothbrush to clean the food that gets stuck between the archwires and the brackets.

5. Ultrasonic Toothbrush: An ultrasonic or sonic toothbrush is a type of electric toothbrush that operates by generating a high frequency of vibration or ultrasound. This ultrasound helps in removing plaque and other debris from your teeth.

6. Chewable Toothbrush: Just like the name suggests, a chewable toothbrush is one which you chew on just like bubble gum. It is a miniature size toothbrush that also works as a breath freshener. It contains xylitol, flavouring aqua, and polydextrose and does not require any paster or water. You just chew on it, roll it in your mouth and then spit it out and rinse as usual.

7. Disposable Toothbrush: Disposable toothbrushes are the ones which come with toothpaste on them. You use them once and then discard them. These are pretty handy while you are travelling.

8. Sulcus Toothbrush: A sulcus toothbrush is used for sulcular brushing. This is a brushing method where the bristles of the toothbrush reach under the gums to remove debris. Hence, you need a specialised type of toothbrush for this method. This toothbrush is apt to clean gingival sulcus.

9. Eco-Friendly Toothbrush: An eco-friendly toothbrush is one that is made from organic materials or recycled plastics. Here, the handle is made of wood or bamboo and the bristles are made from biodegradable materials.

10. End Tuft Toothbrush: A tuft toothbrush is the one where the bristles are closely knit into a tuft. It contains a small head which is useful for reaching tricky areas and is most useful if you are going through dental treatments such as braces, implants, furcations, distal of the last molar and so on. Basically this brush helps clean the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth.

Now that you know about the different types of toothbrushes, you can go ahead and choose the one which is the right fit for you. Moreover, you can trust makeO toothsi for all your dental needs and check out our dental care range with the toothsi electro toothbrush, toothsi electro i5 toothbrush, floss x smart water flosser and more.

FAQs for Types of Toothbrushes

Which type of toothbrush is best?

Most dentists recommend using a toothbrush (manual or electric) that has soft bristles. Soft bristles are gentle on your teeth, do not destroy enamel and also prevent gum recession.

Is an electric toothbrush a good choice?

Yes. Electric toothbrushes effectively help in reducing plaque and gingivitis issues in people. Checkout makeO toothsi’s electric toothbrush range that comes with 5 brushing modes, replaceable heads, side timers and more at affordable rates.

Can a toothbrush remove yellow stains on the teeth?

No. Brushing can help remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth. However, if you have stains then it is best to opt for a teeth whitening treatment or get an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Which toothbrush is best for kids?

Depending on the age, a toothbrush with soft bristles is ideal for kids. This type of toothbrush is gentle on their delicate teeth and gums.

What is the best age for an electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush can be used for anyone above the age of 3 years. Children above 3 years old can use an electric toothbrush with parental supervision and assistance.

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