How to take care of aligners? Here are 7 t tips to follow

Best way to clean aligners

Undoubtedly, invisible teeth aligners are one of the greatest orthodontic devices invented to help you straighten your teeth and create that perfect smile. Invisible teeth aligners have made life a lot easier, as they are easy to wear, clean and store.

Why Should You Opt for Aligners?

If you’re facing difficulty in chewing and eating or have noticed some misalignments in your teeth, it may be time to choose clear aligners. These invisible aligners can help in correcting smiles and fixing many types of misalignment issues in a comfortable way. Unlike traditional metal braces which are known to cause discomfort, pain and cannot be taken off, clear aligners are removable, comfortable and very simple to use. You don’t have to follow any food restrictions and you can even smile and sleep in them with ease!

You simply need to follow some clear aligners cleaning tips to ensure that your aligners are safe and hygienic. Curious about how aligner care works?

To get flawless results without any hiccups, it is important to take good care of your toothsi aligners, as they are made of fine material and need to be handled with care.

We have put together a few tooth aligner tips to help you maintain and keep your aligners in the best condition.

7 Tips to Take Care of Your Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are easy to clean and maintain if you just know a few basic things about how to clean, maintain and store them properly. Read along to learn 7 easy- to-follow tips on how to take care of aligners that will make you a pro at taking care of your new set of clear aligners.

1. Store them Properly

It is important to store your tooth aligners in a proper teeth aligners box with hard plastic so that they can be prevented from damage. For example, you might not notice and mistakenly place a heavy object on them. Make sure that you rinse them and keep them in their case every time you remove them before your meals.

And if your aligners are not in use, you should keep them inside your aligner box. This prevents any dust particles or impurities, or moisture from sticking to the aligners.

2. Level Up Your Oral Care Game

Maintaining oral hygiene while using invisible teeth aligners is incomparable to oral hygiene with metal braces. You can easily take off invisible teeth aligners, gently brush them and wear them again after every meal. It is important to clean your aligners regularly under running water to keep away bacteria and food particles stuck in the aligners.

3. Clean Your Aligners Case Regularly

Over time, your aligner box might become infected due to the impurities present in the atmosphere, or slight build-up that’s created when you remove your aligners and put them back in the case without washing. Therefore, it is important to clean your case every day.

Note: Don’t use toothpaste on your aligners or your teeth aligner box. Toothpaste is suitable for the texture of your teeth, but don’t use it on your tooth aligners. For cleaning your aligners, you should use a different cleaning agent.

4. Keep Them Away From Hot Water

As dental care aligners are manufactured with mouth-friendly plastic, hot water might damage your tooth aligners. However, if you want to clean your aligners with water, you can wash them in lukewarm or cold water.

5. Avoid Coloured Drinks

Coloured drinks might contain dye, which might stain your teeth aligners. Thus, you must remove your clean aligners before you sip on coloured drinks to keep the shine and transparency of your aligners intact.

6. Brush Your Teeth Before Wearing Your Aligners

Before wearing your dental care aligners, you should brush your teeth, such that if there are any existing food particles stuck in your teeth, they do not stay there or get stuck to the aligners, encouraging the growth of bacteria further.

7. Get in Touch With makeO Expert When in Doubt

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your new set of aligners, you must reach out to makeO toothsi orthodontists and let them evaluate your case and give you their expert advice.

Taking care of your tooth aligners is a hassle-free process; you just need to make it a part of your routine. If you practise the recommended maintenance tips, you can easily keep your aligners safe and maintain oral hygiene.

Whenever you want to get your dental care aligners replaced, you can easily apply for a new set of aligners online via makeO toothsi’s website. If you have queries or want to get your teeth scanned again, you can simply make a request for the same through our website, and thereafter, makeO toothsi’s practitioner will visit you! makeO toothsi’s website is your one-stop destination to shop for everything you could possibly need to get pearly white teeth. Bring home makeO toothsi’s electric brush, retainers, teeth whitening kit and other premium quality dental care products and take charge of your oral hygiene today.

So, what are you waiting for? Flaunt your flawless smile with makeO toothsi aligners!


1. What should you not do with aligners?

You must never eat or drink beverages with your clear aligners still intact. Another important thing to keep in mind is to store your clear aligners in a clean case when you are not wearing them.

2. How do I maintain my aligners at home?

By rinsing your clear aligners every time you remove them, cleaning them twice a day and storing them in a clean case, you can easily maintain your clear aligners and keep them looking new as ever.

3. How often should you brush your aligners?

Dentists and orthodontists recommend people brush and clean their clear aligners at least twice a day to keep them clear from dirt, bacteria and other impurities they are exposed to.

4. Can I use toothpaste on my aligners?

No, you must never use your regular toothpaste to clean your clear aligners. Bring home makeO toothsi’s aligner cleaning foam to keep your clear aligners squeaky clean.

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