Learn How to Prevent and Treat Tooth Discoloration

tooth discoloration

Tooth discoloration refers to the situation when the color of your teeth changes from white to yellowish, black, and brown, and they don't look the same as they were earlier. Spots of brown tooth discoloration are very common in people who eat sugar items like candies or chocolates.

Tooth discoloration occurs due to food and drinks consumed. It is also called tooth staining, which simply means the tooth has a stain. The use of tobacco or cigarettes is the most common cause of this. Starchy food, such as pasta, and potatoes, is rich and causes tooth staining. In addition, poor dental hygiene also leads to tooth discoloration in the long term. Various medicines can also affect enamel formation in children aged 7-8. In addition, chloride-containing water, if consumed, can result in bitterness in the mouth and blackness of teeth.

As you age, the enamel's outer layer gets removed, showing a yellow part called dentin. Sometimes genetic factors also depend on the strength of the enamel.

Prevention of tooth discoloration

Tooth discoloration can be prevented or cured in many ways. Keep scrolling through to know the details:

  • Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day, choosing the right toothpaste, consuming fewer foods and drinks which end up giving stains on your teeth, such as tea, coffee, cola, etc.

  • Using activated charcoal may help in maintaining or preventing the color of your teeth. Make sure you sip through a straw so there is less contact with drinks which leave stains.

  • Whiteners can be used for minor surface stains, such as whitening toothpaste.

  • Eat foods and drinks which help in whitening your teeth, like apples, strawberries, green vegetables, sugar-free gums, etc.

  • After eating pigmented food, you must wash your mouth gently. Quit smoking if you do so.

  • Visit your dentist regularly, which may help you know your dental care better.

Treatment options for tooth discoloration

Treatment for tooth discoloration generally falls under three categories, i.e.,

1. In-office treatment:

Dentist uses a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide for tooth whitening. It can be treated with the process of Dental Bonding. Dental Bonding is the process in which resin is used which is molded and shaped to fit according to the tooth which has discoloration between teeth.

2. At-home treatments through your dentist:

Dentists can make custom gel trays to be worn on your teeth at home, and you may get better results within weeks.

3. Over-the-counter products:

Whitening toothpaste or other whiteners can be used.

4. Other treatments for tooth discoloration

  • Veneers can be used by dentists to change the color of your teeth, as it is the thin shell of material placed at the front of the tooth.

  • Non-vital bleaching is used to treat the intrinsic discoloration of the teeth. Sodium perborate is the commonly used bleaching agent.

  • Home treatment can also be done by fluoride treatment as it strengthens the enamel and protects the teeth against damage from plaque. For fluoride treatment, fluoride liquid-based mouthwash is used.

Nobody wants a bad smile, a smile that ruins your look, and to keep a check on it, you must keep a check on your teeth. Certain discoloration between teeth can lead to an evil smile which might cause a wrong impression

Thus to maintain a healthy smile, take certain steps and measures, consult the doctors on makeO toothsi and book an appointment. Then, go for the required treatment to prevent tooth discoloration!

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