How to Treat Black Gums Effectively?

Black gums

A gorgeous smile doesn’t just mean a good set of pearly whites. It also means having healthy gums. It’s no secret that our gums are one of the best indicators that tell us whether our overall dental health is up to the mark. Your gums act as a protective seal for your teeth and hence you must take proper care of them at all times.

Healthy, pink gums indicate that you are doing a good job when it comes to your oral care game. But what if your gums aren't that perfect shade of pink? This article discusses this subject in depth, from the causes of black gums to the most effective treatment options and home remedies you can consider to achieve healthy gums.

Different Colours Your Gums Can Take and Why

Gums, typically pink, can sometimes change colours. This might be due to melanin, a natural pigment. An excess of melanin can cause gums to appear brown or black. Another reason could be poor dental hygiene, leading to plaque accumulation, which might darken the gums. Invest in makeO toothsi’s ShinePro combo which includes a smart toothbrush, teeth whitening kit and a tooth brightening gel for the ultimate oral hygiene routine.

Secondly, medical conditions, medications, or even smoking can result in discoloration. Whether it's a subtle shade change or prominent black spots on gums, understanding the causes is crucial to rectifying the issue.

Causes of Black Gums

1. Melanin Build-up

Much like how our skin contains melanin, which gives it its colour, our gums possess this pigment too. In some individuals, particularly those with darker skin tones, there can be an increased production of melanin in the gums. This build-up can cause the gums to display a brownish-to-black hue instead of the typical pink. It's a natural variation and is not indicative of any health concerns.

2. Smoking

Chronic smoking leads to a condition called a smoker's melanosis. Nicotine in cigarettes stimulates the melanocytes, the cells responsible for melanin production in the gums. Over time, this increased melanin deposition causes a darkening of the gums. Smoker's melanosis is often reversible, with the gums returning to a healthier colour after discontinuing smoking. Note that it is a gradual process and it does take time for your black gums to become healthy once again after you quit smoking.

3. Medications

Some medications, while beneficial for treating specific conditions, can have side effects that impact the colour of your gums. For instance, antimalarial drugs are known to cause a bluish-black pigmentation on the mucous membranes and your gums. Similarly, tricyclic antidepressants can cause a brownish-black discolouration of the gums in some people. Note that it is always essential to consult with a doctor if you suspect your medication is affecting your gum colour.

4. Certain Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions have symptoms that manifest in the gums. For example, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, a genetic condition, can cause blue-black spots on and around the mouth, including the gums. Addison's disease, a disorder where the adrenal glands don't produce enough hormones, can also lead to dark patches on the gums. In such cases, the gum's colouration is just a symptom, and addressing the underlying medical condition is crucial.

Treatment Options for Black Gums

At Clinic Treatment

Here are some treatment options that your dentist might recommend if you are suffering from black gums.

1. Gingival Depigmentation

This is a cosmetic procedure where the top layer of the gums is removed to reveal the lighter, pinkish layer beneath.

2. Laser Treatment

It is a painless method that targets and breaks down the melanin deposits, restoring the gums' natural colour.

Natural Remedies

1. Turmeric

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, turmeric can aid in reducing gum inflammation and discoloration. You can create a paste using turmeric powder and water and gently massage it onto your gums, leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive that can help in removing surface stains from the gums, potentially lightening them. Make a paste of baking soda with water and brush your gums lightly. However, it's crucial to use this remedy sparingly, as excessive use can be abrasive.

Eucalyptus oil, green tea, cloves, sage leaves and sesame oil are some other natural ingredients which help to treat black gums at home.

Boost Your Gum Health with makeO Toothsi Products

The bottom line is that black spots on your gums can be easily treated with the help of home remedies and cosmetic procedures. Remember your gums are a testament to your oral health and you must ensure that they don’t develop black spots on them and remain squeaky clean.

Level up your oral care routine with makeO toothsi electro, which is a smart electric toothbrush. With its advanced technology and 5 unique brushing modes, it ensures effective cleaning, reaching the corners of your mouth, effectively preventing black gums. Pair it with makeO toothsi water flosser to get between those tight spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning, and reducing the chances of plaque build-up and dark spots


1. Why do you have black gums?

It can be due to various reasons such as melanin build-up, smoking, certain medications, or medical conditions.

2. How can I get rid of the black spot on my gums?

Apart from dental treatments like laser therapy or gingival depigmentation, maintaining good oral hygiene can significantly help in achieving healthy gums.

3. Are dark spots on gums harmful?

While they might be a cosmetic concern, they don't always indicate a health issue. However, it's advisable to consult a dentist to ensure that it is not a symptom of some other underlying health condition.

4. Can makeO toothsi electric toothbrush help with black gums?

Yes, maintaining good oral hygiene with products like makeO toothsi electric toothbrush can prevent gum discoloration.

5. Is there a natural remedy to cure dark spots on gums?

Natural remedies like baking soda and turmeric may help to get rid of the dark spots on your gums. However, it's essential to consult with a dentist before trying any home remedies for black gums.

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